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Day Trading vs. Long Term Investing | Phil Town


There is more than one method to come close to the stock market, and several colleges of assumed feed on how to ideal generate income buying and selling safeties. One such method that often obtains a lot of interest is day trading.

On one hand, day trading is admired as the most effective way to obtain abundant fast. On the other hand, there are numerous warnings about the dire threats of day trading. In this video I'll contrast the benefit and also risks of day trading to long term spending Rule # 1 style.

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41 Thoughts to “Day Trading vs. Long Term Investing | Phil Town”

  1. Phil Town's Rule #1 Investing

    I’m curious! Who has tried day trading before? I gave it a shot and man I blew it, long term investing is much more my speed. For more help investing, download this handy free checklist:

    1. Ben Levitz

      I’m learning it now from a guy that has 20 years of experience. I’m going to spend the next 6 months learning it through the simulations, software, and courses I have. However, to make sure I have insurance in case it doesn’t work, I will have about 20k in different REITS and things like the S&P 500. I can also start a copy writing and a loan signing business in case trading doesn’t work out. Lastly, I will only be using 5-15k at any given time. Even my mentor wakes up in the morning and usually says, were not day traders and don’t look to day trade, look for an opportunity, put your stop loss in the right places, and then place the trade around the earnings reversals. That’s my take on it.

    2. Magnibus

      Whats your opinion on Brilliant Light Power the New Jersey based company and their own new technology called “Hydrino Suncell” founded by Dr. Randell Mills ?

    3. Anthony White

      cheemooo that’s so not true I’m a daytrader and I love it the technical the pattern and if u don’t trade a strategy you will never make money

    4. Sakulwadee Charoenphol

      bitcoin investing make money
      Easy AI Robot Trade more $100/ day roi 2.5%/ day paying sing up
      Thank you so much
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  2. Michael Jay - Value Investing

    Long term value investing all the way.

    1. Maitrayan Ghosh Roy

      Michael Jay – Value Investing it require lots of money or time

    2. westside up

      daytrading is better to control losses. If you invest long term how long will you hold onto losses? Forever?

    3. N

      @westside up both can have risk.

    4. Minh Luong


  3. Epic Mentality

    Day trading is great if you want chronic stress,horrible health and bragging rights that you are busy investor guy, but if you want to actually make money and keep your sanity then value/long term investing is the key.

    1. Kevin Sierra

      Hey guys , I would like to start investing, can you please tell me where to start? What book or website do you recommend? Day trading or long term investing? Thanks in advance

    2. KaptainBasketball

      @Kevin Sierra are you canadian or the book trading for a living, its really good.If youre american try robinhood since its very simple

    3. Kevin Sierra

      @KaptainBasketball American, thanks for the information. I’ll check that book out.

    4. KaptainBasketball

      @Kevin Sierra np

    5. CorporateRaider97

      @Epic Mentality Same goes for investing. Everybody who invests in the stock market for long term is not Warren Buffet. Both need high degree of research, aptitude, discipline, risk management etc

  4. Victor Drew

    Thank you for this video. Personally, I’ve been trading in and out of stocks daily for a few months now trying to time small swings and have mostly found myself at a loss. I’ll continue to experiment with it and determine if I can produce a successful strategy before the end of the year. If I do not end up outperforming the S&P500, I’ll just hand pick a few long-term stocks and go that route. But I appreciate that this video has helped identify a potential gambling problem. I’ll keep an eye out for my investing behavior.

  5. TheMightyHarihar

    Phil the biggest problem with day trading is usually broker fees, they kill you in the long run.

    1. Serge Rijkenberg

      TheMightHairhar, use degiro, there are very decent options to not pay the insane fees some big banks charge (I used degiro for 7 years now in the Netherlands,stable platform)

    2. Investing Book Summaries

      That and the taxes that go with them, haha.

    3. danstylus1

      You need to know your costs and factor that in. If the fees are £5 for your trade the profit starts at over £5 including the other costs

    4. BABBAR

      yeah the broker fee is what makes you loose more

    5. westside up

      the broker fee is so small unless your trading with such small amounts of money that you probably should not be trading at all.

  6. Linus

    Swing-trading and long-term (with focus on dividends as well) is my strategy.

  7. JD 318

    When I create my monthly budget I invest 20% of my income for my growth stocks such as KO, GE, and VTI. Meanwhile I take another 10% for day trading. I think a balance between the two is the best especially since the market has been so volatile since Feb. I disagree about day trading being similar to gambling. Go watch Ricky Guiterrez if you don’t believe Daytrading is a great way of investing.

  8. Din Joekhannaz

    A friend of mine love day trading as his side income,.. yes sometimes he win sometimes the market beat him,.. but he just fine,.. his strategy is easy; find beated stocks, bet on them and must get out fast before it come down again,..

  9. Cats Meow

    Everybody I know who try day trading and penny stock finish by lost money.

  10. Jonah DeleseLeuc

    A good way to day trade is to invest in something long term, when the price of your stock rises and you think it’s unsustainable sell like 25% of it and wait until it drops. Buy back when the price is low to cover your losses

    Otherwise, day trading is really risky unless your highly trained

  11. Vladislav Angelov

    Day trading – Hard but sweat at the end.

  12. Seasoning Angels

    I just bought your book. I wish I had met you earlier when I came to the US 8years ago. I lost 100K day trading in 2015., I kept it a secret from my wife until I decided to come clean on new years eve. She almost killed me for that. Wont do it again. I am now a long term guy.

  13. Vive Wolf

    After doing a lot of day trading I finally came to a conclusion that positional trading is far much better than day trading.

  14. doug dimidome

    Dang it, this guy always pops up, mr never actually answers any questions

  15. Henry Xp


  16. Javier Treviño

    “Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No. 1. ” – Warren Buffet

    1. Phil Town's Rule #1 Investing

      You got it!

    2. Baja Market Strategies

      and yet buffet has lost his fair share in trades.. sometimes billions at a time.. so it makes your little rules a meaningless fantasy

  17. Ajay Sridevi

    Over time, I got smarter in rewarding myself trading stock since I met Benjamin Bilal

  18. Minnie C Riley Wealthy Camgirl

    I was introduced to Forex Trading, I like the idea of it but to actually do it gave me a lot of anxiety. long-term investing is more peaceful to my mind and building regular income with my business.

  19. Zeeshan Nasir

    Did u say Bitcoin ?? 😀

  20. Andris Aleksejevs

    Ill be investing in the stock market with my next paycheck. I was seriously considering trying swing trading, however once i did some research i decided to stick to my long term dividend investing strategy. The average return for succsessful traders is about 10% per year. And you need at least 10-25k to see any decent returns. With that kind of money you might aswell go long term and youll easily achieve 8-12% annual return by researching and investing in stable companies. So what is really the point in daytrading? Only brings you unnecessary risk.

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