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9/11: Insider Trading


Terrorism can be a rewarding organisation, offered you already understand when as well as where it's going to occur. Did Wall surface Street have prior knowledge regarding the events which occurred on 9/11?

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45 Thoughts to “9/11: Insider Trading”

  1. Rico Gustav

    This is an AMAZING channel! Thanks for creating this guys!

  2. Sterling Archer

    Okay well that settles that one, Thank you sir.

  3. Bogdan Chaus

    thanks for the explanation, much appreciated!

  4. Arin Handsome

    You have fallen for my trap. I was wrong all along! CONSPIRACY

  5. bonelegs

    The ending statements always give me goosebumps!

  6. Omave [TPS]

    “just for some oil” the source everybody int his planet is fighting for, yeh i think that’s the reason.

  7. Dennis Emigh

    I like to imagine that when you’re creating these videos that you have an entire orchestra composing music JUST for these videos.

  8. NotoriousSIG1855

    RIP all victims of this horrible act.

  9. Max Fitzherald

    It was an excuse to invade Iran and Irak for the petroleum.
    When the towers were made , explosives were inside the building bones…
    so yeah it was a controlled explosion , a plane can’t take down a building like that , that easy.

    1. chuck23gurus

      @Max Fitzherald *America or U.S.
      “North America” would include Canada. “America’s” includes both continents of North and South America. Interchanging the term “America” with “United States of America” has been happening for a long time and it’s not going to change so deal with it and stop being childish.

    2. USMCLP

      @Max Fitzherald We didn’t invade for oil, you fucking idiot. Afghanistan has no oil and we already had significant ties and market with Iran and Iraq just for oil. 

      Whether the reason for invading is questionable, we sure as hell didn’t do it for oil.

    3. Cozy

      Oil is towards the bottom of the list of many reasons why the government did this.

    4. Bioshock669

      @Josh G People seem to ignore the fact that they’re holding elections now in that country and just ask those people… Their lives have improved so much. 

    5. 5ceonware

      “Building Bones”

  10. i don't

    why cant we just live in peace? its so sad to see the religion being blamed for this terrorist attacked that was clearly funded by the US itself. Now that it is done, they are blaming the religion of islam and not to mention attack Afganistan in search for “bin laden” that they claimed to have kept Bin Laden safe when in fact, later, was found in Pakistan. 

  11. Joseph Thomas

    Actually they knew about this more than they say they did. They changed Security Companies(George Bush’s Brothers Firm)for the World Trade Center. They Had certain floors blocked off & rooms to all employees. The Air Force for some reason was doing training too far away to shoot down these Airliners. Larry ‘Pull It’ Silverstein(World Trade Center Owner) changed his Insurance policy for the towers specifically saying “Planes hitting towers” would be a reimbursement. He slipped up & said that Bldg#7 was to be pulled & also another reporter on Live News is talking about how Bldg#7 has collapsed but the city seen right behind her shows Bldg#7 still standing. They told a large # of employees to take that day off & also Condaleezza Rice contacted the Mayor Willie Brown supposedly but he did recieve receive a warning advising that Americans should be cautious about their air travel (San Francisco Chronicle 9/12/01). The warning, given to Brown eight hours before the onset of the 9/11 attacks, reportedly came from his “security people at the airport” as he tells it. Not one single modern building has collapsed to a fire in History & even if the fire was hot enough to melt steel only the top would fall or tip over it wouldn’t fall like a Demo job. If you watch 9/11 videos you will see a lot of crap & also explosions on every floor of the 2 bldg’s that collapsed as they fell. Which implement’s demo explosions. The last thing is all of the witnesses who had information that could affect the U.S. Gov’t or President George “Lucifer” Bush were somehow killed or were never heard from again or found. So I say look into the theories & facts then make your decision. 

    1. poltergiest11


    2. DarkSymphonyTears

      couldnt have said it better myself!

  12. Roy Hamzah

    Even so before it was qatars responsibility and also society has change now CHRISTIANS ARE TERRORIST AND I BLAME BUSH

  13. chromeinox

    Call me crazy, but I have this idea of America being always ahead of the bad guys. Having seen how they treated the evidence, the witnesses, and the search for B.L., we can assert, after many hours of video watching the planes hitting the towers, that some people in high places knew about it, or in fact planned the whole thing.

    1. heikiu96z

      If you don’t believe, that’s all right, but there is like a whole page of evidences why FDR knew Pearl Harbor is going to happen. Maybe it’s not even matter, because in the day Pearl Harbor and 9/11 happen, they just happen to have no protection against enemies, every planes was gone just in that day.

    2. Luke

      Yeah its pretty obvious to me. Just watch the 9/11 zeitgeist movie that deals only in facts and you will have no doubt that 9/11 was in large part, an inside job. The thing stinks of a set up. The only thing that discusts me is that fact that americans can do that to their own people.

    3. lillypopx3

      But think about it, maybe someone on the plane called their loved ones and let them know ahead of time that they were being hijacked and that they were gunna die and they love them; maybe thats how they got the clips early :/ who knows..

    4. Luke

      @lillypopx3 They did do that. Whats your point though?

