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I Just Lost $9,000 Day Trading! How I Get It Back Will Surprise You


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Losing is a Large component of Day Trading. In fact its a SIGNIFICANT part of the entire video game! So much so that I lose on 50% of my professions. The crucial to long-term success as a day investor appertains danger management. Of which i fell short to do so in this video. But finding out how to recuperate is additionally something most individuals just do not get. Because it's mainly psychological. It's everything about obtaining your head back to a state of self-confidence. And you don't do that by considering more graph patterns. You do that by soothing stress and anxiety and obtaining right into a state of mind!

This is specifically what I will certainly be showing everything about in Cloud9 my Day Trading Psychology program. "Achieving success via psychological quality"

Wan na Stay at Vacation Home G in Canggu Bali? Its an excellent little efficient area that doesn't cost a fortune! I stay at a lot of big wonderful places which can be absolutely unnecessary. This was ideal for my GF and also I

As an electronic wanderer day trader and so called financing master I am able to work from anywhere in the globe and live a life most only dream of. I'm essentially a day trader turned deluxe traveling vlogger … Wtf how did this occur? I think due to the fact that 12 years ago I sold my auto as well as opened a day trading account and the rest is background.

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I've been a Day Investor for 12 years and an electronic nomad for just 2 weeks. Is day trading the most effective task for digital wanderers? i assume it just might!

Find out Exactly How To Traveling And Day Profession generating income remotely with these 7 Free Video Clip Lessons

Online is San Diego, ca but my favored hobby and thing to spend my money on is traveling. These are not per claim holiday, im a hustler and also i'm constantly functioning while on the move which is whats so terrific concerning having a remote work!

I am an experienced stock trader of 12 years. I created the Fous4 approach and also I show Day Trading approaches for beginner to intermediate traders. We have the most hands-on program as the Fous4 Group strives for your success.

I focus on part-time energy trading approaches consisting of swing-trading and day-trading both lengthy as well as short.

Discover my Entire Technique Perfected over one decade! All my Training courses are Available for Immediate Streaming: …

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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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27 Thoughts to “I Just Lost $9,000 Day Trading! How I Get It Back Will Surprise You”

  1. Kizuki 21

    I always watch your Vlog… πŸ™‚
    So… right now you travel to Indonesia – Bali???

    I’m from indonesia.. πŸ™‚

  2. Anthony Smith

    Your such an inspiration keep it coming keep it REAL!!! love the videos. Funny u talk about the book One Thing just read it. Keep working on u Brother!!!

  3. gerry

    fous’ vlogs are amazing..much love out here …..

  4. Kevin

    Make a porn movie with sandra alrdy!

    1. Joachim Vinter

      Haha WTF man…

    2. Kevin

      Sharing is good!

    3. Mike D

      So this explains the tripod in the new video…

  5. Roman Sterlin


  6. Dario Alexander

    Yo!! Love the vlogs brother! Keep them coming. Love the transparency.

  7. manny p

    Bro I love these vlogs. I’ve been following you for a while and it’s definitely inspiring! Keep it up bro!

  8. IKnowYouKnow

    Dude: do some videos or live streams where you take large positions in low-priced stocks like $CERU. Most “gurus” don’t focus on plays that are under a dollar; if you do, you can get a lot of viewers and really turn folks on to why they should train w/ you rather than another trader.

  9. thibault parmentier

    like you’re vlog gives me the insperation to start something by my self, be my own boss. thnx man

  10. King Apnea

    Watching this just made me realize how hot my gf is and how I dont deserve her lol

  11. Roger Brooking

    Yes Cameron, Bali bagus! I am on your daytrade chat every morning and loving it! (Although I need more consistence!) I really take your advices on trading by heart. You are a great mentor! About to buy my ticket to Bali this week. Surfing time. Have been visiting Bali since 2002, it’s awesome! There is a great place in Seminyak for massage ” bodyworks”, more like sports massage. I think you’d like it!

  12. 76ers

    In your case, it’s “Night Trading” πŸ™‚

  13. majid Salam

    Fous and Mr JWW should do a vlog, they’re so similar but different

  14. Shannon Terill

    With my experience in trading Forex/binary option and stocks the best is to seek for a good Broker/ Account Manager first who will be monitoring and giving you directions on the prospects of the Market to do the right thing at the right, honestly Frank Robert gives me the right tracks of trading with his awesome strategy ever since 5 years trading with him and following his instructions my winning is always sure with 55k every month; i always praise him for his sincerity towards me.

    1. Shannon Terill

      Request for his strategy via his

  15. China Castro

    All thanks to Mr Frank Robert for his wonderful trading pattern and strategy, i made $5000 in just one week and another week $150000 and so on, i don’t know how to say it but i am currently the happiest woman on earth, telling everyone about him is just to show how greatly i appreciate him and his mighty strategy that works perfectly with directed Software, and also i know that all my fellow traders desire best strategy for a better winning.

    1. China Castro

      Email him for his assist & help with his strategy via:

  16. Ayrton C Pankiw

    ledgend you actually inspired me to start trading with how you live !

  17. Jassius Clay

    Trading is very stressful job. I started with 1000$ and made 3500$ in a month and lost 2500$ in few hours

    1. Ted B

      Jassius Clay that’s why you need to get a software/algo and automate your trades. That’s the only way it works. I depend on mine and helps me alot. I make a living off it actually. I make about 10k per month

    2. Derek Agard

      @Ted B sound scool, can you recommend me and show me a software where I can automate my trading strategies?

  18. Ricardo Martinez

    I just love seeing people living their lives like they want to and winning! much love and respect!

  19. Investor Jess

    Lost $4k ain’t even mad

  20. Karolis Dubinka

    3:59 i bet your gf bited you on a neck. i had a same mark on my cheek from ex while we were training really hard. :/

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