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69 Thoughts to “Intro To Penny Stocks”

  1. Mitchell Toulouse

    I love this man. You helped me understand by simplifying penny stocks and how it works.

    1. Greg Williams

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    2. Michael Reyes

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    3. TOP TEN TV

      Mitchell Toulouse can u subscribe to my youtube channel pls..

  2. James Tedesco

    Where’s the second part of this video? It just stopped randomly

    1. Jose S

      IGottaMakeIt Really, why’d it cut off?

    2. Stewie Mail

      Exactly. Thank you Darrius!

    3. Adrian

      @IGottaMakeIt u got IG?

  3. Cole G

    Finally a video that isn’t full of jargon

    1. Michael Reyes

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    2. Chris G

      I’m trying to invest in stocks.

    3. Typical Bosnian

      Disturbed Cucumber because living standard is diferent in Bosnia bruh.300 $ people live better then in US with 3000 per month.Understand now

    4. Joel Ntagara

      Cole G expand your vocabulary, your not gonna get that far if you don’t understand the terms, that’s the whole point and day trading is bullshit, look into options.

  4. Aye It's Scott


    1. Exi fear

      I thought it was mine 😂

    2. Kat

      Lmao I’m so used to mine beeping I didn’t even realize it till I read this

  5. tomzablee

    This guy is real, you just got yourself a new sub. Respect from the UK my man.

    1. KSTV Media Uk

      NoDoja no problem

    2. TOP TEN TV

      Can u subscribe to my channel pls

    3. Micky Driver

      Do you trade? I’m from UK, just wondering what platform you use

  6. Linda Ellis

    A few weeks ago some friends and I started ‘Investing’ stock on Robinhood. We don’t really know what the heck we are doing but we’ve been reading and researching. My portfolio was $450 and it’s still $450 weeks later 😐 YouTube recommended several channels, including the well known guys…Your channel has been the ONLY channel that truly breaks it down so I can understand it. THANK YOU👏👏👏 I think I’ve watched all of your videos (including non trading ones) I’m grateful and blessed by your mission to teach those of us who otherwise would continue to be financially lost, or stuck, in the “same ol’ same ol'”! I will continue to watch, study and research. I believe I’ll be confident enough to start in 3 weeks, just like you said in another video. THANKS again and continue to be the change that we so desperately need . ✌❤👊

    1. abc123836

      Linda Ellis don’t use robinhood

    2. Quay Styles

      abc123836 why

    3. shortnik11

      Yeah do research prior to investing

    4. deizel2006able

      Linda , did you make any money yet?

  7. gen murrai

    Excuse me. You are an educator. If u can explain to a five year old and they get it. Thank you for the cypher

    1. Armaan Sandhu

      gen murrai m

  8. Christian Pippin

    I like how your video ends before you finish talking

    1. Rosie Darko

      I thought i elbowed my keyboard…

    2. Tristen Ray

      Christian Pippin i like how, as 2 years later i’m here commenting, that happened right after i read your comment

    3. Kianotorious

      I watch till the end just for this. Gave me a big laugh after I realize it happened unexpectedly.

  9. Sophiaahhaahh

    You’re a really kind man for making this! May much abundance be returned to you

  10. SuperSwag1111

    thanks a lot man bought low sold high made 34,000

    1. Christina Mitchell


    2. A one legged man

      @Curt J Entertainment ye, here is my advice. speculating (buying because you think you will be able to sell it for more later) doesn’t work. research value investing and ben graham.

    3. Jdeckles

      What did u buy

  11. JonnyCinco

    Lmao guy should be a teacher. Very easy to understand.

  12. Sharee Hendrix

    Short Selling? Etrading? I am going to give this a try. Thanks Man. you have explained everything clearly.

    1. tange2000

      Sharee Hendrix make much yet?

  13. AbEAST

    When I saw your video 6 months  agoI decided to get into the stock market. This weekend I decided to sell my stocks. I now have $120.000 in my bank account. I thank you with all of my life. I am using the money to finally pay my mothers hospital bills. bless you.

    1. george em

      AbEAST still not sure which broker site i should use

    2. Aymz Ma

      Hey bro can you guide me into how u started?

    3. makeshiftplayer

      We also get a free share through the link

  14. BobYourHeadMusic

    bruh ur the first person ive seen on youtube thats smart enough to realise that beginners might not know where to buy stocks from

  15. Grace Wu

    start at 1:25

    1. Ossama Moussa

      Best time to buy a stock is after research and making sure your confined that over the course of 3 to 5 years the company will grow massively.
      I bought my last two stocks after missed earnings. It’s funny to see all the chicken littlest selling off so fast!
      I made my research on stock working with Iqd Momentum strategy from Lukasz Wilhelm, following he’s teachings and community blog channels. search online for it and learn more

    2. Daniel Martinez


    3. Connor Cahill

      Thank you so much 😭😭😭

    4. john hughes

      When collecting and analyzing data, don’t chase too many markets at once. Focus on quality and depth rather than quantity. And get a good trading system like the IQD strategy from LUKASZ WILHELM. I use this strategy and I make daily profit to prove its worth. You should too and thank my later. Just google him for more info

    5. User name

      Grace Wu No it starts at 0:00

  16. Erick

    “Aye Apple can I buy some stock from y’all?” 😂 I love him

  17. Young Kane

    Not to brag but i own .0000001% of google

    1. Waseem Amin

      The thing is people that think they own the company dont understand how it works.
      we dont own the company or part of the company and shares are what we hold with a fix contact for the time we can hold it till.
      when we own something its ares. when we hold something its not.
      this is part of the contact of having a share with say google or someone else. hope this helps

    2. User name

      Vaalotu Iakopo lol there is always someone who brings politics into anything

    3. Waseem Amin

      @User name Most things are about Politics ans espisly when talking about stocks and market politics plays a big part

    4. john hughes

      Practicing the powerful trading habits of the IQD strategy from Lukasz Wilhelm has made me more money this year than the last two combined and the rules encapsulated in the system will also help you become profitable. You guys should review this strategy and come back to thank me.

    5. Flying Fish

      Can you share half of it with me?

  18. Rapcsák Norbert

    I can’t f****** believe it, someone speaks “the Human language” (ya’ll know what I mean) 😄, thank you very much!

  19. Wang Xiu Ying Wang Xiu Ying

    Great video. I really made a lot of profit from the Japanese stock market due to upbeats replies from Wall Street as well as weaker Japanese yen, all pioneered by asset manager Harvey Weinstein.

    1. Artus Alexandre

      You are such a lucky dude, congrats.

    2. Sweet Amanda

      That’s a popular name in the stock market, I also trade with him on high frequency stocks.

    3. saddiq Mohammed

      Am desperately trying to figure out how the stock market works but am finding it difficult, pls any guide.

    4. Wang Xiu Ying Wang Xiu Ying

      As a beginner I will advice you u get a broker with good portfolio.

    5. Wang Xiu Ying Wang Xiu Ying

      Normally I let Mr Weinstein trade for me cause obviously has more market experience and he knows the market to invest in with every passing season. Here’s his info if you like email: {weinsteintrade @gmail .com}

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