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Make a Living In 1 Hour a Day Trading the 3 Bar Play – QUESTIONS ANSWERED


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CONCERNS ANSWERED! Stay complicating your trading. It doesn't have to be so complicated. Maintain it simple! Simple is profitable.

YES, this pattern can be utilized on FOREX!

Email: Jared@Livetraders.Com

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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53 Thoughts to “Make a Living In 1 Hour a Day Trading the 3 Bar Play – QUESTIONS ANSWERED”


    Great video man! Absolute killer tips you’re giving out and people aren’t appreciating it enough. Keep up the amazing work

    1. Live Traders

      Thanks appreciate it.


      also I just opened up a discord for those who all looking for the 3BP pattern

    3. abou san

      @FEARLESS TRADER very good idea i will join please

    4. van truong

      Best teacher ever!

  2. Krogzax Ants

    Thank you for the information, much appreciated.

    1. Live Traders

      You’re Welcome !!


    Dude I like your style and approach to your videos! You lay it the information the right way. Good attitude and linear and logical thought process that is well thought out and easy to understand! Thanks for your videos!

    1. Live Traders

      Thanks appreciate it!

    2. Luke Brooks

      @Live Traders where do I put the to for the 3/4 bar play

    3. Live Traders

      @Luke Brooks 2:1 is a good rule

    4. Luke Brooks

      @Live Traders how. Do I do that in Forex though

    5. Live Traders

      Aim for 2:1 targets

  4. Ulysse Perez

    Hey Jared, I was screening you tube videos and I found this one. It blow my mind the way you explained the pure concept without bullshitting truth about trading. Bravo!! I’m a newbie in trading stock more like in the cannabis sector but man thanks for being honest about this. Really appreciate it

    1. Live Traders

      Thanks, appreciate it!

    2. Minemilx

      I agree so much. There are a ton of videos of people talking a whole lot where they truly never get into the very detail of why they actually decided to enter a trade. They constantly repeat themselves regarding how difficult or easy trading is or about how their pupils also got in on the same trade and made a lot. They aren’t nearly as concise as this guy.

  5. Donovan Crowie

    After watch your video, I made 440$ on a trade 1 may 2019. Thank you very much. KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.

    1. Live Traders

      Awesome πŸ‘πŸ‘

    2. Elijah Mumford

      …”O.K.”’KISS is what i was …Taught Back in ”ORIENTATAION-”’

  6. duan lang

    Thank you! it is powerful. my questionβ€”β€”Conditions of Use
    1. There is a gap in the opening
    2, appearance 3&4 BAR like this show.
    Excuse me, understand this, right?

    1. Live Traders

      Not exactly sure what you’re asking…but yes i do take most of my 3BP’s near the open…but they do happen throughout the day.

    2. Syed Muneeb

      @Live Traders so they can be used throughout the day also??and not only on market openings?

  7. Andy Russell

    Funny, when looking through your back window, I thought, “looks like he lives in AZ”. I’m here too.

    1. Live Traders

      Yup…I spend about 8-9 months in AZ, then go to PA and Florida…Cheers!

    2. Andy Russell

      @Live Traders I bet I can guess which months!

  8. Danny M

    Many thanks, Jared, I learned many excellent ideas, especially the time frame and the many trading vehicles it can be applied to ( forex, stocks, options etc)

    1. Live Traders

      Glad you enjoyed it. Check out OLED and MAXR today…3 BP’s MONEY.

  9. A Crafty Ginger

    Best week ever since seeing this strategy. Thank you!!!. Took advantage of a $1 deal and just waiting for the log in.

  10. Deon Botha


    just starting and watched this video 10 times now. Using the $Gainers I found ACA (Arcosa Inc.) was a good one on the 4th of April. Were all indicators showing it would explode as it did?

    1. Live Traders

      Email me I’ll send you some 3bp’s I’ve taken recently.

  11. Joshua Torres

    Hey man really great info on these videos…. but when I go back to review the MMM chart It looks completely different on my screen than it does on yours. The 5 minute chart 3 bar pattern doesn’t show up at all on yahoo finance charts or on think or swim charts. I cant pin point why this is.

    1. Live Traders

      Strange…not sure why. Check out MMM on the daily as well…nice 4bp. Cheers!

  12. InfoVator

    I’m having a hard time understanding how in most of your charts you’re buying in as it’s declining in price and somehow you make money as the share price goes down? What the hell am I missing here?

    1. Steve Schwartz

      He is going short…DUH

    2. InfoVator

      @Steve Schwartz Thanks, clearly I’m watching this video because I’m not an experienced trader. This is an educational video after all. After doing my own research I figured out what he was doing but he never specified in this video despite it seeming obvious to those who already knew.

    3. Live Traders

      No issues, It’s called shorting. Basically betting against the price of the stock to go down

  13. Sheeple Slayer

    34:00 this is more ir less, the same as what you had said about finding winners. I figured to apply it where neccessary.
    Pretty common knowledge it seems. To me at least. Been watching the precious metal market for some time now. Guess that helped more than i thought.
    Glad i found your channel. Like minded and to the point. I will be buying your book soon. If I bought one from you, could you sign it and maybe write something witty about stock selection?

    1. Live Traders

      Thanks…I supposed I could write something ‘witty’ lol…Email me if you have questions… Cheers!

  14. stillett12343

    OMG, Live traders. I have not been in to trading for 24 years. Do you have advice for me or want to answer questions i have to help me get back in to trading..

  15. Ikke Mibru

    Hi Jared! Great video!
    Does Trade Station work in Europe? Does anyone know it?

    1. Live Traders

      Not sure…you’d have to call them.

  16. NinjaofLight

    Love your content but why do you have to yell :’) Calm down!

    1. Live Traders

      I dont yell…i’m passionate πŸ˜‰

  17. kim reed

    I cannot believe how simple you made this for me! I’ve been paper trading options for a while, traded some low cost/risk options and have so far broke even BUT over complicated the process. THANK YOU! I’m excited to get going this AM!!

    1. Live Traders

      You’re welcome πŸ‘πŸ‘

  18. Zelio P

    Hey, Congrats on being Retired. great Job. You Earned it. By the way. Thanks for not making videos that the camera is taping you with a side profile, like your looking sideways at something else, those videos really bother me.

    1. Live Traders

      Thanks πŸ‘

  19. Annica LInd

    Wow, thank you for sharing!!!! This has got me on the correct path. After having tried for so long i have now made some good trades!!!

    1. Live Traders


  20. Is Can

    Thank brother, I appreciate you.
    Learned a lot. πŸ‘πŸΌ

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