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58 Thoughts to “How To Make $100-200 A Day From Forex Trading (Required Account Size)”

  1. Scorpio Indigo

    You don’t need an account size of 25k for that…that’s super super conservative and not necessary .you can do that with $1000 if you know how to trade

    1. Girl 4U

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      Please give me some bitcoin for my tuition

    2. lolo O

      1000 to 100 a day is called Gamble sir lol.

    3. C K

      @Etienne Crete – Desire To TRADE its closed on the weekends how is that 24 hours a day?

    4. Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE

      @C K it’s open 24hrs a day 5 days a week.

    5. C K

      @Etienne Crete – Desire To TRADE exactly not 24/7.

  2. hunter logan

    taking opm without trading experience and using your video will get you RIP and your mom crying at your funneral !

    1. Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE

      hunter logan you’re right haha. That video was mostly intended for people who already have trading experience and are consistent with their results.

      But it’s also a good reminder that you don’t necessarily need to trade only your own money once you become a good trader.

      For more videos on how to trade, you can see this playlist (strategies for different trading styles):

    2. DD

      Etienne Crete – Desire To TRADE I feel you. But if people have trading experience already they know this. This is just basic math. What I want to know is when are you going to come out with a video that’s going to go more in depth on strategies on how you can get that 50/50 win loss trades

    3. Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE

      +DD there are plenty of those on the channel. Check out this playlist:

  3. Daniel Bowker

    If i had 25k i wouldn’t need to trade, so elitist

    1. Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE

      That’s a way of seeing it, but most successful traders would agree that you need $50,000 to $100k to trade full-time.

      If you’re in trading for short-term money, of course, it’s a different thing.

      Keep up the work, Daniel!

    2. Think and grow up

      Daniel Bowker yup you got a point

    3. Think and grow up

      Etienne Crete – Desire To TRADE if i had that i wouldnt need to work

    4. VivaMessico

      lmao you are a gambler and will always stay poor then

    5. Tony J

      25K is elitist…LMAO.

  4. Dan Lewis

    5K most and you can live comfortably. 25-50K is not necessary to start. If you don’t know what you are doing. You will lose that anyway. Trade with the trend

    1. Pranshu Dhungana

      please i will just use the same logic again how much would 20-30 pips get you? at what risk.What if you lose and to make 100-200 dollars a day you have to use high leverage and big risk at the point where 10 trades can blow your account up !

    2. VivaMessico

      so are you still living comfortably? with your 5k? i bet not..

    3. Prince Peter

      Can I see your trading record Dan? I would like to see your theory works in reality.

    4. Marco Zolo

      Dan Lewis guys I need to make $300-500 a day just to break even. Any pointers? My living expenses are $8k a month and that’s living like a pauper still. Please help. I’m starting in forex scalping.

    5. Tonka DRIVER

      @Marco Zolo
      You need to live within your means
      8k a month anywhere on earth you can live very comfortable. ….
      I see your spaceship needs work☺

  5. Flanky Flanked • 14 years ago

    25k is way too much money to deposit.
    Instead you can compound your account to 25k with 3:1 rr.If you can do it then believe me $100 a day is just a piece of cake for you

    1. Maksim Yakimtsev

      look, i have 1k, i can make 20$ to 50$ easy a day

    2. TheWogMafia

      @Maksim Yakimtsev Do you trade Forex?

  6. Mike Prentice

    Very very well done! Reasonable and responsible!

    1. Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE

      Thank you, Mike! Glad you liked the down-to-earth!

  7. Cosmic Surfer

    Thank you so much for inspiring

    1. Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE

      Glad that was useful!

  8. Fuk Islam

    It’s impossible to say what you are going to make a can have a massive account and be the best trader in the world. .if the market doesn’t move your not earning

    1. Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE

      You’re making a good point. That’s why we can only look at the average… It’s always looking back.

    2. Eyes Servantez

      You must only be looking at one market because there is always a trade going on out there and usually with a highly predictable outcome.

  9. Chi

    No.. NEVER borrow money to trade! Should only build from what you have.

    1. Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE

      That’s what banks do. If you’re at a good level, trading investors money is a great way to accumulate capital.

    2. Chi

      We are not the banks, what you’re teaching here is financial suicide!

    3. Marco Zolo

      Chi I’m aiming to have a higher success rate than banks, it’s my life plan and I won’t stop until achieving it and more

  10. Andyrfa

    Please please make spot live trading video regularly.

    1. Andyrfa

      @Etienne Crete – Desire To TRADE Thank You.
      I will be following your lesson intensely.
      Thanks again.

  11. Parikshit Dhindhwal

    OK start from 25000k, earning 500$ per week, we cover the principal amount in less than one year. It means we have to struggle 1 year, afterthat we can have some extra profit. Am i right or wrong

    1. Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE

      Well is it better this or lose the $25k on living expenses and not get anything in return?

  12. MTL 514

    Who was your mentor? I live in Montreal too !!

    1. Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE

      I’ve had multiple mentors, most of which I’ve interviewed:

  13. syl nimrod

    Love the video bro. Hard truth that many trader need to believe. For those who can make 10% a day tell me when you can buy a lambo. I know there are some trader that can make 10% a day in the long run but they are hard to find million in one and slave with the computer.

  14. Axden

    Its a hard pill to swallow for the newbies. I’d say even a 100k account is on the low side to live comfortably in North America.

    1. Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE

      Glad you’re seeing though my point 💪📈

  15. Ryan Palmer

    Realistic video, need to talk about commission

    1. Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE

      Good point 🙌

  16. murray ralfe

    Thanks for another great video. Which broker could you recommend?

  17. nikeyathepoet .__

    So how does leveraging work ? I heard 1:100 leverage allows you to invest $100 dollars that shows as a $10,000 account.?? Im confused.

    1. Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE

      Yes but that also means you can lose more. Leverage is only so you can take more trades at the same time. It shouldn’t be used to risk more

  18. TripleCLUTCH

    This guy knows what he’s talking about. This is a low risk strategy that will ensure you don’t lose money once you stay focused. At this point you’re not gambling, but doing calculated risks.

    1. Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE

      Thank you! Glad you’re seeing through this. Much appreciated!

  19. Serbian Ultras

    100 dolars a day bro that’s like 3k a month in my. Ountry 350 dolars is average selary a month…

  20. ShoopkoTube

    I’d be satisfied with 50usd per day from trading 👍

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