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How to Make Hundreds Per Day Trading Bitcoin & Litecoin on GDAX | Sharing My Strategy



*** This is not financial investment recommendations. Trading is high-risk. I intended to share my approach. Lots of people would most likely be far better off purchasing and also holding than trading, it's really hard to time the market. That claimed I find if I hold your horses and also wait on my possibilities this can be extremely lucrative for me.

Allow me start by saying typically talking lots of people are better off just buying and also holding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rather than trading.

It's very hard to time the market and also sometimes when people have some success swing trading they either obtain cocky or obtain quick-tempered thinking they require to make a profession every day or require to make a lot money each day and also they make dumb professions that cost them money.

Normally talking I'm a holder, nonetheless I have a little profits and play money on the side that I don't mind trading with. Lately this previous Thursday made a Litecoin trade, got some Litecoin earlier in the day at $79.80 and offered it at $83 a few hrs later making $320 earnings. I then took that money and also established a really low restriction order on Bitcoin which I saw dropping. My restriction order hit, it was a low candle light wick limit order that obtained picked up however grabbed 0.8 Bitcoin at $9500 and within a hr or 2 I was currently up $1,000 on that particular. Being that we were headed into the weekend break points typically have a tendency to continue to rise so instead of taking the quick earnings which is sometimes wise I waited it out. When we struck $11,700 I thoguht that rise was a little bit too fast as well quickly so established a limit order as well as offered.

Certainly a couple of hrs later this very same day Bitcoin was pull back under $11,000.

Using this approach I can redeem in at $11,000, although I'm going to choose to wait on it to fall a bit much more which it may or may refrain from doing, nevertheless at this point I'm able to redeem in less costly and also get even more Bitcoin or take some earnings and also go back into my position.

This is high-risk, it's not fairly as very easy as I'm making it bent on be, however if you can start to check out other individuals behavior and review the masses psychology towards spending you can do rather well if you handle to be individual as well as just get in and out when your rather particular you will make money.

I'm always interested to hear your guys trading strategies, forecasts as well as altcoin choices so drop your comments below …

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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46 Thoughts to “How to Make Hundreds Per Day Trading Bitcoin & Litecoin on GDAX | Sharing My Strategy”

  1. Icarus

    100 Bitcoins?!

    1. Monster Vodka

      lol, that kept throwing me off too. no worries though.

  2. robbielex

    Making all this money but can’t pay for Windows?

    1. Rick D Lewis

      This comment didn’t age very well. LMAO!!!

    2. Jefferson Wayne

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  3. TwistedSouL

    Whilst it seems everyone is giving trading advice- I just think you should activate Windows.

    1. Leap Tech

      I’m surprised they didn’t do it all in caps, LOL.

    2. CryptoAndy

      Check out the video I just made on my channel to learn how to make money fast with Bitcoin!
      I think Bitconnect is the best investment out there because there is a high return for close to no risk…You get a 1-2$% return every single day no matter what!
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    3. Leap Tech

      $400+ for one BCC, hard to do for the working man 🙂

  4. Ryan Barrett

    So you’re saying buy low and sell high? Genius.

    1. walter william

      Ryan Barrett What everyone has been saying about Williamson is true!! i am three weeks into his training and have BTC in wallet waiting to be cash out , i still can’t believe it , finally a tutor that teaches something that really works. look i urge you all to reach out to him and build up like i am now here is his email Sonwilliam87@gmail. com. tell him i bless his name!!?

    2. Teru Deca

      Ah.. THE CryptoNickScammerBitconnectDickHeadFuckTart…

    3. Mike P

      @walter william spam

  5. 3MarkLIVE3

    I didn’t learn a single thing really, more about bragging and boasting and not able to explain what tools you’re using proficiently, so I guess good job?

    1. Leo clay Ford

      I bet you should give someone with more experience a try. A saying says good sources are hard to find. do you wish to trade? do you want to connect to a mining rig to start mining bitcoin by leased out hash power? contact Konner. He is a software programmer and he’s the CEO of CoinEx Global Exchange. IG; konner.coinex. konner.coinex at gmail com.

    2. Beverly Terrell

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    3. La Casa De Papel

      yeah, cos using tools really makes a difference. Seen so many vids of guys using the studies like macd , bollinger bands, trendlines, making it looks so complicated and smart and still their predictions so wrong. For sure this will go up the next 24 hours, and when it doesnt they blame the whales or others weak excuses. Blaming it to everything except them selves.

    4. Houssam Zak

      Thanks for the heads up!!!

