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GOP congressman indicted for insider trading


Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) has been charged with supposed securities scams, cable fraudulence, and false declarations, the Justice Department has announced.

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81 Thoughts to “GOP congressman indicted for insider trading”

  1. Chaotic Good

    More law and order republicans doing what they do.

    1. Mystic Madman

      Did you hear about Diane Feinstein having a Chinese spy working for her for 20 years while she took money from China?

    2. Wendel Bolide

      Preston yeah I know, its a constant battle with them.  Wonder how they are enjoying those sanctions.  Remember trumps trying to remove them.  We have to stand up to these authoritarian dogs!

    3. Colin Mahoney

      Dj ViiRus
      We just developed a Dj ViiRus checker so you are screwed Moron!

    4. oltedders

      Dj ViiRus

  2. mods65 mods65

    The whole republican party is a fraud .

    1. Sam Luu

      Chuck Zamborowski yes but a long long time ago from galaxy far far away

    2. Saph ListSer

      It’s not fraud if you’re a politician. It’s playing the game like you’re expected to … just not very skillfully if you’re getting caught.
      Everyone knows that’s what difficult to trace accounts, pseudonyms, and a series of middle men in influential business positions are for.
      Silly to get one’s own hands dirty …

    3. 7charlierox

      Republicans have allowed their racist members to flourish.

    4. Mad Dog

      You must be working for the corrupt Communist Democratic Party Loser still waiting for you scumbags to start going to Jail , I’m sure it won’t be long once they arrest the corrupt FBI scumbags first !

    5. PA JM

      chris 710. And this is the kind of “winners” you like, huh? Someone who uses campaign funds to buy his “pet rabbit” a plane ticket and then blames his wife. Yeah, I can see how that is a winner for the Republican Party? Yeah, he fits… nicely.

  3. Richard Owens

    Another nail in the GOP coffin!

    1. Kelly McShane

      Richard Owens your a Progressive liberal don’t you mean another needle in the vein?

    2. Dawn nikole crafts And half naked ewe

      Kelly McShane you’re

    3. Dilbert Doe

      LOCK HIM UP!

      Many more to come. #MuellerTime

    4. Kelly McShane

      Dawn nikole crafts And half naked ewe Now i know a WHITE. Spell checking thats the entitlement tell. I wonder how you correct minorities as well? But I’m only half Arab so I can’t spell anyway you liberals!

    5. Saph ListSer

      that’s 😀

      Bam! Shout-out from the 311, dawg! He shoots; he scores!
      You posed for that one and straight got took, son! That’s life, yo (see, I used it in a sentence too) 😉


    Lock them up, lock them up, lock them up! The GOP chant is coming back to haunt them! LOL

    1. Lee Merriweather

      PHANPHOTO1 yep

    2. Dj ViiRus


    3. mary smith

      No…we can’t be like them. We can laugh like hell though. No need to chant like rabid villagers. I can’t wait until Trump gets indicted for high crimes and treason against our country. I want his name to be synonymous with Benedict Arnold as a traitor.

    4. Gary Vance

      No we elected Trump so this could happen Drain the swamp Mr. President. Did you think we only want the dirty Democrats. You would be wrong we want the trash out of office. All of it.

    5. Gary Vance

      Sorry Mary your vary misinformed. You have watched so much CNN you believe it.

  5. RedroomStudios

    and here comes another Trump pardon… oh wait, it’s NY state charges . he’s screwed.

    1. Hawkzblade

      more pardons than at a Swedish banquet.

    2. Chris Smith

      RedroomStudios “And other one gone and another one gone, another one bites the dust”

    3. Jimmy Jazz

      Hope you’re right! if so YIPPEEEEE!!!

    4. Philip Mclaughlin

      You bet he will be pardoned

    5. VJ Schmidt

      RedroomStudios Trump pardoned crooked Joe Arpaio (a county sheriff from Arizona) and Martha Stewart among others So his tentacles reach far and wide.

  6. Robert Green

    How about Jared Kushner, Scott Pruitt, Don Jr, Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen? They are all Donald J Trump’s inner circle. The centre of this circle is DONALD J TRUMP!

    1. Ash Roskell

      Robert Green : Don’t forget Wilbur Ross

    2. Bazooka Joe

      Lets not forget about Carl Icahn either. Icahn sole 90% of his stock in aluminum the week before Trump put high tariffs on aluminum. The criminal Trump and Icahn have been friends for decades.

