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How To Use Relative Strength Index (RSI) | Easy Day Trading Tip


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26 Thoughts to “How To Use Relative Strength Index (RSI) | Easy Day Trading Tip”

  1. Blane McCurdy

    Not wearing a hat? what have you done with Ricky?!

    1. Ricky Gutierrez

      +Riding With MG lol 😂

    2. callme5446

      Ricky Gutierrez this is a great video.

    3. NegroHeights _RD

      Blane McCurdy mako o ,o’

  2. R C

    Great video learned a lot from it!

  3. Michael

    Coming from a seasoned trader, I’m really happy there are guys like you teaching these very useful tactics and tools to beginners. You would’ve saved me a lot of time, money, and headaches from when I first started. Keep up the good work.

  4. First Max

    i drove my wife to GCU today lol, I was there at 3 pm

  5. Cazador42265

    Awesome, thanks again!

  6. Myke Grabe

    I’ve watched popular dvd traders from Sykes, Grittani, Michaud, and Fous and they’ve never included the RSI. Glad you presented this.

    1. oopalonga

      doesn’t seem like rocket science. . .

    2. Ninpeg

      It does if you dont know it in the first place

  7. killa512beast

    I always have a hard time picking entries

    1. killa512beast

      This helps a lot thank you!

  8. slimdan

    You do a good job of explaining things. Glad I found you. Thank you, Ricky!

  9. Xena Spears

    Amazing info, who needs college!

  10. J. Nicholas

    Thanks for the help big bro! Appreciate it. . So much value here.

  11. Idris Bailey

    Hey, I wanted to know if there’s an alert system for rsi. So when it’s crossed. We could be alerted. But for particular time frames . Like I’m just concerned with the m15, h1,h4,daily and weekly.

  12. Bolas Snowman

    This is one of the shortest videos I’ve watched of yours but was one of the most helpful thank you

  13. MrJules

    Bru, you’re awesome!!!!

  14. Sparkle Bea

    Thanks for sharing, what is the most reliable timeframe in the RSI do you suggest?

  15. Mr S

    Love your vids ricky, the help you offer is amazing

  16. fspec

    Extremely helpful. Perfectly explained. Thank you.

  17. Tony Vincent

    What about when the rsi stays below 30 and the price keeps dropping and dropping and the rsi just stays below zero. Is there another good study to detect a reversal

  18. Pathworks

    Thank you this. I am learning a lot. You seem like a good guy.

  19. David Dahl

    Thanks! Is there a difference between relative strength index and RSI to SPX? I have them both up here and they seem to display similar patterns, not perfectly the same but very close.

  20. AllyJCoe

    I’ve found so many of your videos helpful, but it’s hard to understand the methods without the fundamentals. Thank you so much for this, your detailed explanations are the best!

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