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Swing vs. Day Trading – Which is Better?


Swing vs. Day Trading – Which is Better?

You can compare day investors and swing traders to the Ninja Turtles– always combating the Foot Clan. They are constantly battling each other, however which one is much better?

Allow's break down the differences between day traders and also swing traders, so you can decide which style of trading is better for you …

Holding Time
The holding time for a day trader is less than 6.5 hrs, because there is less than 6.5 hrs in a trading day. You can perhaps hold supply for 7 hours if you trade premarket or aftermarket, however normally you'll hold less than 6.5 hrs.

The holding time for a swing trader, on the various other hand, is anywhere from 2 days to 2 months. It's typically longer than one day.

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28 Thoughts to “Swing vs. Day Trading – Which is Better?”

  1. Davey Whitney

    Great video, the more I learn about the stock market the more it seems swing trading fits my lifestyle as I have other income streams that also need tending to. I bet April O’Neil is a swing trader. 

  2. Brandon Smith

    you had me at ninja turtle dude. im learning alot from your vids thanks

  3. Christian Harvey Oledan

    Sir I really like the way you teach… keep it up and teach us more….=)

  4. Venky Raj

    Being relaxed is the key to success.. competition is for ppl who compete with others… But competing with yesterday’s YOU, bring more greater results…

  5. MrRegosBendeguz

    I prefer the swing trading and trading at daily timeframe. Work only 1-2 hours per day.

    1. Travonte Conway

      MrRegosBendeguz for swing trading what chart time-frame can a person use?

  6. Emmanuel Nerantzakis

    3:18, Day traders don’t know what’s going on.

  7. Jeff C

    Always good content.. And down to earth!

  8. matt lakey

    “oh yeah! Go ninja Go ninja Go” cracked me up man

  9. MrNathan791

    Great lesson. Could you do a comparison with ; swing trading options vs: trend trading options. Thanks.

  10. Young Trading - Daytrading

    Really good video bro!

  11. Miles De Jesus

    I love how straight to the point your videos are! Keep it up man!

  12. WupeViasco

    Still can’t believe I made $3000 by investing all of my money for a single day and then I pulled out after 2 days and sold my shares. Damn this is easy money but very dangerous

    1. Scooter1

      WupeViasco that could have been very dangerous

    2. A A

      I made 3000 pounds selling the pound , made 7000 in 3 days and lost it all because of greed lol

    3. Adrian Tylier

      Many experts recommend that novices should initially adopt a simple money management strategy eg (Blended Model Strategy), suggesting
      they never risk more than a pre-determined fixed amount of their total account balance on any single position. Risk exposure per trade can be kept within this specification by correctly calculating the stop loss and position
      size of each position opened. Stop loss specifies the number of pips that will be risked per trade, while position size represents the size of the trade expressed in lots. You can acquire a better appreciation for the logic behind such an approach when you study the strategy developed by Dmitry Vladislav, once you understand blended model method, there is
      a significant difference between risking 2% of your total equity and risking 10% of it on each trade. If you want to take your trading to the next level, i suggest you get the eBook of the candlesticks trading bible retain Vladislav.

    4. Susannah Mason

      @A A It is better for you to go to the casino and play roulette.. 50/50 (BLACK OR RED).. dont gamble with your money in the market that way please!!

  13. work1 cis

    Completely enjoyed your video, and very informative!, thank you

  14. TheIntrospects

    What if you have free commissions as a veteran? I’m assuming its best to take advantage of this by day trading.

  15. Kudo AMV

    Knowledge with FUN !
    Sir please accept my hangout request.

  16. Ade Abasanji

    Good video Hank.
    I like swing trading 👍

  17. SleepingWitheSirens

    I though you said “ Saving Vs Day Trading “ coz saving means your winning theres no risk but growth is slow and gradually goes up?

  18. RightClic God

    Great ASMR!
    No wonder he prefers the “more relaxed” swing trading lmao.

    1. Sasha Evdakov: Tradersfly

      Thank you so much for watching and for posting a comment as it always helps the viewership to help rank the video higher

  19. Krogzax Ants

    Awesome video. I learned about daytrading now im learning about swingtrading. I think i start with swingtrading because of the ptd rule.

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