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How to Be A Successful Trader | Intra Day Trading Tips and Strategies | Telugu Badi Stock Market


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Tips to Come To Be an Effective Trader. Intraday or Day Trading Tips for Beginners.

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31 Thoughts to “How to Be A Successful Trader | Intra Day Trading Tips and Strategies | Telugu Badi Stock Market”

  1. Venu Mohan

    4. Don’t Love Shares and don’t trade in heavy loss making companies
    5. Don’t take any Loan for Trading of Shares
    6. Deposit Some amount in a Bank and sit like a Fox before a hole. Whenever there is a Major Crash in the market, cancel the deposit and purchase Good Blue Chip Shares for short/Long tern and use these shares for Trading
    7. Don’t go on adding your Money for Trading. Fix some amount for trading
    Good Luck to all InvestorsVENU MOHAN

    1. Srilakshmi Pinneboena

      Thank u

    2. naveen ratnakar

      Thank you Sir

    3. sudhakar uradi

      Thanks sir..

  2. narsimha murthy peethani

    Thanks for the valuable information. I am not skipping the ads b/w your posted videos that will help you to get some revenue from YouTube

    1. Telugu badi (తెలుగుబడి)

      +narsimha murthy peethani
      Thank You so much Narsimha Murthy Gaaru . 🙏

  3. ramesh reddy

    no way these are going to help.
    the only way is get in to market and learn it with ur experience.

  4. Madhukar Boora

    Hi brothers meru chesina prathi video nenu chusthunna especially stock market gurinchi chala baga chesthunnaru and chala chala thanks

    1. Telugu badi (తెలుగుబడి)

      +Madhukar Boora

      Thank You So much Bro ☺

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      Telegram – @indiancryptocoinsignels

  5. Praveen Che

    Thank you sir, can you say about benefits of long time investment in shares …….

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    1. Bhaskar pallemoni

      Telugu badi (తెలుగుబడి) hi

    2. crpto signels

      Boss ur contact number

    3. crpto signels

      Will give u some offer

  7. Siva Prasad Reddy Venati

    Well said, thank you Sir.

  8. Harish Reddy

    Stop revenge trading, very important tip..

    1. Mahesh Battu

      It’s 100%

  9. Venugopal Manner Muddu

    Thanks bro

  10. Telugu homework

    Maitain the stop loss and target price veeti madya margins tettali and okka sari profit live tred video pettu bayya plez me kinda join aina variki and tred chese variki upayoga paduthundi plez

  11. Telugu homework

    Kothaga stock market enter aina penny stocks companys telusukovatam ala bro plez

  12. vabanagiri uday

    Traiding ante emiti asalu ela apaveyyali traiding nu

  13. Deepak Kumar

    I got some knowledge

  14. aravind manthini

    Anna meru Baga explain chesthunnaru stock market gurinchi…

    Stock market gurinchi books and courses vunte videos cheyyandi..
    Pleasse,, please

  15. kaitha balakrishna

    Nice video sir
    Enka videos cheyandi sir
    Chala baga explain chesaru sir🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  16. Chinnam Sudhakarreddy

    Wonderful enolasis bro chala bagha ardam iela chapoavu tq

  17. Chakravarthy Batna

    Bro you are the best inspiration for me.. Kine master logo chusthe ardham aindhi. a investment lekunda nuvvu e stage vacchav 1million subscribers 🔜🔜🔜

    1. Telugu badi (తెలుగుబడి)

      Thank you bro 🙂

  18. telugu tech master

    nice video bro thank you for giving valuable information olymp trade app gurinchi oka video cheyandi bro

  19. srikanth Jallipalli

    Tq Bro. Supperb video

  20. life is strange and beautiful

    Bro niku stock market gurinchi telusaa?if you know can you please guide me

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