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How to Become a Penny Stock Millionaire in 2019


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83 Thoughts to “How to Become a Penny Stock Millionaire in 2019”

  1. James kng

    guys steve is living the life most people dream of

  2. Brodie Smith

    “If you wake up every morning dreading the sound of your alarm clock, you need to change what your doing. You’re merely existing”
    Amen to that

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    2. Michael Linder

      craig howard go get one

    3. MSotelo503

      I don’t dread waking up early just going to work.

    4. churxhzii

      People have to be realistic & realize its not easy to do that . While yes being comfortable can leave u stagnate at the same time if its putting money into your pockets & keeping the lights on in the house why quit ? Thats like jumpin out of an airplane without a parachute.

      U gotta have a solid plan first before u just JUMP! Trust me ive been in situations where i’d make a move without fully thinking it through & it only led to unnecessary pain…but it was a good lesson tho

    5. Tiffany Maiden

      @Marcel Pirata Thats 99.9999% of ppl on this planet nobodoy likes there job or career their mostly pointless and dont benefit the planet or its creatures at all0

  3. Riley Mc

    Talking about how money isnt everything but youre out here charging upwards to 7000 for your program, but dudes a genius.

    1. In Penny Stock

      Yes, I would agree that that is way too much to be charging. I found a better source if youre interested and if you would like to learn even more, please check out and / or email us at at InPennyStock if you have any questions or need any help ! Let us know how we can help you

  4. Ostin Clark

    This man said money does not buy you happiness….. i’d rather cry in lambo than in my cheap apartment……

    1. Goldstein

      Money doesn’t make you miserable the fake people trying to take it from you and your life will

    2. Goldstein

      Robin Peter seriously do not refer to any person as your God on earth that a ridiculous statement money does not equal salvation

    3. RoyalPizzaKing

      Crying in a lambo will make someone feel shameful. Crying in a cheap apartment is better

    4. Rondell Schuyler

      Money can’t buy happiness, but It can make misery more enjoyable.

    5. ramon ruiz

      Ostin Clark in the end you’ll still be crying so you’ll prove his sentence as correct

  5. some one NAME VALENCIA

    he was giving 12k I was given 150 bucks after I graduated highschool

    1. bohdi satva

      Leaped Gryphon bullshit.

    2. Noe Cazares

      I recieved a $500 fat 10k rope chain in 2000 instead of my senior ring.

    3. Camilo Walker

      some one NAME VALENCIA I was given a phone and a phone bill I was in debt I had to find a job.

    4. DΛVID X GOLIΛTH ヤハウェ

      Doesn’t matter…you could still flip it

  6. official culturekid

    I wanna be a millionaire

    1. official culturekid

      ACHVTE I need help

    2. Anthony Severn

      OfficialMurphy Fresh find a billion Penny’s. And turn it into cash

  7. Jσѕнʋα ƤσятʋɢαL

    here in my garage

    1. Mickey Sealtoe

      Jσѕнʋα ƤσятʋɢαL I saw Brazzers film a shoot there.

    2. Terrance Slade

      Jσѕнʋα ƤσятʋɢαL Tai Lopez lol

  8. Blck Ntrovert TV

    no men in the audience lol

    1. Jj

      you made my day thats funny.

    2. andrew munlin

      Thats steve harvey for you

    3. 90 Veteran Studios

      cause them motherfuckers at work…lol

  9. golga14

    Work smart never hard, because you don’t want to stress yourself out

    1. JuggaLuggaLocoroni Weirdo

      golga14 i think I am short a few brain cells 😜

    2. Rah Maximus

      Work harder at working smarter

    3. Victor Magana Jr

      golga14 very true although sometimes the smartest way to work is to in fact work hard

    4. churxhzii

      golga14 Hip. Im tryna get used to dat but since im a capricorn we’re just naturally workaholics

  10. Dutchez

    If you don’t think money buys happiness, don’t be afraid to deposit it into my account!

    1. Investor Jess

      Dutchez lmao

    2. John A.

      Take a hike.

