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Rep. Chris Collins Expected To Change Plea, Plead Guilty To Insider Trading | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., the initial participant of Congress to publicly sustain Head of state Donald Trump is anticipated to beg guilty to expert trading charges after originally begging innocent when he was very first prosecuted in 2018. Aired on 09/30/2019.
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Rep. Chris Collins Expected To Change Plea, Plead Guilty To Expert Trading|Craig Melvin|MSNBC

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65 Thoughts to “Rep. Chris Collins Expected To Change Plea, Plead Guilty To Insider Trading | Craig Melvin | MSNBC”

  1. Ganiscol

    Another crook bites the dust.

    1. Ganiscol

      Ed S
      Thats right, but I assume most people know under which banner he operated. Its the party of crooks & criminals worshipping the fat orange rat in the middle of the nest.

    2. AboveAll Odds

      @Ed Shave you seen who’s running for president i’m pretty sure all democrats are nut jobs lmao

    3. Pink Crayon

      Well, if he pleads guilty to a felony, there goes his vote for Trump in 2020. Let’s see…Trump has lost votes from his personal attorney, his first National Security Advisor, his campaign chairman, this congressman, and who else? It’s a bummer cause Trump needs every single vote, as he lost the popular vote and barely passed the Electoral College last time.

    4. Ed S

      Ganiscol very true

    5. Pink Crayon

      @AboveAll Odds Yeah, its absolutely nuts to think that a country that touts itself as the “best in the world” should be able to provide healthcare and affordable education to it’s people. GTFO.

  2. Lord Luke Lightbringer


    1. Kristi Gator

      Lord Luke Lightbringer yeah lock all of them up…ie Comey, McCabe, Rodentstain, Page, Strozk, Ohr, Clinton, Brennan,Clapper

    2. bull moose

      Redistricting is the only reason this crook won by a razor thin margin.

    3. you2099

      @bull moose And how do you think Adam Schiff has been in office so long in California?
      Every time his district would get too Latino, or too Asian, they would redraw the lines for him.

      Plus, he’s been an asset for the [DS] for so long, he is Guaranteed a win.

    1. Bob Loblaw

      The republicons turned the swamp into a cesspool.

  3. Ralph Colerick

    good keep it going for more of the scum

  4. Rhimera lemuse

    All the best, #BeBest ! Perp-walk the parade.

    1. William Kimmons

      Democrats first.

    2. kim weaver

      @William Kimmons We take our own out. We have a conscience. Rebooblicons DO NOT.

  5. Lianne459

    Another republican swamp monster criminal–another one of the best people

    1. James Massingale

      If he was not a republican it would not have been on NBC…and you know this..but I keep forgetting only republican can break the law.when it’s a democrat it’s always nothing to see here we need to move on.. all criminals need locked up in both parties not just republicans..but you probably are a brainwashed sheep.

    2. Lianne459

      @James Massingale He was insider trading. He was doing it on camera on the White House lawn. The morons in his district knew this and still voted for him. Republican or democrat, insider trading is ILLEGAL

  6. Mike Bruse

    LMAO. How surprising.

  7. Trumpocalypse

    How can this be? A Trump supporter who is also a lawbreaker?

    1. destin duhn

      @Brandon R oh and lest we not forget the proud boys

    2. destin duhn

      @Brandon Ryou think mr, 6 bankruptcies is responsible for the economy you’re right trump recession remember

    3. Brandon R

      destin duhn trump raised $125 MIL in the third quarter alone… most of that is small donors. America likes trump and the proof is in the pudding. What about the proud boys? Nonviolent(oh buy they are white so you automatically hate then because YOU ARE RACIST), unlike antifa beating people and throwing quick setting cement on people..

  8. Tell All

    I knew he was a criminal the moment he said ~”let’s move on from Michael Flynn, now that he has is over…no follow up investigation needed” (while trying to keep a straight face)

    1. Cynna1065

      @Danny G Whataboutism at it’s finest. You learned well at the knee of your masters, young grasshopper.

    2. Cynna1065

      @Fireball XL5 It’s beyond hilarious how Trump is surrounded — absolutely *bathing* in criminals. And yet, he’s as innocent as the driven snow? Uhm hmm.

    3. Fireball XL5

      @Cynna1065 yep, hopefully when this nightmare is over the psychologists can explain it. I know one thing, I now see the entire Nazi Germany thing in a whole new light. Same phenomenon…

    4. Cynna1065

      @Fireball XL5 Absolutely, no country is safe. This is a modern-day cautionary tale to be learned by every democracy. (Now, watch some ignorant Trump supporter pipe in that the U.S. is a republic and has never been a democracy. >D )

    5. Kevin O’Brien

      Drogyn Turalyon
      And Hitler was a human rights advocate.