    3. Jo Pao

      You forgot the Mercers and their stealing and abusing the extended personal information of 100 million voters.

    4. Ash Roskell

      Bazooka Joe : You know what? It will be a shorter list of those who are NOT corrupted, that we’ll be looking at, when we take back our democracy at the Mid Terms. They have offered no quarter; not on any any issue, or at any time. They have filched America, like a pack of ravening hyenas, while blaming others for their crimes. All the time, whining their effeminate, “grievances,” about what, “victims,” they are, with their conspiracy theories and their attacks upon the truth. No quarter shall be asked, and none shall be given. Take back your democracy at the Mid Terms, and we’ll hunt down every last, thieving, lying one of them, and show them American JUSTICE!

    5. Ace Shabazz

      Ash Roskell and Tom Price

  7. Angie Lagou

    Keep on draining the swamp✨🗽✨

    1. michael preston

      I knew it , Big Pharm was in this mess.

  8. Doug H. Nuts

    GOP are traitors and criminals. Anything BUT patriotic.

    1. Mystic Madman

      Really? Did you hear about Diane Feinstein having a Chinese spy working for her for 20+ years while she took money from China?

    2. Gary Vance

      What about the DNC money laundering and cheating Bernie Sanders.

    3. Ive Chang

      Doug H. Nuts The group as a whole yes, but not all individually. There are a few like McCain who are decent folk. However, they have knowingly alligned with racists and other bigots so don’t give them too much slack. Let them make amends and we’ll see, alright? 🙄✌🏼

    4. Saph ListSer

      The problem could likely be that once one joins the club, the rules for playing the game are set to require questionable means. The legitimate ones either try and try harder, obstructed as a point in principle, or learn to start getting a little shade on themselves so they can do something. Imagine trying to play soccer, but no one passes the ball, you get checked frequently, the referee just waits for permission from the key players before calling anything out, and so on. You learn to play a certain way, or warm the bench. It’s more or less rigged, but the show goes on so that the game feels legit and entertaining from the bleachers. The futility alone would be enough to turn most sane people and change the view to “screw it, I can’t effectively do something legit for the people; I may as well look out for me, mine, and my donors, and throw some scraps out once in awhile, when I’m allowed or can manage it between all the other BS”.

    5. capatga

      Gary Vance  When did Bernie cheat , I want details .

  9. Robert Reaser

    Very disappointed about Ohio …come on Democrats got to get out in November and vote I live in West Virginia where its Trump heaven and I’m still going to get out and vote Democrat

    1. J A

      I live in Ohio and am part of the Blue area of District 12. Many people were out and voting. There are several absentee ballots that haven’t been tallied yet. There is a period of 10 days until we will know; who will be the winner of the election. Will definitely vote for Mr. O’Conner in November!

    2. fatpatMC

      good for u got a head on ur shoulders surrounded by lesser individuals…good form

    3. Doom2pro

      It’s a three month term, doesn’t matter, it’s nothing burger.

    4. Godsbackhand7

      I live in the 12th district and I will let you know that this is the highest turnout in a LONG time.  This is a district that is has been strategically gerrymandered for Republicans to dominate it.  It shouldn’t have been close.  This is a 95% white, 80% rural, working class/middle class district.  This area went almost 12% for Trump in 2016 and was swung almost 12% the opposite direction.  Democrats are doing their job in this district (likely 90% turnout from Dems).  There will be rematch for this district again in November, and Balderson is worried (Democrat turnout will likely be in the upper 90s).

    5. Robert Reaser

      Captain Brown Beard except the part where the majority of the good jobs in this state are Union and supported by democrats the Republicans want to get rid of the Union

  10. ColtsFan4Life 35

    Republicans are dropping like flies.

  11. Some Person

    Hey look a rich New Yorker is indicted with his son for doing illegal things, guess this is FBI practice for the Trumps…

    1. Betty Simmons

      Some Person now he will have to spend some of that 60million on legal defense for him and his son.white privledge.

  12. JR N

    Lock the whole GOP up!!

  13. El Muchacho Enamorado

    But but her emails but but but obama

    1. Elmo Bennett


    2. El Muchacho Enamorado

      Elmo Bennett lmao ikr they have an excuse for everything

    3. lineflyer1

      Don’t worry those democrap tyrants you mentioned are next

    4. El Muchacho Enamorado

      lineflyer1 lmao butt hurt much

    5. bsuper63

      Kenya approves this message.

