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The Single Best Penny Stock Pattern For Small Accounts


See my video clip for more instances of this PRECISE pattern and also despite the fact that I "only" made $6,000 out of a possible $22,000 in earnings on this profession, I signaled in the chatroom first as well as it follows the EXACT pattern that has actually made several of my top students and I millions of bucks

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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20 Thoughts to “The Single Best Penny Stock Pattern For Small Accounts”

  1. -.- pinguin

    first 😄 thanks liked before even watching

  2. Hans Basanado

    My problem is how I am able to identify that the price is at very bottom. I might notice the dip, however there is a big chance it keeps going down

  3. rajat saini

    This will happen again.. lol thats what you said earlier in the video

  4. Stockafella

    this will happen again, I see it !!

  5. Taj Hungsraz

    this will happen again

  6. LizzardsLayer1

    This will happen again. Thank you Tim

  7. SuperJ213

    This will happen again! And I see it, too 😉

  8. chris hickey

    What is the best software to use? After recommendations please. Im new to all of this

  9. Ronny infused

    Thank you Tim for this free info Ima leave another comment cause I left this halfway through so I’ll leave those words if I get it by the end #transparency

  10. Andrea Comelli

    2nd time I watch it and still learning! Good lesson Tim! Thank you!

  11. Stockafella

    Love it Tim one of my favorite patterns thanks again!!

  12. doo do

    This will happen most of the time but not all the time

  13. Joe19

    This will happen again / I see it 🤨

  14. Terry Sutton

    Thanks for all of your help in selecting stocks and when to sell and buy those stocks.
    How do I get the software that you are using. Thanks TD

  15. Robert McDonald

    Thanks for being honest about real world trading!!!! 🙂

  16. wallbam

    Hey Tim, pardon my rookie question, but how often do you get such plays in a week?


    I see it.

  18. Shawn Scholfield

    I am ready to learn all I can. I also believe in patterns. This will happen again.

  19. Stavros Ioulianou

    This will happen again.
    I understood everything in the video

  20. Jaelin Whitt

    I see it. I saw you on steve Harvey thankyou for sharing this information.

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