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22 Thoughts to “New day trading strategy with Bollinger band – by trading chanakya”

  1. Rajnikkant

    Thanks ..Nice

  2. Ravi Kolhe

    Strategy to achi hai.. lets try…

  3. Hero Tec

    how to set Bollinger band in chart
    type etc

  4. harshad palkar

    Thanks for share your strategy

  5. Karthik Jayasimha

    Your interpretation is great. Thank you very much for the video.

  6. Zolienkhum Joute

    Dear Trading Chanakya, I have been watching your youtube video for quite a long time. I have gained many trading knowledge from your youtube channels. I would like to appreciate all the hard work and pain you have gone through to impart trading knowing.

    May you stay bless and keep continue to be a blessing to others.

    1. Trading Chanakya

      thanks a lot

  7. Sudhee boga

    Gd one. It is one of best strategy tnq

  8. Robert Joseph

    this scenario is called price walking on the band means the price is in trend………

  9. Siddhesh Aivale

    Sir Bollinger Band कि setting कैसे होनी चाहीये…e.g:-
    Standard Deviations:_
    Moving Average Type:-

  10. Virag Sharan

    Nicely explained. Please make blogs on Super trend for intraday trading. Thanks.

  11. Sanjay Kumar

    2nd candle poori hone ke baad first candle ke high par kaise buy ho sakta hai?

    1. poovizhi kannan

      It’s risky to trade as he said… Coz the chances of going out of the band is very less and price tends to reach near the MA line easier. So do the reverse of what he said…. His risk to reward ratio is high and too risky. Think the reverse it works

  12. Vivek Gandhi

    This one look easy and non complicated, hope it works well

  13. HugoOchoa1

    dude, can you pay some one to do captions. I’m having extreme difficulty trying to understand what you are saying.

  14. Vikas Trivedi

    All candle sticks, moving average, and other tools is a post data….from post data no one can determine the future of stock market

  15. rahul bhanushali123

    Amol bhai live market me ye nai kam krta live market me kbi koi use krke dikhao na pls

  16. shishir verma

    Mere ko kuch samajh me ni aya

  17. sam beigh

    Kuch samjh nhi aaraha

  18. Abhisek Paul

    A wonderful strategy. Thanks for sharing your observations. It is sure after a hard work and genuine effort that you have come up with this.

  19. hiresh vs

    Nicely explained, where can I get this technical charts with tools?

  20. DEAR Teacher

    Isme bollinger brand ka period kya rhega?

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