  14. Ian Campbell

    Chris Collins is a “friend of mine” to the trump crime family. I hope Mueller looks into trump’s ownership of any of this stock and if he sold it off at the same time Chris Collins sold his.

  15. Armando van Haaren

    Another open seat .go progressives 😆😆😆👍👍👍✊✊✊

    1. lineflyer1

      Progressive = socialist….. Hahahahaha no thanks

    2. corrine joy

      Armando van Haaren yeappppp

    3. NaibutekiNaisou

      lineflyer1 hates that anyone besides landowning white men can vote, he would much rather we be back in his KKK days when it was easier for him to hide that he’s a huge pedophile.

  16. Seth Skullsberg

    Regular guy steals an xbox= 2 years prison
    Politician steals millions= maybe gets probation
    The whole system is currupt

    1. B. Rippy

      Jo Pao: Oh come on. You sound like an idiot calling for execution for insider trading. Whats next libs, public lynchings? It’s funny how Liberals always talk about tolerance, but if anyone on the other side does anything, the libs are all about violence and murder.

    2. Kuro Lee

      Seth Skullsberg THIS!!
      It’s because they write the laws that benefit THEM. ALL OF THEM.

    3. Bond James Bond

      There are two types of justice in corrupt America…A Pat on the back if you’re rich and prison time if you’re poor.

    4. Godsbackhand7

      The SEC doesn’t really play around with this type of stuff though.  They are a NGO and they are not required to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt.  Despite this, they are generally extremely accurate and have an over 99% conviction rate.  They are no joke.

    5. Ace Shabazz

      Seth Skullsberg thats what I am saying… The book should be thrown at these scumbags because they are already rich the petty theft the average person commits is becuase they DON’T have the means to afford things… I have never seen so much corruption in our government in my lifetime… An example needs to be made!!!

  17. Honarabro Gaming

    OF COURSE ANOTHER republiKKKan accused of CRIMES! They are so CORRUPT!!!

  18. Maxim Gwiazda

    Is it just me, or do most GOP politicians look as if they’re wearing flesh masks to pass as humans?

  19. jl sc

    Imagine that, pharmacuticals. No wonder they don’t want decent health care or to fight the opioid epidemic, republicans are making a fortune off of us.

    1. Sergio Pedroza

      Good point

    2. Jimmy Jazz

      It would be great to be able to slowly get them addicted to opioids and then deny them treatment.

    3. Barbara A Jones

      yep!! Try looking up ESSURE birth control which is DESTROYING and killing women….off the market in all countries EXCEPT the USA!!!! USA says they will remove it at the END of 2018….gotta kill off a few thousand more MOTHERS and young females for the mighty PHARMO BUCK first!!

    4. Saph ListSer

      Ever taken a really hard look at the businesses the GOP types invest in most heavily?
      It shouldn’t be surprising when their politics have the focus and direction they do.

      Obligatory preemptive insults-phase response (as if anything I might say can change that) : Yeah, the Left also leans towards personal investments, just not quite as zealous, zero sum style as the Right traditionally shows an appetite for. But, you know how it goes – what would Jesus do. :/ (Turns out he prefers a Kingdom to this silliness, so it’s a moot point – these types would get far less than a vote, I imagine) The hunger’s there in all of us, to be sure – it can’t be helped with material human nature. Our species sucks like that. We don’t really deserve this world, but we’re the most intelligent it has, poor thing. At least we’ve got each other? (Sorry, wrong forum … slipping into group counseling mode …)

      Richard : A bit of the Hammurabi approach? Nice. Works if it has to be witnessed, for complex crimes anyway – will still get the occasional cocksure sacrifice willing to be made an example of, after discovering they weren’t as cunning as they’d thought. Not so much raw crimes of desire or desperation though.

    5. Father

      Thanks for reminding me of something. ^___^

  20. Alfred Iamanu

    Washington politicians too busy lining their pockets rather than making a difference in peoples lives.So sad.

    1. Frank Winkhorst

      Does Google really think is a website in Somalia?

    2. Alfred Iamanu

      Frank Winkhorst Sorry,just thinking out loud about crooked Washington politicians when I typed my comment.You lost me at Google and a Somalian webside but I am interested in what you meant on your comment.

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