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20 Thoughts to “Billions – Insider IPO Trading Scene”

  1. jetliFAN

    Axe gets played here and this is how he ends up in that infamous showdown scene at the end of season 2 in the jail cell between Rhodes and Axe. This was all a setup for Axe by Rhodes.

    1. Rishesh Singh

      True…but there’s a twist…Wendy’s short…

    2. Peter Kuypers

      Why I don’t understand is, why Boyd, after his release from prison, went to Axelrod to tell him they were going to arrest him, so he could make al those preparations.

    3. moinmoin

      Peter Kuypers he kind of returned the favor. In the episode with the Nigerian currency devaluation axe gets word Larry is gonna be arrested. Instead of warning him he let him finish a interview of which he profits hugely and then warns him when it’s already too late for him

    4. Eu

      Rishesh Singh Twists on twists on twists.

      How to Wendy and Chuck end things? Kinda forget. I know he pretty much alienated everyone in his life, but for some reason I remember them still being on good terms.

  2. mr nobody

    If information for insider trading come from everywhere, Rhoades could be easy to set a trap for Axe but maybe the director didn’t think it

    1. mr nobody

      Damn, i don’t watch it yet.

    2. Rishesh Singh

      gah. sorry! but to be honest, knowing that doesn’t spoil anything πŸ™‚

    3. mr nobody

      But For me, it is.

    4. Rs123

      That’s what happened lol πŸ˜‚

    5. The Man

      Rishesh Singh that’s what will allow Axe to go free. Chucks stock is gonna fall rapidly with his problems with Wendy, Lonnie, Bryan, he won’t make governor.

  3. violet harrison

    editor raise short convert disagree click transformation passenger available.

  4. Samar_theoriginal

    rich pricks on ego trips

    1. Tsar

      U must be hopelessly poor

    2. Kevin Johnson

      Rage from a poor peasant.

  5. Shawn Wesson

    Two underrated actors, a great scene right here.

  6. Kelly Fontes

    I wonder if Axe bought the 4 pack that bottle comes with or just the individual bottle.

    1. willinton06

      Kelly Fontes 4 pack

  7. Demetrius Walls

    He set Bobby up

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