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Joe Rogan & Abby Martin on 9/11 insider trading (JRE #529)


Clip from Joe Rogan Experience # 529, initially released on August 2, 2014.
Watch the whole episode here:

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72 Thoughts to “Joe Rogan & Abby Martin on 9/11 insider trading (JRE #529)”

  1. shonjuan11


    1. Barney

      fraudulent website that gets ‘donations’ from the goverment

    2. Ian MacLean

      If it’s even vaguely political, throw Snopes out and go elsewhere for truth. They’re utterly compromised on that front.

    3. Ian MacLean

      It’s been proven repeatedly, especially with all the cover provided to Hillary in ’16. Every fucking negative thing ever said about her was conveniently a myth on Snopes, and the sources are always hysterical.

    4. Bry 117

      Snopes would fact-check themselves if it was neutral. No article on that

  2. jeffry fernandez

    I’m glad Abby still has questions. I don’t feel as silly now. Not a 9/11 freak, but I too have questions.

    1. Chris Fisher

      jeffry fernandez no planes were used on 9/11

    2. vodking

      What questions do you have?

    3. Bjorn Yesterday

      jeffry fernandez let your freak out

    4. Definitely a George Soros funded bot

      jeffry fernandez she brought up a good point because honestly I started thinking i was the only one who realized that the whole truth or movement was probably compromised from the get-go

    5. 796andy2

      def something fishy but don’t you hate to think that our own govt had something to do with the death of 3000 us citizens , Christ ….

  3. Child of Light Forever

    Joe is to sceeeeered to talk down on 9/11

    1. Tom Seward

      Joshua Menard Rogan wants to keep those shekels coming it.

    2. 796andy2

      yeah , kinda avoids it , seems …

    3. Shane Nelson

      Of course. Everyone is. Anyone that is challenging the system or the truth? They get whacked. Straight up.

  4. Beer O'clock79

    If something is covered up and questions are ignored long enough , no matter how bad it eventually gets forgotten about.

  5. randall hahn

    SNOPES is a joke

    1. Twyin Lannister

      What specifically has snopes lied about out if curiosity?

    2. Kim B

      Twyin Lannister usually its not an outright “lie”…”dishonest” would be a better word, they put their slant on anything politicised. if there is a rumour against their political enemy, they will say “sources have alleged” but if its a rumour against someone politically protected they will say “alt-right conspiracy theory” or something like that.

      they constantly “debunk” fake claims and ignore the real claims. like pizzagate or Obamas being born in Kenya.. they dont prove the actual claim is false, they start off with this ridiculous claim that is nothing like the actual claim

      Wikipedia also does the same thing. if you go and read the wikipedia article on pizzagate you will have no idea what pizzagate is after reading the article, they almost get every single thing wrong, they leave out everything important

    3. Dave Begotka

      Snopes is for dopes

    4. Michael Fish

      evanfbit My statement wasn’t a conspiracy theory. The reason college was invented was because of the lack of “good” employees. It’s just history that anyone can read about. Now one could theorize that there is a conspiracy involving the wealthy elite that determine the curriculum, completely leaving out people like Nikola Tesla and replacing them with scumbags like Thomas Edison. I wouldn’t really consider that a conspiracy since it’s common knowledge that rich people use their money to get richer.

      I pick the information I read very carefully because the “news” is as much BS as the conspiracy websites that talk about the lizard people. However I do consider all theories no matter the cultural label. If that makes me “into” conspiracy theories then so be it.

  6. Nate Emond

    Country that benefited most from 9/11?


    1. Tom Chorak

      i should have said anti-american not anti-war. do you have a source for all your copying and pasting?

    2. Miranda Elaine

      JONNOG88 netanyahu said 9/11 was good for israel

    3. Miranda Elaine

      soulwithholes people really are so dumb. Then they think they’re being intellectually superior by asking for citations on something thats common knowledge to anyone who looks at the history of the US. And God forbid they just google the information themselves!

    4. Miranda Elaine

      Tom Chorak look at PNAC’s “rebuilding America’s defenses” and watch Wesley Clark’s “7 countries in 5 years” interview. War in the Middle East is basically a confirmed conspiracy

    5. balor7

      @Nate Emond all with the aid of the USA without whom they would be nothing

  7. Mirna M. Mejias

    It is very simple to know who did it: just ask who benefited from it.

    1. DS111 Dodger

      Who benefited from it?

    2. ick don

      stephen Toth The “who benefits “ from this totally went over your head by a mile. Pay attention. “Terrorists” aka Israeli commandos made this happen. And who benefited most from 911…….ISRAEL.

    3. ick don


    4. ick don

      Black Gold You don’t mean ISRAEL, do you lol.

  8. planck10-43

    wow Rogan references Snopes ROTFL! And had it ready to read as soon as Abby talked about it.. disinfo agent?

    1. Definitely a George Soros funded bot

      planck10-43 probably, Joe is just another controlled opposition shill

    2. fatimamovement

      Rogan uses an Illuminati eye in his show logo.

    3. Barack Hussein Obama II

      Yeesh to every comment on this thread

  9. Tony Stark

    Love Abby to death… but girl, for the love of God, don’t NOW start dialing back your previous remarks and critical analysis of 911.  It may be difficult to use the term “inside job” (only because of its ambiguity) sure, but don’t think for one frigging second operators inside the US government, office of the executive, in concert with deep state elements, factions inside the intelligence agencies and whichever foreign governments (Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc.) weren’t participating before, during and/or after the fact.  It’s not a popular position, but it’s certainly a truthful one.

