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Insider Trading: Who’s shopping D? Matthews deal, Panarin, Ferland, Ceci & Oilers GM vacancy


With the Kings obtaining a healthy and balanced return for Jake Muzzin from the Maple Leafs, could the Senators be trying to find a similar haul for Cody Ceci? What are the chances Toronto obtain a new contract exercised with Auston Matthews prior to the trade target date? Have the Oilers made any development on the look for new GM? The Insiders discuss this and more in the most recent Insider Trading.

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59 Thoughts to “Insider Trading: Who’s shopping D? Matthews deal, Panarin, Ferland, Ceci & Oilers GM vacancy”

  1. laggers54

    Matthews gets injured way to much to make 12 mill

    1. TrAvi5link

      especially on a 6 or 5 year deal

    2. Allrighthen Dixon

      ?. Does his salary count if he is on the IRL?

    3. DOG PERSON 21

      Allrighthen Dixon yea he never get hurt enough to go on LTIR so his AAV doesn’t go against the cap

    4. TX9MDY

      laggers54 exactly, 11 absolute max

    5. Michael Kirkpatrick

      lagger – good point, that might be a factor in the negotiations

  2. daytonhockey 18

    Why is Ron Hextall not ever mentioned for a possible GM spot in Edmonton, he is a great drafting GM and doesnt make bone headed deals

    1. Flames Highlights

      Why bc you’re a flyers fan lol gtfo

    2. Skiller Mania

      @GXM Pyette91 Hakstol

    3. Pegasus

      Lol Hextall botched the 2017 draft picking Patrick. Pretty much wasted Giroux’s last 2-3 good years left. Not to mention dude was terrified of making trades, all he’s done is reshape the flyers into a mediocre team.

    4. Flames Highlights

      Pegasus ^

    5. KAHLONification

      Sorry making bonehead moves is a prerequisite to be Oilers GM.

  3. 80teg

    I love how everyone thinks the Oilers need to get it “right” in hiring a GM. Its almost as if everyone on these comment sections live in a fantasy world. The Oilers insistence on keeping the morons responsible for a decade’s worth of losing employed in upper management positions IS their glass ceiling. Company’s ran by morons find ways to obstruct and interfere with good work being done by those under them — this is the Oilers’ fate until Katz cleans house.

  4. Kyle B

    I’m laughing at the thought of an NHL team paying a 1st rounder and then some for Cody Ceci

    1. Troy McLure

      As an Ottawa fan, I can say he’s not a good player, but right shot dmen are in demand, so Ottawa has that going for them I guess. Curtis Lazar returned a 2nd round pick, so it wouldn’t shock me if Ceci did. I’m not saying he’s worth that, but sometimes players return more than you think they would. Either way, I just hope Ceci goes somewhere else. It’s time for him to move on.

    2. _SnapsZ

      @Troy McLure I’m also a sens fan, and yeah he’s not that good lok

    3. Dank The Tank -

      I don’t get why they are talking about Ceci so much, Edler, Tanev, Manson are all better than him & available. Maybe age is the reason.


      @Austin Royal probably more then one

  5. Eli Gerhard

    Matthews even considering $13M is a complete joke. There’s no way he should be paid more than McDavid. Even $11 is too high. Why can’t every GM be like Yzerman and actually negotiate. You can’t win a cup unless you can save a few million on your superstars.

    1. aporchmonkey

      @David Lewis This guys still here, someone come get this dude lol

    2. Michael Kirkpatrick

      eli – i could see 11, same as tavares, but not 13. trouble is that players nowadays demand money on what they could do, not based on what they’ve done. salaries out of control again, could be yet another lockout coming. yzerman had a huge advantage in tampa. no state tax in florida (normally around 15%). nevada is the same, that’s how the knights got stastny away from the jets.

    3. Eli Gerhard

      @Michael Kirkpatrick Not sure if you read my previous comments (no judgement, it’s a long thread) but the endorsement deals that stars get in Canada make up for the tax difference, and even still, it hasn’t stopped CGY and WPG from signing Sheifele and Gaudreau to $6.125 and $6.75, respectively. You’re totally right about players demands being more reliant on their development recently, but even still, $11 is way too high. Even adjusting for the salary cap increase, a contract similar to Gaudreau’s would be ~$7.5 today. Maybe that’s a little too low, but I think Chiarelli started a bad trend by paying McDavid $12.5. Teams have negotiating power with RFAs, which is how teams can fit so many good players under the cap. Matthews shouldn’t get $11M because Toronto doesn’t have to out-bid other teams for him like they did with Tavares. If this continues, I think you may be right about the lockout.

