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STOP! Trying To Learn Day Trading Strategies!


Quit Attempting to Discover Day Trading Strategies and also begin DayTrading! Way too many people get so captured up in the idea of discovering DayTrading methods that they do not actually learn to DayTrade. At the end of the day there's one fundamental principle everybody requires to understand and it's that Stocks Relocate waves. Every little thing else is just sound!

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70 Thoughts to “STOP! Trying To Learn Day Trading Strategies!”

  1. Patrick Wieland

    Less time trying to figure out the best Strategy and more time Learning to DayTrade!

    1. Jose Rivero

      This is just superb, I been tryin to find out about “online courses for stock trading” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Meyayce Piyathan Plan – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my colleague got amazing success with it.

    2. BurdBurd Man

      what do you think about tim sykes

    3. Skyy Hawk

      How much do I need to start and then what do you mean exactly is the next step 🤕

    4. David's Journey

      And what if your too stupid to learn anything

  2. Alonso Ledesma

    You cant gain that important experience/intuition unless you actually trade over and over again and mold your own “stragety” as go.

    1. ASilverSpartan

      Alonso Ledesma “stragety”

    2. rem ster

      “Strategy,” ; ) But yes…

    3. foodnetworks

      Very well said

    4. Gucci_Lafleur

      @ASilverSpartan spaghetti

    5. Dave Cirlclux

      Your spelling is a *tragedy* 😢

  3. Eric Jones

    I’ve been learning by my mistakes mostly… Lol

    1. creativebobbo

      @mike gurgle There is a euphoric elation that comes with a nice win. Looking for the next big win is what leads most traders and gamblers astray instead of sticking to your setups and being patient. I heard an interview with the golfer Craig Stadler once where he explained how a leader blows the lead on the last day of the tournament. They go into “defend the lead” mode. He went on to say “You didn’t get to the top of the leader board by playing defensively. You got to the top of the board by playing your game. Why change it?”

    2. mike gurgle

      @creativebobbo That thought process isn’t always on my mind. Thanks! I made money back of recent which is good I need to make sure I keep up defending my year in the green.

    3. mahesh das

      @mike gurgle totally , its all about controlling ur emotions , today i lost 2 days of earnings just for some stupid trades which is strictly no no according to my rule book

    4. mike gurgle

      @mahesh das I made out decent this last Friday. Yesterday was a day off for me, woke up this morning and threw a little at RENN pre-market. Could have pulled out with very small gains but held on to it, left to drive to work and by the time I got in at work I was down. I cut out fast and lost only a little. It’s up and down. Next time I will cut my gains fast even if it’s 20$

    5. ARNEL

      I hear that bro 😖

  4. Rick Pinnon

    more money is lost or made the first hour, wait til market shows itself.

    1. Marco Guevara

      Rick Pinnon you are correct the first half hour is mainly for orders that are already in the system, they will either go through or will try again later.

  5. bob jr

    He speaks the truth in this video. Have to trade consistenly, repetively and look back and review each trade on how you could have improve. Understanding price movements and volume each day helps alot. This is not supposed to be ez imo. (At least not for me)

  6. juan villasana

    Soooo AT THE IN OF THE DAY…..lmao just messin with you.
    BEST VIDEO YET!!! IMO cuz i can relate.

  7. TheCornbeefsoup

    “Okay, saho! Being a trading can really suck at times especially if you’re losing trade after trade after tra-” *Skip Ad*

    1. Huy Anh Bùi

      Just wonderful, I been tryin to find out about “popular stocks for day trading” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Meyayce Piyathan Plan – (search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate got excellent results with it.

    2. Hayden Harris

      Ok Josh!

    3. Victorino Ferrao

      So funny..

    4. Brannon In HD

      Reading this comment as I get that ad 😂

    5. Brep Brep

      I see Jason Bond in my cereal.

  8. Jaime V

    I made 1k my first 2 days of trading then lost it the next day. Not upset at all, we all learn from our mistakes

    1. Anass A

      Jaime V how much money did you put into it?

    2. Taujha Cornwell


    3. Interessant

      @Anass A 999 Dollars

    4. The90s

      Money management

    5. Hiram Serna

      How are you now?

  9. chengy

    Without action, dreams will remain dreams. Take action, my fellow traders! 💪

    1. Don't Read My Profile Picture


  10. David Worsowicz

    This is was 11 minutes long and had 4 ads… 🤦🏼‍♂️ smh.

    1. troll king

      2018 and still not blocking ads? smh

    2. waynard

      YouTube red no adds

    3. Always Funny

      Honestly that’s not bad I just watched a 5 minute video with 10 ads.

