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21 Thoughts to “157. How to Use a Trailing Stop When Day Trading Stocks”

  1. InformedTrades

    Hi BooBreezyTv, Glad to hear from you and thank you for the compliment. For real money daytrading I recommend the Thinkorswim platform. Best Regards, Dave

  2. InformedTrades

    Glad to hear form you and thanks for the comment. I have to admit that I am not familiar with those terms either, what was the context that you heard them? Best Regards, Dave

  3. dgmoocher

    These are great videos and have helped me a lot! I have a question RE: trailing stops: in the beginning, the example shows an order for stock at 100, with $90 T.S. Does this mean my stock with trail the mkt price BY the $90? Or would I enter the number $10 instead. Thank you for your great modules!

  4. dgmoocher

    WOW. Now I feel dangerous :)))
    Thanks for the informative reply. I’ll check your suggested vid….and THANKS!
    Great forum, great vids, great traders.

  5. Eric Meyer

    I was wondering how well trailing stop losses work for option plays. I have used trailing stop losses for multiple stock plays and they work great. Is there any difference in the use of a trailing stop loss on an option play?

  6. TheFlannelshirt

    New live trading room using ThinkorSwim opening soon.

    They’ll be trading all futures markets.

  7. Alvan Allen

    GREAT explanation of HOW to set up a trail stop!!! I will NEVER ever place a trade w/o setting a trail stop!

  8. Gary Palys

    David, loved the right click and custom order! I knew there was a way to do it, but couldn’t figure it out. Thanks!

  9. Carolyn Goodridge

    Thank you so much, Dave for showing us this method. I used it today for the first time and wow, what a relief. I didn’t have to exit manually, I was stopped out at a profit. I kept the stop fairly tight and was still able to make a sizable gain. This has been my challenge…to exit when I really know I should, but don’t. The trailing stop has given me my confidence back. I no longer have to deal with my emotions when it’s time to exit the trade. Just set it and forget it!

    1. George Fields Jr.

      Thanks for your testimony it is really encouraging

  10. Bronzebk

    You are an “EXCELLENT” teacher.

  11. Jack Rippers

    Outstanding Vid.
    #ThinkOrSwim learning center could use lesson from you my friend..

  12. SkyNomic Music

    stocks for dummys thxz!

  13. Essential Oil Diffusers

    thank you for this video, my question is at what price will the system sell when it executes the trade? will it be at the ask or bid price or somewhere in the middle?

  14. Born To Be Great


  15. italiandeliano

    i have trailing stop market and trailing stop limit..which do i use?

  16. Osmond Anderson

    Thanks for the information. That is invaluable that will help me to build my portfolio. Thanks again. Could you tell me how to get an option account. I have applied but was denied one.

  17. Ron S

    Thank you very much. Very informative. Can you please do a video on Trailing stop with options on TOS. I get confused on what the stop is linked to. Also, what are the little steps when choosing to use a trailing %, a dollar amount, or those steps? what are they?
    Thanks , Ronno

  18. Dcassimatis

    …clean the sneeeeeeeeze gard

  19. Sean Vosler

    checking in 2017… that paper google stock is worth quite a bit now xD

  20. Jayshri Patel

    Watched many videos on trailing stop and couldn’t understand until i watched this. Thanks for explaining in detail!

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