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23 Thoughts to “Red Ice Radio – Richard Grove – Hour 1 – 9/11 Insider Trading Whistleblower & Voluntary Servitude”

  1. curiouscrutiny

    i remember the smell as was all the way to 14th street

  2. ArtificialEntity

    Really good stuff, thanks. Never heard of Richard, he seems really with it.

  3. Barbara Calder

    Amazing interview. Thanks.

  4. Joel Aigner

    Wow, you think you might know all the angles and then Grove shines light on a whole new corner of cockroaches.

    Brilliant interview.

  5. MultiMeli123

    Amazing!!! And people STILL think 9/11 government involvement is a “conspiracy theory”….seems more like a “conspiracy fact”

  6. Jerry Beck

    Richard Grove is a fantastic source of real information. This guy speaks very precisely and has endless source info to back up everything he says. I suspected pretty much everything he talks about, but hearing this is still incredibly frustrating to absorb. 

  7. Rebecca Howell

    This guy is brilliant!  I am so impressed with him.

  8. Johnoscar V

    Amazing interview

  9. A.C. Weisbecker

    The measure of a person can be gaged in one way only: His behavior when doing the right thing goes against his own self interest. By this measure Richard Grove is a very special human being.

    1. john doe

      well stated!

  10. jindan kaur

    Wow – Great Show !!!

  11. randle guill

    Google wirt dexter walker, the third, marvin bush, larry silverstein, and rudy guillianni .
    Read all of it.

  12. James Clary

    Incredibly compelling.

  13. Colton Morris

    great interview! your one of the few brave

  14. G Heald

    The greatest enemy to knowledge is not ignorance but, the illusion of knowledge.

    1. witheredandobsolete

      Hawking =) (without looking it up)

  15. Thomas Rist

    Go on bro! Respect

  16. Scot Wells

    These criminals can get away with financial fraud in the billions of dollars but people go to prison and there lives are ruined for growing pot in their house. Unreal.

  17. Vee Friend

    Wonderful and very helpful interview.  Thanks to this presentation, I have more ways to speak with friends and relatives.  You know, those who tend to think you’re a little “out to lunch” just by digging into the government conspiracies.Thank you.

    1. Striker Orwell

      +Vee Friend My dad and step mom was there that day and barely survived! At the hospital they wanted to leave testimonies to the police and my dad felt it was very important to tell them about the explosions that occurred before any “airliners” had hit any building! The police showed up and listened to them and told them that he had interviewed about 50 people telling the same thing about explosions before the “airliners” had hit the towers! My dad and step mom recovered and I was with him when he thanked the brave firefighters who saved them! This was 6 month after the event and my dad was already suspicious and angry as nobody in the media mention the explosions prior to the hits! I was not convinced until I understood that no fire fighter at this station believed in the official narrative! I was on a leave from the army and headed back to the UK to our base  shortly after that!Me and my unit where flown between bases heading for Afghanistan and as we heard the RAF and USAF pilots talking about the impossible speed and the strange manoeuvres by a lousy pilot at the Pentagon hit we started asking every flight engineer and pilot about the aerodynamics at 9 11 and NOBODY supported the official version and saw it as tragically ridiculous attempt for explanation! Our motivation to fight what we thought was a justified war vanished! The only thing that kept us alive was the motivation of protecting each others backs! I had my best friend since  childhood in my squadron and sat with his head on my lap as he bleed to death! I don’t blame the Talibans for shooting him! I blame the Bush and Blair malevolent administrations for his death! I want JUSTICE FOR MY BEST FRIEND AND MY DAD AND STEP MOM!

  18. carol prince

    ‘ Coincidence Theory ‘ is the belief that easily connectable relationships and incidents surrounding a crime are unrelated to the crime and the individuals who reap the benefits of said crime are not its perpetrators. This is not how the justice system works for the common man. You don’t take out an insurance policy on your wife and collect the money two weeks later when she dies. You go to jail unless your alibi is rock solid.

  19. Chris Weinert

    Kissinger also had Saudi King Faisal killed for Israel on March 25, 1975.

  20. Clinton Baltazor

    Intense information. Yahweh is doing everything. Thank you for posting.

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