    3. The Goat

      Hapiness and being frinanciaply free are 2 very diffrrent things. This is why youre still broke, and your mentality is tradh

  11. Erik Contreras

    That guy seemed like he’s on a sugar high.

    1. Aktiv Bucket

      Erik Contreras
      That fool is on drugs?

    2. Michael e

      it’s called happiness

    3. l00p digga

      thats cause he is… & by sugar I mean coke.

  12. Abaddon Guecubu

    being broke doesn’t bring happiness either

    1. raktim shastry

      Sharon Little to whom you call

    2. Vincent DiTullio

      Abaddon Guecubu nn

    3. Beverly Millner

      judge show

    4. Stephen Davies

      Preach 😇😇😇😇🤑🤑🤑

  13. kayli kennedy

    I’d be happier not living in the hood with roaches , rats and roommates. I’d like a washer and dryer. A phone that works decently and a job that’s more than 7.50 an hour. Money would make me happier.

    1. krisiluttinen

      Bingo!. Happiness comes from your soul. Some have it some don’t no matter how many promisory notes.

    2. Assad Beats

      @Latasha Thomas do you have a business?

    3. Mazel Garth

      Latasha Thomas more info

    4. CaptiN __

      One word. Forex. Message me if you need help!

  14. RPA

    Snake oil salesman’s , be careful. These guys business is sell you lessons and advice, that’s where their money comes from, from suckers that believe they can be rich by subscribing to their lessons and advices. Wake up.

    1. Michael Johnson

      So is the word “Dude”. Still living in the 60’s?

    2. lilmama2084

      Michael Johnson “Dude” was heavily used in the late 80’s/early 90’s.

    3. Ms.winemaker

      I’ve noticed so far this guy Stykes only spew hard motivational talks and does not tell the viewers the “how to”. He doesn’t get into the bread and butter of this. Thank you for your warning.

  15. shane T

    Guy started with $12000 just like the rest of these kats. Show me someone who REALLY DID IT with $500 or less. NOT someone where daddy and mommy gave you money and helped guided you in the stock world. Guy had financial help and guidance. Wheres the real dogs at? lol.

    1. joe smith

      @Josh Everett f u

    2. Aras Skp

      Probably his jwish

    3. chaunna michole

      Stop hating! Damn! Anyone can earn and save $12,000. That’s not even a lot of money. He did more than the average person would have done with it.


      Most people make 10 grand a year just claiming children tax season

  16. Tamika J

    I’m still waiting on how to trade stocks….. I got nothing from this video..

    1. Jasmine Green

      Hey Tamika, connect with me on IG. I have a trading academy for women. @jasminepgreen

    2. Kamiya Sings

      @Jasmine Green Whats your Ig?

    3. Jasmine Green


    4. Centauri

      Tim Skyes sells his secrets for $100 per month on his website. That is how he earns his money.

  17. Stefan Cel Mare

    i am gonna be a multi millionaire! JUST WATCH ME! 🙂

    1. Gustavo Pascual

      Stefan Cel Mare hope you make it bro I’ll try to be up top one day too

    2. 1234 bboy

      Good on you mate…me too…am cheering you on

    3. mrkrabz123

      I’m going to be a billionaire and use that money to help countless people through philanthropy

    4. Penny stocktrader2 Spliff

      Are you there yet

  18. Brett James

    I just started doing penny stocks this year. Doing decent so far

    1. In Penny Stock

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    2. kelvin allen

      I want to learn

  19. bruce allen

    if you wakeup every morning feeling empty.ask jesus into your heart he is the only one that can fill the void..he will give you joy.not happiness.but joy.something the world can not give and the world can not take away.

  20. In Penny Stock – We have this new training for How to Become a Six Figure Trader in 3 Months – Free Webinar. Check it out now here to get started trading for profit today:

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    2. Kenneth P. Fraser

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    3. Todd Morales

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    4. packerd00

      Is this just an infomercial. He didn’t tell me jack with this, other than boasting about himself.

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