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My Millionaire Forex Day Trading Lifestyle At 22yrs Old


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My Millionaire Forex Day Trading Lifestyle At 22yrs Old

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40 Thoughts to “My Millionaire Forex Day Trading Lifestyle At 22yrs Old”

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    1. Krunal Shukla

      Joshua T. Helfrich
      Hey I joint stock market

    2. Calvin J. Cheney

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    3. Samkelo Cane

      What’s the point of this video

    4. Sabith Tk

      Hi I would like study about fx trade

    5. Ali Shaik

      Hi bro I am from india ..?

  2. Comedy Crackers242

    He reminds me of Lil tay

    1. Jonathan P

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  3. Ebin Lazar


  4. Chaz Johnson

    Why does this feel like a rap video

    1. Binary Options Profit

      XD XD XD

    2. Rahul Tirkey

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁 hhhhhh me2

  5. Four Five

    lmao his watch way too big lmao. he gotta return it after the video.

  6. Justin General

    Drunk in bed at 10 in the morning surrounded by movie prop money making “a lot of thousands”, hahaha yes! This is how the true masters of macro finance and macro economics do it! It really is!! 😂😂😂

  7. Wilsen Ezekiel Calveiro

    I believe some people can be succeed in this trading.. but as i know, some people who are successful in this trade never want to be known be others… because most of them remain calm and relaxed…😊😊
    Most like to show off like this mostly ib broker, or maybe want to attract investors to join..
    No offence… ✌😃😃

    1. Louis Carcamo

      Forex is definitely some thing any one can make money in, but it’s all depending on mindset. the reason his video is the way it is is because he is offering a class. now regardless of his price the info is priceless honestly. I’ve seen it change many peoples lives

    2. NE MO

      Yeah bro Im a trader and make good money but I don’t want to make me famous I want to be relaxed

    3. Mpv Omar

      Extremely impressive 🔑Knowledge , Firstly i Make sure that mine charts are clean, i don’t over-complicate my trading. This is what i do personally, i use IQD Momentum Strategy to filter my trades before using them at once. it made me to perfect and focus more on how to develop my trading plans, I like to trade the Forex head and shoulders chart pattern using a more aggressive approach. it’s lucrative with profit-making. I made my research and discovered this strategy on google myself after info-ed on it.

  8. Petezoe_fb

    what is that? i believe some of us out there really successful in the trading world but this guy is actually showing unnecessary things i’ll say to impress people bc a true successful doesn’t have that mindset..

  9. johnny snaps

    Never trust a guy who chills in the pool with a shirt on

  10. Shakeel Rylands

    Make a live video of you trading with a live account

  11. maestasst mcnair

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  12. Sethcha Koy

    My office, right by the ocean shore! 😃👍🏻. I would dip my feet in and trade. All you need is a WiFi connection.

  13. Tadiwa Nyahoda

    this video cracks me up

  14. Jay Shetty

    A lot of people today have a dream to become a millionaire because of media advertising and TV.

    1. Alaendu Okiyefa

      I really want to appreciate Dr. James Ethan he’s is a Forex trader, coach and a Father, I received my first earnings today!

    2. smitesh more

      Jay how can I take the forex course

    3. Randy Sookra

      Jay Shetty its what give us hope

  15. Tom Augustin

    4:50 Waking up to this beautiful sunset ????

    1. Michael hart

      BROOOOOOOOO haha i was literally about to comment the same thing

    2. Anderson Kipkoech

      Tom Augustin you’re very keen..

  16. The Broke Broker

    Someone watch’s to much rap

  17. gp5

    We’ve heard this same pitch a million times before, no one believes you.

  18. Luis Florez

    Well I was homeless too and I learned that everything is possible with hope

    1. French Fry

      hope is good, trust is better. trust makes hope unnecessary.

  19. world news

    Scammed and done.. 😂😂 no more money to pay your expenses and bills..

  20. Dũng Phạm

    OMG interesting $^$

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