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What Is Insider Trading And Why Is It Illegal?


Exactly How Powerful Is Brazil?
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Federal prosecutors in Brazil are exploring lots of politicians involved in an enormous corruption scandal. So, just how corrupt is Brazil?

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Brazil: Ex-Lula aide Dirceu held in corruption probe

" Cops in Brazil claim they have actually apprehended Jose Dirceu, who served as principal of personnel under then-President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva from 2003 to 2005."

The perseverance of corruption in Brazilian politics

" A number of Brazilian political leaders are corrupt, as well as yet that does not seem to diminish their opportunities come political election time."

Influence of Brazil's Clean Firms Act

" We see a boosted degree of concern from both international entities and also Brazilian business, not just about existing guidelines such as the FCPA as well as the UK Bribery Act, however also with Brazil's Clean Business Act."

Brazil's Petrobras Information Nearly $17 Billion in Possession as well as Corruption Charges

" Brazil's state oil company Petróleo Brasileiro SA placed a price on a corruption rumor that has thrown the nation into political and also economic chaos, writing off $17 billion due to losses from graft as well as overvalued properties."


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    nice job test tube

  2. Kĕῆcôtĕr ꦨꦼꦒ꧀ꦗ ꦡꦏꦫ꧀ꦪꦤ꧀ꦠ

    Why Malaysia and Indonesia hate each other?

    1. Last Angel

      @Javanization Jawanisasi Because money.

    2. Weltschmerz

      @Edward Elric Really, this had hardly anything to do with Britain. It was their rivalry after independence. I know Yankees like to point fingers, but I stand with truth.

    3. Weltschmerz

      Explain how Britain did worse than America. I am not mad at that. I know that isn’t true.

  3. Peter Griffin

    Do a video on Russia’s violations of international law

  4. entr0py128

    Regulated capitalism, nice to know.

  5. slowmopoke

    How Powerful are City-states?

  6. hcheyne

    So as a hypothetical:
    Most of you money is invested in your own company. You know your latest product is about to fail before the public does. Do you.
    Go down with your ship. Because insider trading is bad OK.
    Dump your stock, cause that’s how Fiddy does it


    1. Praveen Muthu

      +Type-59 Tbh.. if you lost 30-40% in one stock, that’s pretty much on you as you’re accepting the added risk. I think the first rule of being financial literate is diversification. I’d only invest 30% in an whole index (such as a liquid ETF like SPY, DIA or QQQ) instead of a single stock.

    2. Rdsxfn17

      @Praveen Muthu I’m amazed that people aren’t financially literate anymore, people could learn from you.  It’s sad people think that a strategy works automatically, but there is something called EMH (and there are also transaction costs).  So hopefully people reading this will learn that investing in ETF’s long-term is the best solution.

    3. Shomrei Torah

      +Rdsxfn17 any book recommendations or youtube videos to gain more knowledge in stocks?

    4. Sophia Bel

      @Shomrei Torah please let us know

  7. Karthik R

    Another great video! This is my favourite channel. My daily dose of information.

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    600k subs well done guys

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    Do video on Puerto Rico default @testtube #testtube

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    How powerful is testtube news?

    1. Muhammad Al-Hussaini

      @TestTube News the Syrian revolution is 4 years old, could you do a video on who would win this conflict?


      @TestTube News How powerful is Trace Dominguez?

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      @TestTube News Be sure to mention AIPAC, AJC etc… all of these jewish entities

    4. Bakdaulet Baitan

      powerful enough to make a new video every day

    5. P X

      @NowThis World changed channel name?

  11. Kyler A

    I watched this video three times because it sounds an awful lot like what I do every day

    1. animefan614

      Kyler A What I came here for

  12. Fiortec IG

    Congrats on 600k subscribers

  13. SalveMonesvol

    What if I BUY? If I’m an engineer for a company, and my team developed a product which I believe is too good to be true, and I dump my savings in the company I work for… how is it wrong?

  14. dilbertgeg

    Why does the SEC have “limited resources”? Congress wants the SEC to not be able to stop or prosecute criminals, white collar criminals. The financial impact of white collar crime is larger than all other forms of property crime, COMBINED. ~ William Black

    1. A R

      White coat crime IMO is worse than any type of crime besides mass murder.
      It creates a mass deficit in economy to benefit only a handful of individuals which was not supposed to happen in the system. The big fish were supposed to create leeway for smaller fish to become big someday as well.

  15. Rachmad Hakim

    you are hot 😀

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    Who’s here because of Mychal Kendricks

    1. Da real alfa

      R.I.P Seahawks

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      LOOOOOL thought it was just me aha..

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      Mlmao me


    Anyone else here cause of Mychal Kendricks?

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    Good luck in prison Mychal Kendricks.

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    Yesssss thank u


    If you are an individual trader or a so called “small investor” it’s fine.

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