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Whiz Kid Makes $300,000 Trading Penny Stocks


Connor Bruggemann is a 16-year-old from Bergen Area, New Jersey who is not your typical teenager. He conserved up all the cash he made from a few years of functioning chores, which was about $10,000, as well as his dad opened an E-Trade represent him. Well, between classes as well as in his downtime, he transformed that $10,000 into $300,000 by trading dime stocks.

He's since bought himself a BMW, and also treated his family members to Mac-Book computer systems and also iPads.

Bruggemann discussed the techniques to his trade!

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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40 Thoughts to “Whiz Kid Makes $300,000 Trading Penny Stocks”

  1. Will Grimes

    I love how he completely bullshits his way out of “what’s ur strategy?”

    1. ClawedOrb55

      WE DD Scam

    2. digi fortune

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    3. Maron Ferson

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    4. 90sGamer

      he literally tells you his strategy did you watch the video? Lol

  2. William Walker

    this kid looks like a pump and dumper

    1. Momentous

      somebody watched the wolf of wall street and thinks they know everything about trading LMAO, and no, you spot the pump and dumps and bet against them by shorting the stock, then it crashes

  3. Veronica Williams

    He is probably just pumping stocks like everyone else.

    1. Lucas Smith

      @Veronica Williams Which is why I recommend you try this great investing strategy that makes me $200/day:

  4. TheSnydaMan

    penny stocks is a buzz word, this kid was trading full priced stocks too to make that money.

  5. Tate Hunter

    There’s a huge difference between pumping and dumping and making money off of a pump and dump. I doubt this kid is running a pump, probably just watches pumps and takes calculated risks.

  6. Russian Bot

    For a second the title made me think this was about Wiz Khalifa


    I respect him

  8. Fredric Felder

    Invest in Penny Stocks to buy a bad investment Bmw.. Genius!

    1. James Crews

      @Aaron Cooper
      That car runs on oil! But I do have to admit, it’s a badass ride!

    2. Jasmine Hodges

      Let me show you a sneaky way to load up shares of super cheap sub-penny stocks before they make “shooting star” breakouts of up to +1,000% or more! Go here ==>

    3. zuniga 50

      I’m 15 and started investing and ima soon buy a Tesla model s its still a declining asset but is cheap because it been out quite a bit and electric cars decline slower then gas cars

    4. Okorie Jennifer

      Spectra51028 zuniga I want to venture into stock trading but I don’t know where or how to start. I live in Africa, I could really use some help. My email is

  9. Mike McGlock

    I’d love to see his real returns over a 20 year period.

  10. jayo navio

    I wanna punch myself, because I am 15 years old. I’ve earned 5k overall, and I don’t know how to save. My hardworks, are pretty much useless.

    1. Simon M

      ok thanks 🙂

    2. Sergey Sokolov

      Mr Simon, if you get confused and need my help in anyway, dont hesitate to reach me.

    3. Aussie tech Blogger

      All good Jayo, I started when I was 16 and had similar wins as being mentioned. You will learn its a long term game and penny stock trading is very very hard to keep consistent.

      Statistically speaking…Longer term traders win over time.
      Look at its free and in beta but you can see what other stocks people are looking at. Can be used for tracking up and coming penny stocks but they also have really good valuations for more mid to long term investors.

      Hope that helps

    4. Just a regular Guy

      Just dont spend it

  11. Ariel Coloma

    what am i doing in school lol

  12. King Krio

    He had 10k to invest in high school?😏

    1. Kadre Nuestro

      JuneBug I have 20,000 but my uncle is teaching me how to invest im a sophomore in high school learning from one of the best financial advisors at Wells Fargo (My uncle) whom is a premium advisor and controls 400 million dollars in stocks

    2. gummieboy16

      Chips Ahoy Aye how much does your uncle charge to mentor?

    3. Mike Hawk

      Chips Ahoy really? Can I get his number or email

    4. Viraj Gotarane

      I have $10😂

    5. Death 4 us

      I work full time 7 day week and can’t make this money!

  13. Danyelle Rupert

    couple of nights out a week with the wife Good to start

  14. Quenton Millstid

    Apple Plug lol

  15. Márton Szerda

    A real MGTOW here 😀

  16. Akaboy4life

    A new car?! :S Thats liability my friend, stay rich!

  17. Chris The Barber

    strategy is whatever the market allows…..there is no formula for stocks….it’s al about doing homework…and non emotional

  18. Abdullah ibn islami

    He literally just bought a BMW with all of that?

  19. Viraj Gotarane

    Yep!!! Girls are distraction 😂😂 I admit it too!!!

  20. DJMiTCH

    Wait that’s where I’m from.

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