    1. Trent Michael

      This was 2014.

    2. Derek Shirley

      Tony Stark what matters is that it’s a dangerous position for Abby to take

  10. Richard Mays

    The “highjackers” were patsies!

    1. Patricia M

      Some of the boxcutter boys are still alive.

    2. vodking

      *Some of the boxcutter boys are still alive.*

      No they are not. That has been debunked a very long time ago. Ever seen a single one of them on TV? That would be an extraordinary interview. You haven’t seen a single one on TV because not a single one of them is still alive. They all died on 9/11/01.

  11. wesley baker

    Snopes Joe?! I like you but damn!

  12. Truther Revolution

    Sounds like a coverup of the trading. Sorry but 911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!

  13. Alhassan Gangu

    Where is the wreckage of the plane that hit the Pentagon? What happened to Building 7. Was it hit by plane? Why did Building 7 fell just like the Twin Towers? Why the 9/11 Commission didn’t mention the collapse of Building 7. So many unanswered questions

    1. conchur dog

      Alhassan Gangu.*is

    2. White BIC Lighter

      Alhassan Gangu your English is trash too bro

    3. Michal Henderson

      Watch the videos that David Chandler put out a couple weeks ago.

    4. seanhorgan76

      All answers lie at Iron Mountain

    5. MNRMNmixes

      They released some unseen photos of the pentagon 1-2 years ago and they found a perfectly fine piece of the planes ‘info plate’. Also there are three walls and the plane penetrated only the thirst and third one, the one in the middle stayed intact magically

  14. moonknight79

    She’s saying it wasn’t an inside job. You can read into her mannerisms and voice that she is compromised. She’s lying, probably to save her job.

    1. TJ Yates

      LMFAO Abby Martin is one of the only truth tellers in the media today. Did you not listen to anything else she said?

    2. Carlos Maria Perez

      See the videos of James Corbett (Corbett Report). He has covered this subject very well.

    3. Ben

      She is tryin to ask legitimate questions without pushing the inside job narrative, because like she said it has almost made it impossible to ask any questions at all, but I guarantee off the record she would tell you whats up and what she truly believes. Anyone who just says ya right nothing sketchy happened on 911 is turning a blind eye to every ounce of video and evidence we all saw. Im past really questioning it, but in my heart of hearts I know they are hiding something and have lied to us all.

    4. Derek Shirley

      moonknight12579 that is not what she said at all

  15. andy mckuen

    Joe, why don’t you just read directly from the 911 commission?

    1. Michal Henderson

      Pretty much did.

  16. A Wagner

    This clip demonstrates how Joe and Abby are more concerned with their careers than finding the truth, imo. Reading the Snopes “fact check” was a little….. ridiculous.

    1. Derek Shirley

      A Wagner you people are so absurd. I don’t think you can relate to what it’s like to have a career and risk everything for the truth. Walk a mile in someone’s shoes before you criticize them in public. If you listened closely you’d realize that Abby is promoting an investigation, which would presumably lead to the truth if conducted in a legitimate manner. What more could you possibly ask for?

  17. L Martin

    Of course it was an inside job! Are you people serious?

  18. shamanahaboolist

    Uh I think we can say conclusively the 9/11 was an inside job and a false flag event. Free fall acceleration and symmetrical collapse PROVES that all load bearing uprights were compromised at the same time. That can ONLY happen by design. Clear evidence of spent thermite in the rubble and experiments using just a hand made mix of thermite in the form of shaped charges demonstrate how the thermite was used to cut through the structural steel and gives us the method. The motive is obvious since the US politicians and NATO used it as a premise to go engage in wars which broke international treaties. And lets face it if anyone has the means its the secret services and NATO.

    1. Gary Ratoff

      shamanahaboolist you forgot to mention directed energy scaler weaponry because building just don’t turn to Alka – Seltzer in mid air and just blow away … multiple means were used …

    2. Biggie Scooby

      shamanahaboolist have you ever read the impact of fire on truss buildings? A truss roof seen in many commercial strip malls, fails fast. It is one of the most dangerous fires to enter. This is what happened to the 9 Charleston, SC firefighters who entered a burning furniture store when the truss roof failed and landed on them. The World Trade Center Towers were built with truss floors, and the fire proofing was blown off upon impact.

    3. evodude919

      Building 7 was not designed in the same way as the twin towers though it collapsed in similar fashion. I don’t think it had a truss design. Nevertheless, the Conservation of Momentum principal basically invalidates the official explanation of the twin towers collapsing in the first place. Massive steel beams and concrete don’t suddenly turn into powder and drift away without some extremely powerful explosive agent. Strip malls have nothing to do with 110 story buildings.

  19. Pete Yates

    This guy is going of Snopes?? LMMFAO


    I tuned out with “let’s go to Snopes”….. debunking strawman arguments…..

    1. Sharlotte Sometimes


    2. Eiind

      How is it a strawman argument? Didn’t they adress the specific thing she brought up? That’s why he went there.

    3. Franny Dimitri

      lololol aye 😉

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