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Learn To Trade Penny Stocks From Timothy Sykes


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26 Thoughts to “Learn To Trade Penny Stocks From Timothy Sykes”

  1. poCoShaun Smith

    Great Video. check this out

  2. adroitoid

    Great video Tim! The music, the voice over and the editing look really polished and professional.

  3. Future Bigbucks

    Your Amazing Dude hope i get to work with you soon

  4. E B

    3 words: Pump and dump 😀

  5. Samuel Bannerman

    Ok Timothy Im doing all of my Homework Lessons

  6. Darude Sandstorm

    Darude- Sandstorm

  7. Pablo Sanchez

    Hey Tim, SLTD has literally changed me financial situation. thank you. I am just waiting for the next 600% breakout.

  8. Konstantin Baranov

    @Timothy Sykes , what trading platform do u use? thank you in advance (for Mac OS)

  9. Jay Argos

    Rule #3 “Don’t trust anybody on the Wall Street”.
    youtube full of irony lol

    1. PreOwned Shoe

      he has no relation to wall st, he’s an independent propriety trader

    2. Catherine Mathur

      The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, and don’t settle. helping lots of forex trading investors in making lot of profit ratios in forex investments, Money is not the goal. Using simple strategies for entries, exits, stop loss and profit taking minimize the effects of the three deadly emotions to trading.

  10. Family Fax

    I’ve never invested in stocks, but you’ve sparked my curiosity!

  11. MrFuggleGuggle

    >”I’m came from a middle class family”
    >*Receives 12k on his 13 birthday”

    Jew alert.

    1. God Will Music

      MrFuggleGuggle “Jewish” something like a jew

    2. Andy Power

      ok, so you think a middle class family should not own that amout of money, he?!
      Sheer Hypocrisy.
      When its jews, then its always ‘look, the jews’, when its you on your own, then its not worth to talk about.

    3. God Will Music

      Andy Power not sure what you’re talking about

  12. Tim man789

    Wow it’s amazing. I hope and pray that I can make it. !

  13. Khalil Jones

    I believe in this work

  14. MoFlyboy Blanquito

    I swear I’m gonna figure this stuff out man. One way or another.

  15. hip hop fiend

    Hey tim! Im completing step 4 of your homework. Look forward to following your keys to success on how to be a millionaire!

  16. Bryan Peralta

    i remember watching this video years ago, now i’m here today filled with knowledge, thanks to you tim, i appreciate that. fyi when i saw this video i was immediately sold.

    1. Hu Gries

      I’m using EIT Method since 2017 for good profits

  17. Kevin montana

    Train me, please…

    Gracias (:

  18. Professionals Lives Style in Disrup·ture

    Great idea the seriousness you portray 🙂

  19. Flanky Flanked • 14 years ago

    1:46 *me laughing at my classmate looking at them working 9-5 after 10 years*


    I made my first 180k last year, I was 20 years old, now i’m 21 and i’m broke.

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