  11. The Artful Dodger

    Been trading for a living since 1999. Market makers like to burn thru stops. So look for an uptrend with a pullback to the MA or a sideways pattern with a pullback to the base. Put your buy stop UNDER the MA or base. Judge how far under by past touches/breaks and use 50% or whatever feels right to you. Put your sell stops at the trend line top or sideways top and below your buy stop where you define a breakdown of the pattern (100%+ of the largest prior break of the base). Make sure your upside is at least TWO times your downside. You will lose. Lots of times. But you should win more often and thus show a profit. It’s not about being a perfect trader. It’s about taking good risks, demanding decent reward and cutting your losses short. NEVER, EVER, NEVER let a loss run HOPING it will come back. This is what amateurs do.

    1. Gilestuber

      CHRIS SMITH when bid is higher than the high of that day? Intraday high?

    2. Chris Smith

      Gilestuber yes. Not the ask. The bid. Still could be fakeout but most likely breakout. I’m talking stocks that have high volume of course

    3. Chris Smith

      Gilestuber or premarket high or previous day high

    4. Gilestuber

      CHRIS SMITH thanks!

    5. D Barbarian

      CHRIS SMITH can u give an example?

  12. William Foster

    Day trading from 9-5…….. oh hell no… My day of trading takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

    1. Seneca yamma

      @William Foster That’s amazing results. May I ask how long you’ve been trading? I’d love to hear from you, or chat about trading & TA if you’re ever bored or looking for something to do… though I can see your time is very valuable, and I mean that sincerely. All the best William.

    2. William Foster

      Been trading about 18 years……. I just take little bites out of the market at a time…. profits are made by adding size to the position…… Nothing fancy, in fact really frigging boring……..

    3. Seneca yamma

      ​@William Foster I see! 18 years, that’s impressive. If I may ask, do you mean you ‘scale into strength’ by adding size when a trade is trending in your long/short direction? Hope I didn’t word that too clumsily. Thanks for your reply, it meas a lot to a new trader such as myself! And It’d mean the world if you had any distilled wisdom to share or any funny stories you’ve run into in your career. Have a great day my friend.

    4. PJ Playhouse

      dont you pay like a feee everytime you buy and sell ?

    5. Bruno B

      @NoSkill SitsDoesntTalk you could add the power hour, from 3 to 4 PM

  13. Hayden Harris

    I love your studio, passion presentations and productions.

  14. André Mariano

    every waking minute? more than banging? man that was an addiction I’m glad you worked through it

  15. sptrader

    Journal your trades. Printout their charts too. Write down what you expected to happen and why for both winners and losers. Then after 30 or so trades – look at the charts (especially the losers) a pattern will become obvious. You’ll get to the point where you pick up a losing chart and you’ll ask yourself “why would I ever buy that downtrend” or “why would I buy that top?” and soon you will learn to avoid the obvious mistakes. Good video.

    1. MarijuanaIsMyMuse Marijuanaismymuse


    2. Christian F.

      better after 1000 trades 😉

  16. Kristian Bergmann

    Thank you so much!! My beautiful wife and you were right the whole time. Now I will just relax and let her do her thing..

  17. RightClic God

    Minute 1: STOP! Trying To Learn Day Trading Strategies!
    Minute 3: There are 10 strategies you should know about, and remember the waves principle.

    1. Guilherme Moreira

      That’s the same as all youtube traders profiting from the videos.

    2. 1 Dave

      he means principles, not strategies. There are principles that you should follow, understanding your broker, trends, executions etc etc…you learn if you do, not if you read about them

    3. Gareev A.R.

      At least he is not selling courses. At least for now

    4. Seeker of Truth

      @Gareev A.R. selling and buying courses is not a bad thing. there is a lot of free information on the stock market and day trading. some bad, some good. i have personally benefitted from the free information. you need to educate yourself on day trading, lots to learn

    5. shmandall FX

      @Seeker of Truth selling courses is a cheesey con artist play when it involves stock trading. No course will make you millions and the basics are not worth the extreme price tag attached. Traders that sell courses are basically lying pieces of trash. 👍

  18. KoffeeRun

    Thank you for validating what I’ve figured out the last couple months since I got started… the future is promising when you ‘recognize’ the pattern… and that’s the bottom line…

  19. Seth Walker

    I keep hearing people say you can’t make money day trading? You absolutely can. I’ve been doing it for a living for a long time. I use the 9 day EMA (on the chart), MACD and RSI. Use the reverse button! Speaking of the reverse button, they only charge you one commission when you hit that button. Use the reverse button as if it was a steering wheel. Note: It will force you to enter and exit where you should. Entry: Candle stick closes at least 50% over (or under) the 9 day EMA, the MACD has crossed over (or under), RSI is over bought (or over sold) or near those points. Practice with On Demand (a lot) and see for yourself. I’ll admit, it’s hard intense work but you should only trade the first two hours of the days (tops) so you can do it. I personally only trade one hour (or less)…

  20. Merge T-T

    1. Read books
    2. Apply it with paper trade
    3. Once you get the hang of it, use real $ to trade

    1. MuabYT

      I read harry potter. How can I now apply this to trading?

    2. XERJHEN Outdoors


    3. Young Midoriya

      what books??

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