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Mark Cuban wins insider trading case, slams government


Can a billionaire still be the underdog? Mark Cuban talks to reporters after defeating insider trading fees brought by the Securities and also Exchange Compensation.
David Schechter on Twitter: @davidschechter

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44 Thoughts to “Mark Cuban wins insider trading case, slams government”

  1. TheOriginalRussHowes

    Cuban/Corcoran! Herjavec’s such a weak negotiator

  2. Brett Gibson

    Our government sees wealth as a crime. It’s good to see someone expose their anti-business values. 

    1. some_dude

      Since when our government sees wealth as a crime? Last time I’ve checked, companies get away with paying no taxes.

    2. David Rock

      You are only half right, the lower class of America sees wealth as a crime too..
      America used to be strong on the idea of our people doing great and moving forward in today’s generation to do good is a sin and comes w/ many online bloggers insults

    3. bighand69


      There are socialist in government by the way they act now that is not saying they are evil or bad just that there ideology is socialist. 

    4. NamelessBadassMOFO

      Not if it’s on their side. If you get rich under the system is okay, if not… you are a threat.

  3. ynotrhyme



    Good for you Mark C.  sounds like some real demons were after you.

  5. ebayisoncoke

    You rock Mark!!!! You inspire me to push for success in life. Love watching you on Shark Tank!

  6. the robot pimp

    Mark Cuban 4 President

    1. Numaan Rashid

      No because Cia will keep cuban as a muppet nd Not really hav a say in then majority of issues nd then Cia will continue to kill innocent people jd mark cuban will look had nd if he tellsbthe truth he will be executed which is what happens to mst good leaders if they tells the truth

    2. Darrell

      Mark Cuban advised to vote against Trump because the stock market would crash like 1929….he cannot be president. He prefers a criminal like Hillary.

  7. Kamel Boutcho

    he says right so much hhh

  8. reignofrock

    His confidence and security is admirable.

  9. Aplaz Services Team

    “Mark Cuban 4 President!”  Indeed… 🙂

    1. syrupticious

      You are exactly what’s wrong with people these days. No sense of what’s right and wrong. No matter how good of an underdog he is, inside trading is WRONG. 

    2. L. Brady

      @syrupticious right,, even if you are the goodest person with the bestis grades in school and stuff. It is “WRONG”. You tell them syrupticious. zzzz

    3. luan vo

      Cuban spent tons more $ in defending against this charge than the fine that he could have paid the SEC to make it go away vs. taking it to trial.
      IMHO this tells me Cuban cares more about facts and his integrity.
      Cuban may be alot of things, but he is not a crook, IMHO.

  10. Fred Fisher


  11. HuffPost Live

    Rediscovering this interview…amazing. 

  12. Newton Cazzaro

    Look how many lawyers he has lol How can you even lose anything like that? 

    1. CDubs HasIt

      Government has an unlimited amount of funds to prosecute you as they’re not taking the money from their wallets; it’s from the publics wallet. He could’ve paid a 2 million dollar fine and went on his way like a traffic ticket. Instead he spent 12 million dollars proving he was innocent.

    2. oakern

      IDK with a 88% conviction rate and only 1% of the remaining is a not guilty verdict, I’d say that was one hell of an up hill battle.

    3. Michael Alexeyev

      oakern Back in 2013 the SEC had a 66% conviction rate. Many of the cases were and are based on total bullcrap (including SEC v. Cuban). Their performance was so bad an SEC head was replaced

    4. mugensamurai

      Gotta meet the quotas!

  13. L. Brady

    Jan Folena– SEC — is the lady that tried to take Cuban down. She failed and I wish that all who read this message will find a way to remind her of this.

    1. Cisco4kid1990

      L. Brady what was it that they tried to get him for?

    2. Shadman Sudipto

      francisco4ben insider trading, Mark told his friend not to invest just coz his friend is bad at it and always loses money, but the sec said “no no no, you told him becoz you knew the prices were about to go down”. Whatever u say to them, they turn it around to screw with u.

  14. Crypto Vin

    I have the urge to pick my nose but I don’t know why.

    1. Shaykh Ahmad

      CTLawInfo don’t do it

  15. Steffan Max

    His lawyers face at 5:20 says it all 🙂

    1. InvictuZ

      Lmao shhh, Marks’a straight fella

    2. J S

      Yikes, I didn’t even notice that at first.

    3. Nikhil

      very good catch Steffan!

    4. Donghun Nam

      what does the face say? Cuban is innocent 100% unless proven guilty.

  16. John Doe

    Lol just take a look at the dream team of lawyers behind him we are talking tens of thousands of dollars per hour

  17. H Daddy

    someone let cuban know he’s got a bat in the cave

  18. Edwin Hernández

    Looks like mark is the lawyer and the other people the clients lol 😂😂

  19. Tony Lara

    Hey @Mark Cuban, you delivered that sooooo good.. and for that reason “I’M OUT!” 🙂

  20. Anthony Lopez

    He’s a smart guy.

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