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Teaching My Little Sister How To Trade Stocks Like A Pro | Penny Stock Investor


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47 Thoughts to “Teaching My Little Sister How To Trade Stocks Like A Pro | Penny Stock Investor”

  1. Gabriel Villasenor

    2:10 there you go Ricky! Good brother

    1. Walter Olazabal

      Gabriel Villasenor lmaooo bruh he shut that down so quick

    2. Zimrri Gudino

      I started laughing aha I would have done with my little sister

    3. Anthony Rivera

      lmfao I caught that with a quickness, her energy was so high and he hit her with that quick no no LMAO

  2. Peter Williams

    did you make this video low res so ppl couldn’t see how hot ur sister was?

    1. Kane Drexler

      bahahahhahah. f’real tho.

    2. Johnathan Giesler

      This is why he thinks we’re all creeps

    3. David Mungpi

      I feels that same way πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    4. Issac Valdivia

      Peter Williams πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Connor M

    Your family has some good genes!

    1. TheNasa Scientist

      How a millionaire can’t buy a camera?

    2. theAppleWizz

      it’s google hangout

    3. washingtonstromtrooper

      I feel like your calling him hot

    4. Harry C

      Genes are one thing, but good diet is what’s key to healthy bone and hormonal development.

  4. goodled

    Man LOWKEY filmed on a boiled potato so we couldn’t get a better look at his sis

    I rate it!

    1. Slick Mulah

      FAAAAAAX! Mad 4K on the other videos!!!

    2. luis carpio

      LMFAO Tru dat

    3. EriPages

      Still didn’t prevent Me from fapping & imagining it’s a stepbro/stepsis scene

  5. LearnToChef

    So many complaints about Ricky talking fast, here I am listening at 1.5 speed….

    1. washingtonstromtrooper

      I just tried it and it makes the videos go by faster so i learn faster

    2. washingtonstromtrooper

      Only a year late

    3. David Mungpi

      I watched this whole video at normal speed even though idk the stuff he was talking

    4. CubeDoesMinecraft

      Omg samee!!

  6. Julio

    The thirst is deep in this comment section.. People cant see a female without getting bent out of shape.. embarrassing smh

    1. Nachiketa

      Word. Wheres the decency gone. Have some Respect ppl!

    2. Jo Mormont

      Because they are beta males with a scarcity mindset.

    3. Alexander medina account

      right like me im a beta male thats need to thirsty for hot girls

  7. Enrique Padilla

    “you don’t need to say your name” – big brother

    1. itsyounmenoti

      Right…big punch in the arm to u big brother!!!

    2. Whittney Barker

      Hahaha that was the best!

    3. Steemy Coinz

      Yeah that comment was pretty rough, be nice big bro

  8. James Nickerson

    As someone who is just starting out, literately first day getting education on this type of trading this video is outstanding. Very helpful.

  9. Millennial Motivation Entrepreneur

    So thankful I found your channel, you actually teach instead of trying to get people to buy pos stocks! Keep it up man!

  10. h3llraise

    I can tell your sister is hot no need to hide it with 360p

  11. B G

    Hey disregard all the comments your sister is a beautiful girl and lucky to have you as a brother. Hopefully she can be as successful and as humble and helpful as you. Thank you for all of the content i have been binging your videos. You inspired me to finally start trading

  12. Phil Michmerhuizen

    I switched my WiFi twice and then to 4G because I thought my connection was bad on this πŸ€ͺ

  13. un known

    I laughed so hard when he said “You don’t need to say your name!.” She looked and sounded so excited to say it LOL

  14. Elaine Gomez

    lol when he covers her face with the paper x)

  15. Cyrus La

    You’re lucky to have this nice brother.

  16. JM7 '

    Ok but, what did Carlos say though? lol (roughly 44.00-45.45)

  17. Nash Bro YT

    Sister: By the way my name is Clarissa
    Ricky : You dont need to say your name
    Sister: Oh

  18. Faras Awan

    Grow up guys. Ricky wont be uploading videos like this if we disrespect him like that. And there are people who can learn a lot from these types of videos.


    I think you’re a little overprotective your sister she was a little bit more people-friendly

  20. EriPages

    52:57-53:15 is the FUNNIEST part of the whole video!

    Great family! Lots of fun watching this

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