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ASX Day Trader, Nick Fabrio (Net profit: $1,000,000+)


EP 164: Nick Fabrio, @longhorncapital, is an active day trader of Australian supplies– with a bias for brief marketing. He's 28 years old, he's been trading for 3 years and also he has currently surpassed a million bucks in trading profits.

Although he presently resides in Texas, Nick as well as I were able to capture up, take a seat and also videotape this podcast while he was back in Sydney last month …

– –

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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30 Thoughts to “ASX Day Trader, Nick Fabrio (Net profit: $1,000,000+)”

  1. Louis Guertin, Jr

    Loving the video feed with the interview. It’s a whole lot better than looking at a stagnant image for an hour. 2 thumbs-up. You’ve been creating great content for while now. Thank You and please, keep up the great job you’re doing. I’m sure I’m by far not the only greatful person who enjoys your shows.

  2. Gregory Bainathsah

    Damn the camera quality is amazing

    1. Hayden Harris

      Its not poor audio quality at all its very nice!

  3. hunter x hunter

    Gareth Bale

    1. Milan Banicevic

      Damn, I was hitting my head on trying to remember on which football player this lad looks like. 😀

    2. Asif Mongol

      hunter x hunter his younger brother

  4. TedB

    Billy Corgan interviewing Gareth Bale 😂

  5. Lukas f.

    Could you tell us when the interview will be released on the podcast app

  6. Pablo Dee

    Great interview. Aaron, could you think about interviewing Roland Wolf? He’s been trading for a while, but recently $4,000-$400,000 in about a year. He’s saying recently he would like to give back and help out trading community, especially rookies or struggling traders, helping out with advice, trading principles, etc.

  7. almostsurely

    great interview, learnt a lot

  8. Work Google

    Love the growth in selections for the podcast at first it seemed that pretty much anyone with a service to sell could get an interview. It would be pretty cool if you could go back over the interviews and filter out the “traders” who cant provide results that they actually make the money they claim to make or at least a disclaimer saying before each interview saying that you have not been provided access to broker statements and cant verify this traders performance or that you have been provided access to broker statements. As BLB Capital stated in your podcast they either make money or they dont simple as that. Keep up the good work

  9. UrMumsYaUncle

    what platform does he use or what platform do you use? (broker)

  10. Stevie Drums

    “I’ve been profitable since I started” Not a lot of people can say this.

    1. HPhenomenal

      Not a lot of people scam either.

  11. Grant Ambrose

    Good to hear stories from people local to me 🙂

  12. D

    Hi Aaron. I’ve been listening to your podcasts for months now, and they’ve offered pure value and entertainment every time. Keep up the good work – you’ve got a great future ahead of you.

  13. justin

    Great interview… one of my favorite already. Solid trader, with all the right skills. Nice job, not too much but just enough. Professional with little to no emotional influence in trades but can read the tape.

  14. Josephine Harmony

    Mr Jacob Lowery’s strategy, I think is the best

  15. Joshua Hester

    Another great interview, Aaron! Also, loving the addition of the video feed with the interview. Cheers!

  16. Kyle Madden

    “i wasnt like oh yeh, i was like oh thats pretty cool”

  17. Lowen Tumbler

    Currencies are important to most people around the world, whether they realize it or not.

    1. Damien Salvador

      That is why you have to secure your money first before trading.

    2. Liu Zhejiang

      That’s the total truth Damien. Getting a seasoned account manager to handle your trades is the best way to secure your money.

    3. Reyansh Bhatt

      Heard and seen adverts of account managers but I don’t know who to contact. How can I know a real from a fake

    4. Reyansh Bhatt

      @Pietro Regan Can you please recommend a good account manager whom I can work with?

    5. Olivia Oli

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  18. Ninja

    lots of wisdom in it!

  19. Kristin bradley

    I joined Mr Andrew Lawrence weekly trading session after hearing about much winnings attained from different beneficiaries of his trading system. I traded £1000 and got a huge payout of £12,350. Certainly not going to miss out on the next session. hahaha thank you God for using him to help me and my love ones. i love you Andrew and thank you for staying truth to your word..

    1. Kristin bradley

      Andrewlawrence10010@gmail. Com you can reach him via this email

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