  6. Volentry

    Everyone’s a successful day trader when the market is bullish. Lol.

  7. Let's Play Classics!

    OMG He doesnt understand candlestick charts? Thats like the basics of the basics, yo. The candlesticks are the highest and lowest it sold that hour/min/day and if it is green (going up) the bottom of the box is where it opened and top is where it closed for that hour/min/day. Vice versa for orange. If the box is filled in (usually orange) it means who held the market for that segment. (green=bulls orange=bears)

    1. john lowe

      any options on a legit altcoin exchange

    2. Prince Nwadike

      Wow, nice! Thanks for the detailed explanation. I didn’t understand how to read them either.

    3. Cherry Adrales

      so unkind

    4. Roger Moore

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    5. arantzazu basilo

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  8. Alex Lambert

    4:06 “I think a pullback is inevitable”… Bwahahahahaha. Stopped listening right there. Never got to any point & also said charts are worthless. SMH

  9. BitCoinArmy

    when it runs up do you just do a simple market sell order and pay the fee? I got so hung up on not paying a fee that I lost out trying to do the sell limit orders which are great when you are away

  10. Noetic333

    Getting lucky in a highly volatile bull market isn’t really a strategy. Throwing away tried and true patterns and indicators that have worked in every volatile market wether it’s currency, commodities or crypto isn’t really a very good strategy either. To ignore major things like support and resistance is just plain silly. I would highly suggest anyone that is using their hard earned money to trade invests as much time and energy as possible to educate themselves and take in all the free information they can before they start throwing their money away. Yes it’s extremely easy to make money in cryptos but it’s even easier and less risky if you learn at least the basics. Reading a chart is not something that “doesn’t apply to cryptos”. Lol. That was the most false statement anyone can make and to post a video trying to infect others with that same nonsense is just irresponsible and foolhardy. Anyways, rant over. Knowledge is power but applied knowledge is wisdom and the power to do the right thing.

    1. BenjoBanjoo

      It’s hard to find information what you don’t know what’s right and wrong information. My head is all over the place trying to educate myself and all I want to do is try and make some money. Hard knowing what to look at and what not to.

  11. C. Allen

    What is the mark to market time on GDAX?

  12. Bill King

    Capitol gains taxes will CRUSH all of his gains!

    1. Rules For Rebels

      Yeah short term trading gets hammered with capital gains. I’ve kind of stopped trading and am taking a step back from crypto for a while, market is down, market is kinda boring to me at the moment, going to check back on things at the end of the summer.

  13. GT MKIV

    Who needs a candlestick anyway?

    1. Rules For Rebels

      I never really thought technical analysis was that worthwhile

  14. Chicken Chaser 125cc

    Or spend countless hours on YouTube watching tutorials on coin base Pro and allow yourself 2- 3 weeks trial with 500 pounds trading.

  15. Donald

    Let me see if I get this straight: you need 10min to say you throw in a cheap order in hopes it gets filled?

  16. Romy Mboko

    Activate Windows

    1. Rules For Rebels

      haha its an odl computer

    2. Protected Void

      @Rules For Rebels hodl*

  17. Stacy Murray

    In just about 12 months, BTC has made a drop of over 80% from a peak of $19,800 to less than $4,000 and I wonder how silly those that kept talking of $100,000 and more look now. Seriously, how much more evidence do we need that cryptocurrencies are purely speculative bubbles that are best treated as such and milked at the moment? The only space for investing is in real companies doing actual business with real currency valuation. My forecast for the long-term value of bitcoin is 0$, 0€, 0£, 0¥. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a crypto hater, in fact, I am above average financially but I still have a strategy which I implement with which I make a minimum of $30,000 monthly for a couple of months already. Even though I get assistance from Mrs. Helena with trade strategies and signals, I still trade on my own so I don’t have to grant anyone access to my trade account (funds). What I do is seek her opinion on the markets as she is a very seasoned analyst and trader and then I use her signals which are very simple to use in placing trades and in the process, I learn a lot from her. You can mail her** ( or WhatsApp/call: +447427424057 if you need his assistance too. A word of caution, never mix emotion with coins if you want to succeed and you have to be brutal as well i.e sell, buy, and trade when you have to follow the rules and always seek help if you are not already a master trader and are not making good and consistent profit on your own already.

  18. Clint J.

    Not really a good idea. Because what if you sell it and then it continues to go up in price?

    You’re really just losing money by doing that.

  19. know Thyself

    Your soo right…TA is a scam…there theory is 5o/50 nonsense

  20. Chris Helphinstine

    wow long winded with no real knowledge … sigh

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