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Understanding the Different Between Swing Trading and Day Trading


There are benefits and risks to both swing and also day trading. You can identify which to exercise based upon the existing market.

Swing Trading v. Day Trading

– Possible to make more money than with day trading
– Going across multiple days (e.g. a 100 day duration).
– You do have the danger of holding settings overnight; you additionally have the threat of information, politics, etc.
– Offers you more space to expand than with day trading.
– Calls for more study concerning the company.

– Market opens at 9:30 am.
– You purchase supply at 10:20 am.
– You have actually bought and sold stock and currently very own nothing at 3:00 pm.
– You are trading on the day's gain (or losses).
– Everything is done withing eventually.
– Advantages: no danger behind holding placements overnight, information events (i.e. earthquake), and so on
– Usually supplies will certainly not leap really high in one day unless they are greater priced shares.


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32 Thoughts to “Understanding the Different Between Swing Trading and Day Trading”

  1. Prince Charming

    swing trading sounds more like something I´d be interested in. I been looking into stocks and your channel certainly helps a lot. If you went to college, what did you major in?

  2. Musaver6697

    Thanks for providing great educational video. Given the fact there are probably over 10,000 stock to choose from, what criteria you use to screen the stocks. Is there any Particular website/Brokerage site you use to screen the stocks. would you mind sharing your stock screening with viewers. Thanks a lot again

  3. I am love

    Can you do day trading with swing trading and long term backing?

  4. taj400

    Thank you so much for your videos, they are of great value to me. It is appreciated.

  5. Pieter Schulte

    Very interesting video! I wish Youtube had more quality videos about trading.

  6. iamKythus

    Love your videos taking notes!

  7. jonavuka

    i did both and lost $400 in day trading today. So I disagree completely, day trading is way more riskier in my opinion

    1. Scasacs

      I agree, in swing trading you can at least make some kind of prediction, where in day trading it’s mostly gambling.

    2. It was

      Agreed, I’ve lost a lot of money on day trading, hoping the market to bounce frequently which it end up going down and leave my entry point.

    3. panda lover

      If day trading is gambling, imagine scalper trading at 1:500 leverage. I tried that on my demo account and I lost $1,600 in a matter of minutes. Haha

    4. Jhon Agustinus Yahya

      Day trading is absolutely gambling

  8. MMM MMM

    Sasha I know you’re busy and I appreciate your vids a lot. I’m just starting to be more educated and will wait a few months to trade until I know what I’m doing. Just a quick question, I have a lot of capital from years of working and saving, but at the same time I don’t need a lot to live, 50-75$ a day is more than enough. Can I live off day trading? I’m also risk averse and worry about reversals. If I have the discipline and devotion to work on it, can I minimize my risks and survive off this?

    1. MMM MMM

      @Sasha Evdakov Hi Sasha, what do you mean by  just take more profits into strength? I’m doing my research, sorry i’m very much a beginner still. 

    2. MMM MMM

      @Sasha Evdakov Thank you so much for your time Sasha, and for making and sharing these vids as well

  9. Abbas الشمري

    Great Vid.. specially one Night Stand!!

  10. Gabriel Rodriguez

    “One night stand” lol awesome and helpful video!

    1. interests10

      so swing trading is trend trading.?? is there sideway trading at all??

    2. Will Younger

      @interests10 look at options

    3. Tripl3333

      yeah…lol lol

  11. FourDelta Construction

    haha “its very quick & dirty, its like a one night stand… its in & out”

    1. theKONGBIZ


  12. Mike Redlicki

    This guy’s handwriting… <3

  13. Gabriel Hernandez

    as a trader what are the things you look at before buying stocks how long do you usually study a stock before you make a move

  14. Investing With Nothing

    Really informative, thank you!

  15. Christophe Certelet

    When you do swing trading, do you place options often? I really enjoy your videos, they are very informative and are much better than all the other crap you find..

  16. Mathias Holtzmann

    long term positions and day trading when u cant find value bargains

  17. Wasel A

    well explained
    1:23 he means 10′ 20” though

  18. Satan

    “If youre looking for bigger money go swing trading” you know, I actually wanted less money, thank you for clarifying.

  19. Rebecca S.

    Thank you for this !

  20. KaptainBasketball

    It really is a one night stand

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