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How to Trade Penny Stocks (Beginner Strategies): Class 1 of 4


Have concerns ♂ ❓ ❓ concerning trading penny stocks? Inquire listed below! I reply to every concern ✅ uploaded on my channel …

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6. Ready to take the leap? You can view me trading every early morning as a participant of our day trading chat room. -7. Interested just how I set up my trading computer systems? Check out this video below on establishing your very first day trading station ⌨- Discovering exactly how to day trade dime supplies made me a self made millionaire.

You can see my$ 583.15 to$ 1mil challenge right below: Over the years while I trade my very own account every day, I've additionally shown countless investors exactly how profession the same methods and also create wealth on their own. I was initially presented to trading cent supplies when a close friend in senior high school made tens of thousands of dollars day trading cent stocks over summer season break. This would certainly have been around 1999/2000 and also at the time trading online with TD Ameritrade was still a brand-new concept. I always knew there was prospective to make money in the stock exchange with a small account but I really did not understand exactly how. I determined to open my very own account however I was trading stocks like PET CAT, IBM, and AAPL. With my $1k account I made regarding$ 17 bucks. I was purchasing the incorrect supplies for large percentage growth. In order to expand a little quantity of money($ 500.00 ), we require to trade stocks that could double or triple in much less than week! That'll never ever happen with FB or NFLX, but it can occur when you're trading dime supplies! Wish to learn more concerning Dime Stocks? Have a look at this blog post: Please note:

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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39 Thoughts to “How to Trade Penny Stocks (Beginner Strategies): Class 1 of 4”

  1. sarg141

    Awesome video. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this topic. Its one I am interested in. Please continue to post video’s on trading stocks in this price range. You got another Sub..

  2. No mad

    Hey buddy thank you! This is good stuff

  3. sergio ramirez

    Great guide. ill start trading in a couple of months after i save enough money and learn more about trading. I swear ima put my brother through college and help my parents out. Thank you

    1. tito sLinky

      He must have posted this comment in hype – the execution was never performed. (Speculation)

    2. Kyle66087

      Were you able to do it!?

    3. john hughes

      When collecting and analyzing data, don’t chase too many markets at once. Focus on quality and depth rather than quantity. And get a good trading system like the IQD strategy from LUKASZ WILHELM. I use this strategy and I make daily profit to prove its worth. You should too and thank my later. Just google him for more info

  4. Righteous Uso

    Motivated and inspired to be successful on this new journey. Great video!

  5. travbh

    waiting for this stuff to make sense. im new to the game

    1. NIck Munoz

      travbh lol

    2. crxtreme69

      He lost it all it seems

  6. Douglas Lee

    You are a fantastic person the way you teach is impeccable and you exude care in each of your videos, it really feels like you care about my success truly inspiring you are, if love to spend a day with you learning

  7. Reyniery Cuellar

    Thank you so much for your time in making this videos. Been learning a lot, and now I feel I’m ready to hit the market.

    Looking forward on joining your team as soon as I start trading

    1. Warrior Trading

      You’re welcome Reyniery! Make sure that you have your strategy nailed down before you start trading on the market. Have you been paper trading? I look forward to talking with you in the chat room!

    2. Gale Bauder

      P.o. bc of my favorite part was that the Kimi

  8. Luis Delgado

    Thank you for the great information, im new to this and you so far caught my attention; I have seen others.

  9. J H

    Thanks, your videos are the best ones I’ve seen. Hopefully they help me become a better trader

    1. Warrior Trading

      Thank you very much! I wouldn’t be making these videos and doing what I’m doing with Warrior Trading if it wasn’t for people like you! The best way for you to learn more about trading and how you can get started would be to join us in the next live Warrior Trading webinar. It’s free to sign up and you will receive a copy of my best selling ebook “How To Day Trade” just for attending!
      Sign up here:

  10. Pedro Mendoza

    I want to start at the bottom and not make the same mistakes as I hear most of the host of these types of videos make which is invest before learning. I’d like to start as a student and take courses. Please help.

    1. Warrior Trading

      Hey Pedro, Thanks for reaching out to us! The best way for you to learn more about trading and how you can get started would be to join us in the next live Warrior Trading webinar. It’s free to sign up and you will receive a copy of my best selling ebook “How To Day Trade” just for attending!
      Sign up here:

  11. MikeyMoe

    I believe (in CA at least) that traditional penny stocks sell at .005 increments (1/20 instead of 1/100) now.

  12. Danny Danny

    Thank you so much for the great info sir 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  13. eNaRDe

    Finally a stock video on youtube that actually is trying to teach people instead of trying to get them to pay for courses on how to buy stocks.

    1. Southsideman


  14. arod32010

    Now I really know what OTC stocks really are. Great lesson

  15. Scott Kleczka

    Read your site about day trading penny stocks. Followed everything to the letter and made over $400 the next morning on a gap-up trade that started strong right out of the gate due to a premarket news catalyst. Held the shares for 20 minutes and sold at the top of the second bull flag. I’m definitely following your other strategies as well. Thank You Warrior Trading!!!

    1. Warrior Trading

      You’re welcome Scott!

    2. Shawn Vang

      How much did u start your trading account with ?

    3. Lewis Turnbull

      @Shawn Vang $10,000,000

  16. Mike Musgrove

    I witnessed you do extremely well in 2016. 🙂

  17. Z G

    What is recommended Avg volume for 3000 shares (to sale) ?
    Thank you.

  18. HowToExcel

    Lets see 26 on HOLY today

  19. Amauri Ferreira

    Can you recommend a reliable broker for penny stocks. Thanks

    1. Warrior Trading

      Hey Amauri, I’d check out Lightspeed:

  20. Brandon Bermudez

    I’m having trouble finding the other 3 classes, are they here ?

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