  9. Patricia Dixon

    May ALL CORRUPT Left or Right, Dem or Rep get PRISON!!!!!! Majors, Judges, City council members, lawyers, ECT get them all.

    1. Jhonathan Marquez

      Danny G yes a bunch of rich withe man that doesn’t care about us but just their pockets

    2. D C

      @Danny G the “liberal” media is a myth. We have a problem with right wing media, though. They are the ones intentionally lying.

    3. Bobby Nelson


    4. Kristi Gator

      Jhonathan Marquez yeah those rich communists from the FBI

    5. Cynna1065

      Actually, I’m fine with that. Just do it!

  10. Ed S

    More of trump’s swamp friends.

  11. Ryan Rentfro

    He will just become a lobbyist now. These types of crimes never get punished appropriately.

    1. Andrew Velonis

      Martha Stewart did time

    2. Danny G

      It’s insane how the Dems never get prosecuted or held accountable, I’m with you.

    3. Fred A

      You’re assuming he’s going to step down. There’s no requirement that politicians step down after committing criminal acts…even felonies. Unless he is arrested, he will retain his position and power.

    4. Ryan Rentfro

      @Danny G What do these people have in common? Anthony Weiner, Corrine Brown, Chak Fattah, Jess Jackson Jr., Frank Ballance, Jim Traficant, Wade Sanders, Darleen Druyun, Mel Reynolds, Austin Murphy ….

  12. Troll Slayer

    The “law and order” party strikes again

    1. Don Williams

      Jugganuat <<<<< Still slips down the hall to watch his mommy undress.

    2. Amber Ellis

      @B M if you mean by pleading guilty to being criminals then yes they are cleaning Washington of them

    3. phoenix0282

      @B M hi russian troll

  13. Juicy Hops

    Remember when he swore up and down he did nothing wrong and would be vindicated. Oh my… 🍿 👀

    1. LEO LEO

      It doesn’t say what deal he is getting by pleading guilty. MMMM probably be put on parole for 6 mths. William Barr will be his parole officer. LOL

  14. Feeber Izer

    This is what happens with career politicians. Term limits!

    1. Cynna1065

      Yeah, what about that? Didn’t Trump also run on term limits? I haven’t heard word one about it since he took office.

  15. Team LA

    so he’s on the hook for insider trading and he came out very very early on as pro-tRump? The only reason they wanted to come to washington to drain the swamp was because it was getting so crowded. They thought they’d take over the tidal basin!

  16. Ro G

    The people who attend t’rump rallies could never afford the type of life people like Collins enjoys. And they’d have to sell their homes for the privilege to belong to maralago. Yet here they are, willing to defend them to the bitter corrupt end. 🤔
    What idiots! 😆😝😂

    1. Jamie H

      It’s why all republican run states are underfunded for education. They try to keep people stupid on purpose because only stupid people vote republican.

    2. george plimpton

      It is amazing how bad the red states are in. You would think they would wise up, but instead they blame it on everything except the actual problem. My state use to be on the upper side of average but then we turned red and it is now going down hill.

    3. you2099

      And you don’t see how all of the Democrats are multi-millionaires. Or in the case of Pelosi and Feinstein hundreds of millions.?
      Or if they start out broke, like a OC, they will soon a mass Millions within about five years.

      Just like Obama has well he has multiple houses including a huge beachfront property in the Hamptons overlooking the water.

      So much for global warming / climate change / Rising ocean. I guess he’s not so worried about that.

    4. Ro G

      @you2099 Do you hear a whoosh sound? Because that is the sound of my point flying over your head. I’m not against politicians being rich. (By the way, Pelosi has hundreds of millions? Try about $25m.) I’m against them doing it corruptly. And let’s point out that it’s the Dems who are the ones fighting corruption and wall street, putting their energy into universal healthcare and education.
      What are the republicans all about? Deregulation so corporations can have free reign to make them profits soar! Funny how the ONLY thing t’rump’s administration has achieved in 3 years is a $1.3 trillion tax break for corporations!

      And your point (if you can even call it one) about Obama? 🤔😄😆😅

  17. degenerati

    How many people have said, ” ONLY THE BEST PEOPLE!” ?

  18. bonanzatime

    Don’t kid yourselves, they ALL ‘insider trade’.

    1. aegisgfx

      republicans are still a lot worse

    2. Cancun American

      @aegisgfx 🤔 TRUE ⚠️ 🙁


    3. bonanzatime

      aegisgfx I Seriously Doubt It.. Modern Democrats are all DemonRats👹 on the inside. They want to make people as desperate as possible and slaves to the state. aka ‘Them’..

    4. Steve Thompson

      License to steal

  19. Gus Kale

    Of course, then trumpf can pardon him before he himself is convicted.

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