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Ideal Thinkorswim setup for day trading

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Learn just how to take your ThinkorSwim system from scratch as well as get it prepared for online day trading with bracket orders. If you are a newbie, this video offers fundamental trading tips/tricks to start. Having brackets are vital for your day trading configuration, especially when trading cent stocks or OTCs. Please make sure to subscribe for even more academic day trading videos and warm stocks to view!

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42 Thoughts to “Ideal Thinkorswim setup for day trading”

  1. fl studio god

    Finally, a channel that cuts the crap and gets straight to the point. I can’t thank you enough!!! (immediately subscribed and liked the video)

    1. Brian Marshall

      I agree completely with this statement. Thank you so much. Very refreshing.

    2. Daniel Finzel

      Oh man, you are absolutely right. He dives right in, no fluff and stuff. Helped me big time.

      One thing worth mentioning when setting up your ThinkorSwim. Call them, and ask them for live data. It’s free and really helpful when you are trying to learn trading. 15 minute delay for day trading, and you might as well be doing it blind.

    3. edmond hau

      fl studio god 人


      Same here. You are the best

  2. felipepwns

    The amount of information being thrown at you in this video is overwhelming and perfect. Been watching for half an hour and i’m 3 minutes in… Thanks KAF

    1. felipepwns

      KAF Investing what are some indications that a stock is going to gap? Are you watching volume when it’s trending up? I’m not sure what cobinations of indicators are the strongest signals to buy?

    2. felipepwns

      KAF Investing Many thanks

  3. Jess C

    This should be an official Think or Swim Tutorial. Thanks!

    1. KAF Investing

      Thank you so much for your kind words!

  4. Mich LAW

    Great video, I ve tried to watch a few others , and couldn’t finish them.

  5. NerdRN

    Absolutely, THE BEST vid on TOS platform! Thank you sir!

    1. KAF Investing

      Thank you so much for your kind words!

  6. LeeTom Lee

    Thank you for sharing.I love to join but i need to set up my platform right before i could trade.

    1. KAF Investing

      We would love to have you join us!

  7. Adam Pars

    Great video. Thank you.


    I’m an old guy. Finding you saved my life. I was literally getting (very uneasy) thinking I never would be able to set it all up, understand it & actually use it. You’re are absolutely THEE BEST I’ve seen at all this. Thank You Sir !!!

    1. KAF Investing

      Thank you for watching! I appreciate the kind words!

  9. MikeTruthStock

    Highly professional and straight forward. Appreciate!

    1. KAF Investing

      Thank you for watching! I appreciate the kind words!

  10. S3BHAL3

    Best TOS setup video I’ve seen yet thanks for the tips and tricks!

    1. KAF Investing

      Thank you for watching! I appreciate the kind words!

  11. Paul Turov

    Dude, you rock! This is exactly what I been looking for! You hit the nail on the head with this tutorial. Couldn’t find anything even close. Thank you so much. Makes me want to join your group. Keep up the good work…

    1. KAF Investing

      Thank you for watching! I appreciate the kind words!

  12. MastenPark

    Thanks bro. I’m a newbie who is trying to learn how to trade. Just going through the TOS think or swim SIM. Your tutorial really helped me especially on how to automate my my profit/stop loss. That is huge. It really helped me understand the platform exponentially.

    1. KAF Investing

      Thank you for watching! I appreciate the kind words!

  13. Camron Haynes

    very helpful, thanks man!

    1. KAF Investing

      Thank you for watching! I appreciate the kind words!

  14. Bob J

    I can’t save my templates… how do I get that pop up window that you got to name your template? You could have went just a little slower so we can see where you got that “save as” menu from.

    1. KAF Investing

      Were you able to get it figured out?

    2. Bob J

      Yes thank you. That little list appeared once I hit save. I’m still learning, thanks for the quick reply lol @KAF Investing

  15. mogtrader8

    Great video. I’m wondering if you can do a simulated trading video of utilizing the buttons, etc. etc. What other ways can you enter / exit orders? Thanks

  16. Jock O'Hazeldean

    I am sooo glad I found this video. Thank you! I’ll surely show this to anyone interested in investing.

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    Engage in our managerial portfolio for optimal investment opportunities.

    1. Nadex OMNI19

      The portfolio manager, Ben in this case,is in charge of Ben Fredrick of building and maintaining an appropriate investment mix for a given risk tolerance and portfolio management strategies.

    2. Crypto Landolf

      I get to do my cryptocurrency trades on this portfolio. And it’s been successful.

    3. Miller Turgesten

      It’s been 2 months I’ve been trading with manager Ben exclusively.
      With a start up of $2400 i got back over 150% of my returns within the trading span.

    4. Hòng Lien

      Ben takes all the considerations into place including the risk , return expectations and market conditions and that’s unique to me.

    5. Amateur Trader

      I think the best part of trades here for me is the commission rate of 20%. I still get to have a meaningful amount of my profits to me,than what it used to be with one of the agents who I traded with in the past.

  18. Jeff H

    I enjoyed your detailed and informative video and have viewed it multiple times…..and will do so a number of more times before using TOS to trade. BTW, what video screen capture program are you using to produce this excellent quality — both in content and presentation — video?

  19. Angel Lao

    Finally someone who give a good tutorial about the platform. Thank you

  20. Brandon A

    Man, thank you so much, I called TOS support to have them show me this and they made it so confusing but now you’ve made me understand it!

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