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Rajat Gupta on rebuilding his life nearly seven years after insider trading conviction


CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin meetings Rajat Gupta, who served 19 months behind bars on federal expert trading costs. This is his initial meeting considering that being launched from jail in 2016.

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42 Thoughts to “Rajat Gupta on rebuilding his life nearly seven years after insider trading conviction”

  1. jay Brrr

    He is right, at least, about one thing. Bankers are above the law. When banks caught laundering drug money, they settle with other people’s money (shareholders).

    1. Trading Wizard

      @Dave 1977 Yeah money talks …morals do not.
      Accept it and the guy will rise because he has a level of business honesty that is rare and something only the top guys can understand but can be only felt.

    2. Seddit Guy

      @Trading Wizard
      So much honesty built up in him, he commited fraud.

    3. Trading Wizard

      @Seddit Guy No he was only guilty of stupid talk.Great fraud eh .. No money taken..No known contribution from the recipient… and he had resigned too except the ppl convinced him to stay and he had no shares in the concerned company under question.
      If his lawyers were smart they would have negotiated a fine from
      Govt and he would be free.
      He had Idiots as his lawyers.

      So yeah if that is how frauds are done then your bar of what is a fraud is very low.
      Wanna know what a fraud is look at Madoff that is a fraud.
      Cooked books to a ponzi scheme to a real heavy money loot.

  2. Niharika Pandey

    His attitude is nice 🙂

  3. Lotus Root

    Very courageous man and honest with his answers. I hope you will achieve your next endeavor.

    1. Anita Rai-Tiwari

      Lotus Root it was an amazing interview; very insightful and open.

    2. Neal Thomson

      They stole from the south African poor people, they stole MILK!!! Houses and EDUCATION, they are thieves, common thieves, KARMA comes around and I hoped he gets blessed so much that his guilt starts to teach him from the beginning about his conscience!

  4. michaeltruthspeaker

    Despite all this, he does not hold revenge against anyone. And took everything as a learning. He surely will rise to something new!

    1. Kejriwal saara punjab tere naal

      Wall street is corrupt as hell.
      It’s a dirty business..infact you can’t do business if you’re honest.

    2. Viswambharan Sharma

      @Dave 1977 Money talks everywhere, PERIOD.

    3. Narasimham ABR

      Dave 1977 he certainly didn’t have much money to keep every rabid dog shut up …

      Although I don’t quite know why you’d want to keep him in a maximum central prison when we know all he can do now is write a book and yearn for telling a story which many may believe and many may not

      I reckon you don’t quite get the idea of the imprisonments do ya … 🙂 we don’t lock away people we hate. We lock those who we know cannot ever change …

    4. Neal Thomson

      They are common thieves, his humble demeanor is a lie, they steal from poor people who can not afford a lawyer let alone even know a lawyer on a first name basis. GIVE BACK THE MONEY YOU THIEVES!!

  5. raghu garikapaty

    A honest man ends up in jail with few bad people around.. Rajat is one of brightest, had a great run. His long time friend Anil Kumar betraying him to save his own jail time . The biggest regret for Rajat is trusting his close friends, who testified aganist him.

  6. Pradipta Dutta

    Loved hearing about his side of the story. I truly trust his assertion that he didn’t do anything wrong.

    1. Sherief Cassis

      Pradipta Dutta You must be extremely gullible then

    2. Debopam Majumder

      @Dave 1977…..dude u a bot or any kind of program that replies the same for all comments😑😑✌🏾

  7. Yatish Yale M

    Funny thing is, he’s starting to look a bit like Larry King! Good questions and v straight answers. Nice interview!!

  8. Kamlesh Sharma

    BS case with screwed up judge , no mettle in evidence, wasted everyone’s time and messed up an innocent

    1. Kamlesh Sharma

      Dave 1977 if you go by the evidence, then anyone can be jailed

    2. Kylo Ren

      @Dave 1977 Paedophile Donald Trump should be hanged too

    3. Nakul Sharma

      @Dave 1977 Exactly!

  9. R Band

    I’m changing my comments after I started listening to his audiobook…., yet to finish;; a behemoth personality, son of a freedom fighter. Indian hindus are too honest for their own good for the wretched times (20th, 21st century).. Thanks for inspiring us,, persevering through such times..

    1. completelynew009

      I imagine the most emphatic word there ^ is “crafted.”

  10. Praveen Sinha

    Excellent interview, Andrew Sorkin.Very well done.

    1. Praveen Sinha

      @Dave 1977 It was a complement on Andrew Sorkin’s interview abilities and not an opinion on the outcome of the case.

  11. GeorgetheArchitect

    ARS – Great interview! Rajat, As hard as this entire incident has been, you have been an example in how you have handled yourself through all this.. reflective, thoughtful and with no vendetta.. That is an example for all of us..

  12. rapid 520

    How many corrupted bankers (all white) responsible for 2008 depression went to Jail? It’s a rigged world.

  13. vallabh yadav

    An eye matter how small the mistake is, intentional or unintentional has capability to destroy your whole reputation.

  14. slumdogmusic

    What a fascinating interview. I wish Mr. Rajat Gupta the best. Great job Andrew.

  15. Nikhil Deshmukh

    Doesn’t carry a forced American accent. Respect.

    1. User 12

      Buddy I don’t think you realize how terrible the Indian accent sounds. Kudos to anyone making an effort to change it to something more American-sounding.

    2. TheObsessivePainter !

      @User 12 try to be a lil bit more considering they are trying the best they can at know mutiple languages

    3. User 12

      @TheObsessivePainter ! I totally respect that. I just don’t think it’s ok to criticize someone who is trying to assimilate into the US culture

    4. TheObsessivePainter !

      @User 12 i totally agree. I used to have a very critical view toward them. Im english speaking and know a lil spanish. That being said i now understand why they would have an accent. All im saying is to learn another language is not an easy thing.

    5. completelynew009

      He definitely had an Indian-American accent. I’ve met him several times in the 90s. He had it back then. May be since corporate America disowned him, he got back to his Indian roots for peace. On a serious note, most people who have lived 20+ years in the US need to adapt to the American accent just to make communication with folks there easier. Engilsh does not have any Indian accent. The acceptable forms are American or British. Have you ever seen an English dictionary showing pronunciation in an Indian accent? Nope. So, anyone adapting to a bit of American / British accent is just reducing the friction to free communication. Again, his accent now has come back a lot closer to what may have been the accent in 70s…may be because he is not communicating with Americans much in English. May be his official communication has drastically reduced.

  16. Upamanyu90

    I wish Indian journalist and anchors would learn something from this, but then those idiots won’t even be watching this!

  17. Soumen Bhattacharya

    Nice Interview

  18. Sonu Tiwary

    Here he comes out as a brave man and is so positive about everything.

  19. Samir Harris

    He is a Rock star !! I am his big fan.He will sure rise again.💐 Wishing him all the best.

    1. Neal Thomson

      THIEF, they stole MILK and EDUCATION from south African people, common thieves, no honour, stealing from the poor just like the evil 1% from the west, they worship gold!!! Sis man, shame on you!!!

  20. sri

    Pardon me for thinking it’s an interview of Larry King

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