    4. King Kaz

      I love Matthews but i agree. He hasn’t proved that he’s a 13M player at all. These guys are entitled

    5. This Guy

      @Eli Gerhard those players still have to pay income tax on sponsorships and everything else. Also, Manitoba and Saskatchewan have far better income tax rates than Ontario and is far less expensive to live. Florida income tax rates can save a player a million a year that’s a huge negotiating prospect.

  6. faunbudweis

    13,5 mil per? Are these guys for real?

    1. Z

      What? lol @MoneyHands23

    2. MoneyHands23

      @Z There’s no way Matthews is worth less than Tavares

    3. Z

      lol *WHAT?*@MoneyHands23

    4. soulchildish

      obviously he is. deal is very okay i think. of course matthews is worth more than JT. he’s younger, scores at higher rate. only sad thing is it’s “only” five years. but i think they’ll win this year anyway 😛

  7. T3HT0RCH

    Am I the only person that thinks Matthews and Marner should only get 8 or 9 mil if they’re signing for 5 or 6 years?

    1. seeeLAH1

      anything more is not a team player 😀

    2. TX9MDY

      T3HT0RCH I agree

    3. regdude bill

      Matthews is a franchise centre who:
      -Won the Calder with a 40 goal rookie season
      -6th in the NHL of goals scored since 2016 (95 goals)
      -2nd in the NHL of goals/per game since 2016 (0.53/g) (behind Ovechkin)

      He has shown “flashes” of being a top 5 centre in the NHL (not saying he is)

      If Eichel is making 10 and Mcdavid 12.5 he should be somewhere in the middle.
      My guess is 11.5-11.75 and he deserves that.

    4. Michael Kirkpatrick

      t3h – yeah i think so lol think matthews will get 11.5 for 6 years, and marner will get 8.5 for 5 years. 20m for 2 players… yikes how they going to be able to pay everyone else?

  8. Nightstalker 1

    Oilers can wait 6-8 months, just get it freakin right this time.

  9. Mr President

    Ain’t nobody gonna give a first round pick for Cody Ceci.

    1. Johannes Pitkämäki

      Mr President yeas they Are plus Taylor Hall

  10. betterdays

    If someone offers the right price “ what insight “

    1. deonal

      betterdays ROFL

  11. Ilikebeaversandeaglesupyourass

    “Might”. “May”. “Possible”. These “insiders” are basically fat windbags filled with hot air. They get paid to gossip

    1. lucas Rozmus

      Ilikebeaversandeaglesupyourass no da

    2. Nik Antropov

      They are all fat lol

    3. Shannon Wilson

      They get paid to blow the leafs and make the leafblowers cum as much as they can and overblow and overhype everything about them.

    4. Ilikebeaversandeaglesupyourass

      Shannon Wilson they’ve def overblowed. Leaf fans are choking on rivers of their own cum. It’s distasteful. And disgusting.

  12. Felixeur

    Ceci is not even worth a 2nd round pick lmao

    1. Nick Sarty

      That’s debatable, he’s not great but I think people judge him baised on him being picked a little too high. He’s made look bad quite a bit but he plays a ton and usually against the top lines

    2. Methot

      Calm down lol, hes Still good, look our team is Garbage this year so its dont help him at all

  13. Jerich0

    Ceci won’t get more than a 2nd

  14. John Alicandri

    13.5 mil for Matthews? Way too much. Take a pay cut for once.

    1. TX9MDY

      John Alicandri without pay cut Matthews isn’t even worth 11.5, he’s a 10.5-11M dollar player, anything under 10 is a pay cut

    2. Dghvd hfhhb

      TX9MDY I agree

  15. shane hort

    love to see oilers trade lucic for panarin…. hahahah

    1. Michael Kirkpatrick

      if chiarelli was gm of columbus it would happen lol

  16. ry4nx

    I hope Ottawa can send Ceci packing. would be awesome to see Dorion fleece another gm for once

  17. Cody Chambers

    Edmonton needs to clean allllll upper end guys in
    Management! It’s not 1980-1987 anymore! Stop thinking that way! Get new

  18. Sam

    Bjugstad and a 1st round pick for panarin… the cats are on his list

  19. HockeyGuy69

    In my opinion marner brings more to the leafs than Matthews, Marners the guy who should get the 10m per season. neither deserve 11m. Like wtf are these contracts now a days

    1. xCestLaVie1

      Typical leafs move would be overpaying players. Nylander is overpaid, I dont care how anyone can mental gymnastics around the fact that he is simply not worth 6.9 mil per year. This is a sign that dubas will give into pressure keeping all three stars instead of actually negotiating.

  20. Blair Walker

    If the flames had the drafts picks to go after Panarin I’d go crazy, putting him with Backland and Tkachuk is dangerous. Really want the flames to go after Bobrovsky, he’s the kind of goalie we need.

    Dzingel is a cheap pick up for us, but Simmonds would definitely be the guy I’d be going after, he’s a lot faster than Neal, and would fit well on the second line.

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