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Rep. Chris Collins Resigns Ahead Of Expected Insider Trading Guilty Plea | Katy Tur | MSNBC


New York Republican Rep. Chris Collins has supposedly sent out a letter to Residence Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office mentioning that he is resigning his Residence seat. NBC News' Tom Winter season reports on the expert trading relevant costs versus Collins. Broadcast on 09/30/19.
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Rep. Chris Collins Resigns Ahead Of Expected Insider Trading Guilty Plea|Katy Tur|MSNBC

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79 Thoughts to “Rep. Chris Collins Resigns Ahead Of Expected Insider Trading Guilty Plea | Katy Tur | MSNBC”

  1. Fupi John

    Lmao….dropping like flies…smh.

    1. karakol86

      Eric Pope look at the totality of republicans who support Trump and those in the Trump administration.

    2. Dino Nuggets

      @Sarah Pickett sinking like turds hahah

    3. PC Morgan Terry

      Eric Pope silly boy

    4. JayKB

      @Eric Pope yet. Hopefully. If Russia doesn’t get into our voting machines. Unless Putin is getting tired of “The Chosen One…”

  2. Oz Oz

    Corruption at it’s finest


      @Ral Deform
      Touching little girls and making women uncomfortable is “nothing wrong”. Jeez, you people really do like pedophiles…

    2. MotorCitySean

      Oh, the irony! Hillary, Biden, and Obama are as corrupt as they come. Stop drinking the fake news Kool Aid. 🤣🤣🤣

    3. xlr8r2010

      You want corruption…perhaps you could explain this video?

    4. David Cisneros

      @Kiyomasa The Crow Nailed It🛤️🎵🎶🎵🎶

  3. Mo Luv

    Ha they dropping like flies 🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. ENDtheFED2012

      @Icez storm
      And it’s better to be white.

    2. xlr8r2010

      Really…can you name them all? I bet you can’

    3. Dino Nuggets

      Dropping like turds aka Republicans 😂

    4. ashley parry

      @ENDtheFED2012 not if your currently an iceburg in the artic.

  4. Mike

    The rats are scattering.

    1. Manuela Costa Lima

      Mike —
      Another Republican miscreant gets his just desserts. And there’s more to come…

    2. zbudda

      @Mark Benson ~ Obama was brilliant, he made sure no scandals stuck to him or led to him.

      Everyone of his scandals had a fall guy, or a paper trail that led to Hillary…where her fall guys, had a fatal fall.

    3. P Pumpkin

      The Deep State snares another Republican while Biden and Hillary get off scott free

  5. Jen 417

    And another one bites the dust.

    1. S Li

      How much of Donald Trump cronies has gone to jail.
      I lost count 100… 230… 590… 10,001… 1trillion…🙄

    2. Nikola Milenkovic

      @S Li it’s on both sides of the aisle. 60 minutes did a piece on this in DC across various public sectors

    3. xlr8r2010

      Hillary still isn’t President..Trump 2020!!!.

    4. tammy smith

      @S Li You liberals think you’re so high and morally right. Truth is you’re protected from seeing anything you may find offensive under the protected blanket of Youtube who scraps any argument that goes against you and many fine points that are made get deleted per our class project study. I’m not saying what he did was right, but the majority of the corruption since the 2016 election has been from the left. That’s a plain and simple fact that’s being covered up to fool you. We’re in the midst of losing this democracy and you’re all too blind to see it. Like Trump or hate Trump, he loves this country and our sovereignty stands in the way of globalist which was apparent if you bothered to watch his UN speech.
      We’ve had a easy life living in the U.S. free from battles on the home front. We have become a soft nation and if democrats get their way with the gun grab, it’s game over.

  6. Keion Chase

    Oh FINALLY…..someone besides Martha Stewart…..GOP = HYPOCRITE

    1. j walsh

      GOP = government of Putin

    2. Doctor Thirteen

      @j walsh Greedy Old Plutocrats

  7. Lone Wolf

    The party of law and order?
    Christian morals and standards ?
    High IQ?
    Lmaoooooo 🤦🏻‍♂️😂🤦🏻‍♂️

    1. Corey Stewart

      @Scobey scobe You do realize he was caught withholding monetary aid while asking for help from ANOTHER foreign government for political gain. That’s the basis for the impeachment inquiry, or have you just ignored this major snafu. I guess Fox (Faux) News must’ve omitted that part out of the details.

  8. Millie Ruff

    This government is pure corruption.

    1. J.F. Davis

      @Daniel Daniel That’s what I always say. Democrats are shoplifters, Republicans are serial killers

    2. Jeremiah

      Sure seems to stick to republicans most of all

    3. leslie easton

      @Imakemovies ActorNuts!

    4. genthelvite

      No, just the Republicans. Name me one PROVEN Democrat that misappropriated taxpayer funds.

  9. Free Ma

    oh joy another from the ‘very fine people’ 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. Kate Sweetblu

      Only the best🤣🤣

    2. Dana Johnson

      “When Republicans send thier people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

    3. Terri Freeman

      @Dana Johnson BRAVO. 🗽🇺🇸👏👏👏👏👏

  10. Aquatic Borealis

    Coming soon: Trump will try to reverse insider trading laws as “too much regulation”

    1. Jim Watson

      Conservatives wanted this Insider Trading gone since we learned about it and how Pelosi has become a Hundred Millionaire by using this loophole!

