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Big Mike also known as Micahel J Spinosa once started like me … An aspiring "Stock Broker" with a desire for wall surface road however concerned the understanding that its really not all that its eliminated to be. A stock broker is absolutely nothing more than a sales people attempting to encourage a customer to provide cash so they can earn a comission. As soon as I myself learned this i promptly opted out of the profession course and also started day trading..

Micahel entered into the little cap analyst world where he found just how dull, excessively intricate, and corrupt the system is and that analyst ratings are nothing greater than a ploy to influence stocks in the direction to their benefit. Upon stumbling acrossed my instagram Mike decided it was time to take that jump of faith and also make an occupation modification. He dove headfirst into the FOUS4 training program of which I have been the CEO of for over a years..

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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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  1. Geo Lemus

    Great interview. “Get comfortable being uncomfortable” – such a true statement that I’ll take with me from this! Thanks guys

  2. Joe

    people always tell me stock trading doesn’t make sense, I​ reply no it makes dollars.

    1. Joe

      Cameron Fous who won the 3 month course?

  3. Steven CQ

    Regular guys doing extraordinary things, we can do it too!

    1. Steven CQ

      EstonianGodfather If you know that, you should not call people “fucking dumb”, that demonstrate who is the dumb calling other people dumb.

    2. Ron T

      They don’t do anything other then take your money for their “courses”, otherwise they would sit quietly with their “money machines”..
      Don’t be stupid. He is indeed rich, but from selling you dreams, not from making $7k a morning (otherwise he wasn’t here).
      Algo made day trading almost useless or very small money.

  4. M Ramsey

    I am a college student who has been saving up to buy your course for about a year now. Everyone around me says that I will never SUCCEED in trading. I wake up everyday at 6am just learn something new about the stock market. Despite the knowledge that I have learned, I still can’t seem to make profit. You gave me hope that being a full time trader is not impossible. EVEN if my comment doesn’t make it, I just want to say that I really appreciate your videos and love your content. Wishing you all the success in your life. PEACE.

    1. harrytwhiteman

      @M Ramsey I trade naked charts don’t need paid education you can get books

    2. Eedre Kingz

      There are many types of traders but the most important traders are retail traders (regular day traders), and then you have institutional traders, they are the certified traders that trade for example, Morgan Stanley or Goldmansachs, and others etc. And then you have other banks, Hedgefunds, International, ect… Learn how to trade like an institution, and you will profit most of the time.Consistency is key.
      “When you know what not to do in order not to lose money, you begin to learn what to do in order to win. You begin to learn!”. – Jesse Livemore.
      Best wishes!.

    3. Jesse Perez

      M Ramsey hope you are still trading

    4. Noah Rage

      Awesome never stop dreaming but don’t limit yourself to just the stock market, why not forex as well

  5. Marcel P

    Obviously i want to win (since the markets haven’t been letting me the past couple months) but also give some points of criticism (i hope you dont mind): I think for an interview (and I realize it doesn’t actually say interview in the title), there may have been a little too much talking from your side and too few questions. Also, to learn more about ‘Big Mike’ himself the questions could have been a little deeper and slightly more personal, e.g. what were you like as a kid/in high school? Does your family have some kind of entrepreneurial background? What exactly did the work as an analyst involve that got him to dislike it so much, and how/why was that so different from the expectations he had while studying finance? What were personal challenges he had to overcome to find his passion and happinness, and what helped him with that? This is just off the top of my head and i hope you find it constructive. Otherwise, great idea to combine it with some vlogging style clips and am definitely pumped to see what else we’re gonna see!

  6. Mike Dejura

    “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu

  7. New Age Wall Street

    I would use your program to become first person to trade from space

  8. Trxzzzz

    One day I’m going to be just like you, sir.

  9. Lewis Griffiths

    I’m 21 studying Chartered Accountancy.. I found you around a week ago and you’ve changed my outlook! Decisions

  10. Alfredo Hurtado

    Hey Cam, missing your videos trading, money monday!!!, and cannonballs ending your videos, lol; IKNK coming hot bro. BTW, I just need Fous4x3 and Cloud9, I already got Fous4 and Fous4x2, lol

  11. ivan nyoman

    The last part of the interview where mike said that everyone will shot you down really stumbled upon me, because now i’m like in that kind of situation where i’m trying to do full time trading. Cameron and Mike, you really inspired me about how to be a day trader. I hope more videos from you will inspired everyone else too.

  12. EdwardVM

    This interview was epic, great job Cameron!!! Thank you both with this priceless experience that you share us about the mindset as a day trader.
    I dropout from college (UNAM) this year because I am self-confidence that trading is for me. I was in actuarial science for the last 3 years as at the same time I was studying F4 and F4x2 but I realized that actuarial science is not for me so finally I decided to start trading with real money this year at the same time I follow both as my mentors on the social networks.
    I hope I can win the 90 day mentorship to be part of your team and both can help me to accelerate my learning process curve with that epic mentorship.
    Keep in that route with this kind of epics interviews.
    This kind of content is what I was waiting from you Cameron!
    Best regards Edward

  13. Karim Karimous

    Does Cameron have a hickey? Lol

  14. Jay'd Shwagg Dixon

    Dope editing as always🔥

  15. ALE2163233

    That was a great interview!

  16. Angela Green

    I believe trading with an expert is the best.

    1. Erin Matthews

      Thanks Pat Rashwill, glad I came across this today, a month ago I stumbled upon this and decided to give Mr John Barron a try, little did I know that it was my life changing opportunity, now I make over £17,000 in a week..

    2. Erin Matthews

      Trading forex is a difficult task but once you can get an expert who knows how to manipulate the market into making huge profits, one such stick with such expert, it’s been working for me and I’d recommend newbies and those willing to gain back their lost funds from trading to contact John Barron.
      Do have a blissful week.

    3. González Mariana.

      Erin Matthews that’s correct, with just £4,500 last week I was able to make over £10,000 in just 6 days trading with John Barron, the year is running to an end and this is a wonderful time to invest for the future. contacting an expert is always a smart move.

    4. Zeii Heab & L

      Angela Green how can I contact to him on Facebook or WhatsApp

    5. Dwayne Stewart

      Zeii Heab & L this is his WhatsApp number +1 (612) 470 6796
      Mr Barron changed my life too.

  17. ThrasherTheKid

    1:50 Expert at gettin hickies

  18. Evan Barth

    Awesome stuff, thank you!

  19. Khadija Sutherland

    Having a reliable professional trader trade on your behalf is the new way forward. I don’t remember recording anymore loss since I started trading with this Strategy.

    1. Florry Young

      This is so true, I get 70 – 80% profits after the end of each trading period as return on my initial deposit with an expert trading on my behalf. I don’t know who your broker is but mine is very good.

  20. Cameron Fous

    FREE WEBINAR COMING UP! Learn How I Make $50,000+/month Selling My Skillsets with Online Courses JOIN NOW 🧠

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