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MY RESPONSE: Snow Covered Lands and Insider Trading


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50 Thoughts to “MY RESPONSE: Snow Covered Lands and Insider Trading”

  1. Kev Jr

    I have always loved the Snow Covered lands.

    1. Noah L

      I love how the lands look but I’m not a huge fan of the mechanic honestly. The fact that two basic islands, for example, can be different is somewhat bothersome to me

    2. David Fininzio

      @Noah L I completely agree. They look beautiful, but its kind of a dumb mechanic

  2. Bryce Cheng

    You had me at snow.

  3. Oso

    Rudy should dress up like John Snow for further snow covered land/modern horizons discussions. Hes been telling us winter is coming for years. Dont be a floppy taco… reserve list medieval Rudy 11:14 (winter is coming)

    1. La Gamingerie

      Snowy Rudy telling us the truth

    2. John Snow

      Be quiet

    3. Gravelbone

      Yeah, but then he’d know nothing so…

  4. Summon The Pack

    It’s a good tip you gave on the aging factor of some types of videos. I will keep that in mind as I create more content and do more openings. Thanks for the incidental tip! Giggity.

  5. Antonio Teste

    Rosewater said in an interview that snow lands and snow theme was going to be important in 2019. People just find an easy scapegoat on Rudy, bunch of Timmys i tell you !

    1. Darthkoo

      I can see the Fall or the Winter set being snow themed as well.

    2. ShilohandKimberly Jessop

      when was that MaRo interview? how can i make sure i hear about the next thing when everyone else does?

    3. Darthkoo

      @ShilohandKimberly Jessop His Tumblr

    4. An Actual Opinion

      Nah that still doesn’t absolve Rudy.. He said he knew for a fact.. Mark didt say anything definitive

  6. Cristián Aznable

    So, snow covered duals?!? 😀

    1. Brian Espinoza

      Unlikely, since that would be a functional reprint — which runs afoul of the Reserved List.

      But maybe something like “This Forest is also a Mountain if you control more than X snow-covered permanents.”

    2. terryfeynman

      I think there will be snow covered ones, but not like the OG duals, more like the ones we had in more recent sets

    3. ManCave MTG

      If anything it will be etb tapped unless you control another snow covered permanent imo

  7. Kennedy Ross

    Rudy. I keep getting Taco Bell ads before your videos. Who needs wotc partnerships when you got tacos right?

    1. Daystarcreations

      Taco covered lands when?

    2. David Creekmore

      and diarrhea if you eat Taco Bell…

    3. Daystarcreations

      That’s why you use chipotl-o-way

  8. spookysama

    snow covered rudy

  9. CrankedEDH

    You went pass 10 minutes, is 17:03 a secret message 🤔

    1. Ace Enzo

      CrankedEDH put in 2 times speed

    2. T Error

      If A = 0

      1703 = BHAD

      Everyone buy bad lands, GO!!

    3. Bob Dole

      It’s my penis size. Concidence? Your Mom thinks not!

    4. Dysp Ful

      @Bob Dole you’re not funny but cringe

    5. Bob Dole

      Dysp Ful *cringEY. And your mother thought I was funny.

  10. Eric Schaeffer

    Little do you know all those boxes behind rudy contain all 12,000 war of the spark mythic edition

    1. Black Cat Reviews by Jae and Belle

      Its actually the c18 trash

  11. Itachi Tech Talk

    snow covered taco.

  12. Sergio Pineda

    Rudy always looks like hes sending out video from an emergency bunker

    1. Martyn Stembridge

      The ultimate geek prepper … Food, water, hundreds of boxes of trading cards, video games and a busty lady … He’s good to go!

    2. Ryan Zaleski

      Sergio Pineda 😂😂😂😂😂so true

    3. Timmy the Sorcerer

      Exactly what I thought 😂

    4. KPX01

      what better place to protect all the card, a bunker ofc!

  13. Leandro Vallejo

    “in the next 5 to 10 years it will be alive and well, long after that this channel, and myself, is gone”
    This is absolute proof that Rudy is fully aware of the fact that WOTC plans to assassinate him

    1. Scorch428

      @Benny Blanco He’s using his followers to do whatever makes him the most money. He isnt a very honest person. Hes likable, but hes tricking a lot of people…Im betting he dumps in 2 years.

    2. Daniel Shelly

      Rudy is Magic’s Julian Asasange

  14. Timothy Spangler

    Real life timmy here, sitting in taco bell watching this video. Life is good

  15. Kim Bach

    Rudy’s bedroom looks exactly as I expected.

  16. uake

    Snort coke off one card – BAM snow-covered.

    1. Devoted2ThaEntertainment


    2. Scorch428

      The newer foils roll up nicely to snort coke with….not that I would know anything about that…

  17. Ulfr Satyr

    “Hopefully it’s over soon”

    Man I though Rudy was sounding burnt out or tired but this vid ended kinda morbid

  18. OffTheWalls

    I think a good way to put the “counterfeit” WotC version is like a modern legal “unglued” type set

  19. Gregg Owen

    It was weird that all of the big Sliver cards started going up about a month ago…..

  20. Tim Lynch

    Rudy: dont tie up money in this product
    Also rudy: buys 50 cases

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