    2. gio2vanni86

      @SkyGemini I’m pretty sure that you are the jobless one. I think i’ve seen you at those ANTIFA rallys. Not that attend those but i’ve seen them on youtube. Pretty sure you’re the one with the mask who has more free time then a fat man in the movie seven eating away at that spaghetti like no tomorrow!

    3. Ryan Rentfro

      @Leonard Chornomaz Leonard you are off your meds, where’s momma at?

    4. some guy

      @David Cisneros demonstrably more undereducated is a double negative, and would immediately be marked as incorrect. So you graduated recently?

    5. K.G. Thornburg

      88Gibson LesPaul When you present facts, it’s “What aboutisms” ( new word meaning deflect) from the right.

  11. Mijemu mijemu

    Another corrupt Republican ohh who would of ever guessed.

    1. Dom Numba9

      What about Hilary Bill Clinton and the Bidens as well all traitors

    2. james smith

      @Dom Numba9
      Ahhhhh yes, whataboutism the right-wings THIRD most popular political ploy, right behind “playing the victim” and “talking points and lunatic fringe conspiracy theories as fact.” You are not a winner but thanks for playing.

  12. anis jerbi

    The rats are jumping off the ship!
    Alexa play “the end”

    1. Drogyn Turalyon

      @G O So true

    2. Drogyn Turalyon

      C_A spybot play “the end”

    3. Robert Curtin

      G O Trump = pathetic wanna be Dictator,💩
      Fools who support him = wanna be Communist🖕

    4. Scott B

      No stupid pos he was doing the right thing you will see about all the left jumping ship in the coming months you dumb MF

  13. Lala Farley

    When you turn the lights on in a cockroach infested apartment…. … … .. ….

    1. Chris Barnes

      You’ll see 4 Democrats smoking a crack pipe.

    2. Gary George

      @McKittrick Hyatt Just substitute politicians. You really believe Dems and the rest of them aren’t inside trading? How do you think they get so rich? It ain’t their salary!

    3. McKittrick Hyatt

      Gary George I worked on the Senate Floor for years and I worked with both sides of the aisle. What I know is that if you take a hundred Senators, and a hundred bricklayers and a hundred bankers,,, doesn’t matter which profession you point to…. the break-down ratios of ‘decent and honest’ compared to ‘self-serving and dishonest’ will be the same. What I saw year after year, though… was that the Republican side of the Senate always had a much higher and much more obvious count of self-serving and dishonest individuals. It was always a well-known thing in the Capitol. You can say what you want and you can try to side-step what I’m saying… but you can’t change reality. Their IS a difference. And always has been.

    4. Scobey scobe

      Liberals come running out.

  14. Karri The Best Lira

    Martha Stewart went to prison for doing this , he should also.

  15. cunard61

    He informed both his son and his daughter-in-law’s father to sell their shares as quickly as possible. They started out as in-laws and have become outlaws. Trump’s idea of THE America Family.

    1. Adam Rose

      Wow man a little harsh, considering what Joe Biden and his son has done to the country don’t you think? It’s funny how they love to call out the republicans that had a hand in shady dealings but turn their heads and look the other way when it’s a democrat. But don’t you worry the citizens of this great country are going to fix that come election time. We will see Trump back in office for a 2nd term and we will see more republicans replace democrats for the next 4 years. I also want any of the swamp republicans out aswell but we will take care of them aswell.

    2. Trump Isanass

      Gary Norton t’rump and kin can’t even spell “morals” let alone understand them. He is the most amoral and vile specimen of a human being in the news today.

    3. truerealityscott

      @Gary Norton STFU Rusky

    4. truerealityscott

      @Adam Rose Rusky scum have no say so

    5. tammy smith

      As I recall,
      Wasn’t it Obama that said, “every American aspires to be like Donald Trump”.

  16. MG Massey

    Rich men in ties
    In greed
    Their lies
    Deny others needs

  17. Adrastos O

    He shouldn’t have been re-elected in the first place!

    1. xlr8r2010

      Why…because he isn’t a cockroach demoRat? TRUMP 2020 LANDSLIDE!!!

    2. Beth D

      Trump will be impeached by 2020, LANDSLIDE!!

    3. Adrastos O

      This has nothing to do with trump……

  18. Cow Titty

    Another member of the “Law and Order Party” resigns in shame over their own criminality? You don’t say.

    1. Awesome Jessi

      Imagine all the lives he helped DESTROY in the name of fighting corruption. Evil double faced politicians, destroying America a prison sentence at a time because Washington doesn’t like competition

    2. xlr8r2010

      @Aquatic Borealis Hold Trump accountable for what exactly…..what has he done that is illegal? The burden of proof is on the accuser…so prove it with FACTS!

    3. xlr8r2010

      @tammy smith Soros is paying your side…that is a fact.

    4. Aquatic Borealis

      @xlr8r2010 Extortion. Conspiracy. Obstruction. Sedition. Intimidation. Tax tampering. You name it. Trump will be in a jail.

  19. Richie Rich

    Just one of the greedy, soulless 1% puppets that was willing to sell his soul, are you!

    1. xlr8r2010

      It much money we talking about? lol

  20. Gonzalo Saldana

    I still remember how Fox News protected this guy and how he claimed he was inocente 😂 😂 😂

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