    5. lillypopx3

      My point is, the fact that people were recording early before anything happened is probably because of what my last comment said. So who knows – just because they knew about it doesnt mean they planned it.

  14. Uncovered

    Did traders have prior knowledge of the attacks of 9/11? 

    1. Elizabeth C

      Yes, this was sadly a inside job. The USA is the top country in the world for military defense. And not by a little but a huge amount. Why didn’t we take out those terrorist before this all happened and blasted them out of the sky? Thank you for making these videos. Maybe one day the truth will be known and the wrongs made that day can be made right with knowledge and action.

    2. Matias Sobarzo

      @MrFCKTHENWO1 we got a badass over here

    3. Andrew Ford

      @Matias Sobarzo lol true

  15. Divine Lotus

    On September 10, 2001 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announces the Pentagon cannot account for 2.3 Trillion Dollars in transactions. The next day all the financial records were destroyed in the Twin Towers and WTC 7.

    1. m7f7m7

      And everyone still thinks it was box cutters and Saudis’ that are to blame! The IMC is completely innocent.

  16. Uncovered

    Did this man predict 9/11? The Man Who Predicted 9/11

    1. kane Thorne-Mcnabb

      ron paul predicted 9/11 do a story on ron paul media bias please its good look at how the media cheated ron paul out of presidency #ronPaulMediaBias  

    2. thunderbird002

      @Kane Thorne Ron Paul was one the reasons that 9/11 happened in the first place. He helped to cut the budgets that were in charged to watch the middle east areas. 

    3. bryanschevy

      +Kane Thorne i love rand paul!! he represents the freedom of every red blooded american. he holey supports the constitution. there is nothing shady about him. and for every millennial who does not support the constitution, they should go find some other place to live. you live in the greatest country on the face of the earth and still you are not satisfied?! get the F out then!! im sorry but if people do not like our amendments, then they must not like being american. it is our fault for why our children grow up to dislike america so much. we arent grooming them to understand the constitution. they dont understand that marriage should remain traditional. they think you should put a limit on freedom of speech. you are born human and you want to prevent yourself from being free?? we dont tell the birds to stop singing just because some asswhole has a problem with it. we dont tell the crickets to stop chirping just because some idiot thinks its offensive. we seem to have more respect for dogs than children. its because millennials are have this child like mentality that prevents them from seeing things from an adults perspective. they actually think the government should take control and force the people to do things that go against their morals. you have a handful of people in this country all of about 13% representing the lgbt and they are able to push around the 78% of the people in this country that represent Christians. youve got this handful of people who want to take away our religious freedoms. they forget what happens when you remove Christianity from a country. you find that you have many people who just dont seem to care that their neighbors get murdered. violence seems to take over when Christianity is pushed out. we see this in current day russia. the whole reason we have marriage is because of religion. not government. all these idiots who want to force the idea of gay marriage?? why do you people want it so bad?? you cant even stay monogamous for longer than a week. what the hell do you want to be married for??? there are even certain gays who cant understand it. seems like its more political than moral. and if that is the case, you are tarnishing traditions that have roots in many religions across the world. what is the real reason you want this so bad? this is not the america i remember when i was growing up. this is not the america our forefathers fought so hard for. and for you millennials who actually believe just because your child shows up to a soccer match but loses the game, they still deserve a participation trophy, you can shove your little gay rainbow trophy where the sun doesnt shine. RAND PAUL FOR PRESIDENT 2016!! VOTE FOR RAND PAUL IF YOU HAVE ANY OUNCE OF RESPECT FOR BEING AN AMERICAN. IF YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO BE AN AMERICAN VOTE FOR RAND PAUL. if you dont have a clue, go educate yourself. thank you for allowing me to rant!!!

  17. ToastyCoasty

    Clearly a timetraveler trying to cash in. But in all seriousness WTF?

  18. Tyler Ward

    That’s it? Just 5 mil?

  19. outta here

    does anyone know the name of the flight school the terrorists trained at,i wana be a top notch airline pilot in a few easy lessons,thanks

    1. outta here

      yeah sure,you carry on believing the lies,its easier that way.

    2. outta here

      calm down,peace brother

    3. Stryker Stryker

      it was around Wichita Kansas

  20. Matty Andrews

    5 mill USD is pocket change. Those type of investments happen everyday across all markets.

    1. Nick You

      seriously. 5M is the cost of opening a nice restaurant. Pennies on the global stage.

    2. Abraham Rivera

      Matty Andrews agree,Either it was dumb pure luck or if someone really knew what was gonna happen I’d think they’d bet the farm against those airlines

    3. Ed Spencer

      Abraham Rivera did you know there was an analysis done? It was published in a peer reviewed journal, it’s conclusions are horrifying. The investigator concluded that there was a 99% probability that the person making those trades had insider knowledge about the attacks down to the airlines to be used. It has never been refuted, no counter analysis was ever attempted. It’s actually creepy that nobody will even talk about it. Feel free to request a copy. It’s ‘Unusual Option Market Activity and the Terrorist Attack of Sept 11’ by Allen M Poteshman. Published in The Journal of Business 2006, Volume 79, no 4 by the university of Chicago.

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