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Congress Quietly Made Insider Trading Legal… For Themselves


"In a little-noticed brief filed last summer season, legal representatives for your home of Representatives asserted that an SEC examination of congressional insider trading need to be blocked on concept, since lawmakers as well as their team are constitutionally protected from such queries provided the nature of their job.

The legal team led by Kerry W. Kircher, who was assigned Residence General Advice by Audio Speaker John Boehner in 2011, declared that the insider trading probe went against the separation of powers in between the legal and also executive branch.

In 2012, members of Congress patted themselves on the back for passing the SUPPLY Act, a costs suggested to curb expert trading for legislators as well as their staff. "Most of us know that Washington is broken and also today participants of both celebrations took a big progression to repair it," stated Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Ohio, upon flow of the law."

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Cenk Uygur (), Ben Mankiewicz (What The Flick?!) & John Iadarola (Think Tank;) of The Youthful Turks break it down.

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27 Thoughts to “Congress Quietly Made Insider Trading Legal… For Themselves”

  1. Archduke

    This is like legalization of pot in the US, everyone was already doing it before, now it’s just legal in some areas.

  2. The Pleblian

    This was why they built the PRISM program… To get the that insider intell

  3. Yellow King

    Write down every single name that voted yes on this. Keep that list handy so you know who to shoot later.

    1. Serahpin

      @jlindsa The people of the French Revolution may not have gotten exactly what they wanted, but their country was a better place afterwards and all those murderers (they killed a lot of innocent aristocrats) were hailed as heros after the fact.

    2. jlindsa

      @Serahpin Well, all those murderers were definitely not heralded as heroes. Does the “bloody Reign of Terror” sound familiar?
      The French revolution was incredibly messy and bloody for everyone. It did bring about tremendous change globally but again the killing of one person did not make France a republic. Killing King Louis XVI was not even the START of the revolution. Sending King Louis XVI to the guillotine happened in 1793, 4 years into the 10 year revolution!

      What other examples do you have where killing your opposition gets you the policies you want?

      EDIT: For the record, I’m not saying it NEVER happens or never can happen but the odds are highly in the favor that one bullet is not going to bring about the policies you want.

    3. Serahpin

      @jlindsa You’re shifting the goal posts again. Any war is killing the opposition, so my first examples stand true. And if we did decide to go after the super rich who have made slaves of us, it would be analogous to the French Revolution because they would bring the military and police against the citizenry. The fact that it would be messy and bloody for everyone is irrelevant, we would stop being virtual slaves after the fact.

    4. jlindsa

      @Serahpin I have no idea how I’m “shifting the goal posts again”. You seem to be grasping at straws at this point desperate to prove something.

      I think you’ve missed the plot; the original poster mentioned writing down the name’s of individuals who voted yes and going against them. You are now discussing the merits of going “nuclear” against the 1% with a French style 10+ year revolutionary war.

      All my post tried to relate back to: does an assassin get the long-term political policy *they* want after going after a political opponent.

      But let’s not continue this. I don’t see it going anywhere.

    5. Serahpin

      @jlindsa “Can you actually point to any moment in history where gunning down you opposition produced favorable long term results?” And now it’s, “does an assassin get the long-term political policy they want after going after a political opponent.” That’s called shifting the goal posts my friend.

      I can see why you would like to quit the conversation, but I will not allow you to save face at my expense.

  4. Higgins2001

    Imagine if the congressmen could get their hands on the NSA phone taps – that would be once heck of a portfolio boon 😀

  5. Thomas Magnum

    I already knew about this because I READ!

    The media won’t tell you the important things, you have to search them out yourself.

  6. Sheep Whisperer

    It’s almost as if the country was run by powerful Zionists, Bankers, and War Mongers.


  7. Neeshie Huhu

    “…Trev was drinkin’ all day in the Commercial Hotel…” – Bobby Flay/Essence of Emeril

  8. Neeshie Huhu

    “You’re really brutal…” – The President/Lettermen

  9. BoB Bobroski

    Would have been nice to know *before* it happened.

    Just saying.

  10. bigraviolees

    Next up members of congress can shoot their mistresses in the head if they threaten to tell the media and or their wives. The bill entitled simply ‘solving predicaments  bill 234’

  11. BlankBrain

    Remember Martha Stewart.

  12. Richard Taylor

    Even more reason to join and to vote for Bernie Sanders.

  13. Pat Hacker

    It didn’t slip under the media’s radar.  It was intentionally swept under the carpet and buried.

  14. rstiglba

    They just operate in these shady backroom deals

  15. Grand Heresiarch Dave

    Can we PLEASE have another revolution yet?

  16. Anthony Woodroffe

    Wonderful lol

  17. Starteller

    Lets get rid the Elites
    We just ALL need to change to a Direct Democracy then finally charge and seize ALL the elites for their crimes against ALL the People.

    1. Peter T

      @Starteller Elites?  Have you heard many of these yahoos in Congress.

  18. Moonsy -

    Need more riots over stuff like this too…

  19. Idiodyssey87

    What do you expect when dealing with a group of people with the collective moral compass of an opportunistic infection?

  20. Chris Bowman

    And now a poem on the state of the government:
    The opposite of pro- is con-
    That fact is clearly seen
    But if progress means to move forward
    What does Congress mean?

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