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LIVE TRADE of how I made $600 Day Trading Cryptocurrency Binance For beginners 2018



I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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33 Thoughts to “LIVE TRADE of how I made $600 Day Trading Cryptocurrency Binance For beginners 2018”

  1. SimplyDusty

    how do you know which coins to trade for the day? is there certain tell signs that it will be a good trade? also do you sell at market price when taking profits or do you set a limit order?

    1. Ben Harrison

      Go to coinmarket cap. look for Trending Tab gainers and loosers. Look for HIGH volumes and not to high a percent on Binance, Look for GAS and Also today POE/BTC is up 14% ok for a short term grab i think but i am a newbie. i followed tonys advice and 40% yesterday on my money buying GAS/BTC

    2. Makonnen Richardson

      you the 🐐

    3. SimplyDusty

      what about limitorder / market order?

    4. Paul Crypto

      If you don’t want to miss out with opportunities you need to get information on time.. Thats why there is chart analyst and people who study each coin to see potential growth in long term, mid term or short. So this people have telegram channesl where they share their info, the problem is that it is f… expensive. But my team resell cryptosignals on clone channels.. for like 60% less at least lol let me know if you wanna know more about it. you can check more info in this free group

  2. J H

    Keep these Binance videos coming Tony, great knowledge.

  3. klubbstyler

    Very helpful video, I was waiting for it!! u read my mind :] Hope u will make more of them. Btw u bought it right away when it broke the trendline ?

  4. Digvalley Music

    Really getting into day trading thanks to you Tony. Thank you, and keep it up!

  5. Matthijs Melgers

    Thank you for sharing those trades with us, it really helps learning and understanding those indicators and moves!

  6. Nicholas McInnis

    Amazing, so excited to get started with my tax returns!

  7. Tommy Mafi.a

    Hey Tony, cheers for the videos, quick question – I have ETH on Binance, I wanna trade pair TRX/ETH or any other one, but it won´t let me do SELL ( short position ) the pair first – does it mean I can do only BUY on all those pairs? Thanks a lot!

  8. Greg Roberts

    Good info for someone like me starting out I appreciate it!!

  9. santi carsola

    Can you teach me how to trade?

  10. TomTox

    Thank you for the videos, i’m learning a lot.

  11. Василя Сахранова

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    1. Donald R. McClelland

      Best strategy i have ever seen *https://tinyurl. com/ycqntjca*

    2. john smith

      start trading with FREE $10 using this link on Coinbase

  12. yatab honey

    Well done, powerful style of trading!

  13. Magdalena Kucianová

    hello great videos … such a young and clever I thank something I learned my grandmother … I will follow your advice and I hope I will not lose money on the stock market as heretofore … once again very nice thank you

  14. Raymond Wxm

    I really like these live trades. I learned so much.

  15. kiran malvadkar

    Dude, when you walk through your TA, make sure you use the cursor and point out in the charts…it makes for a dynamic video and we know exactly what you’re talking about..otherwise we just are looking and searching all the while u are talking through a static picture

    1. Chase Ramos

      You just aren’t good at reading charts noob

  16. Jane Pecker

    nice content ! . Very educative video. I made 20k from my 10k start up deposit from this . Having the right guidance will always make you win .

    1. yasser hassani

      May I ask how exactly you learned to trade?

  17. Tomix Void

    Whhyyy didn’t i find your channel sooner 🙁 the 25$ helps me alot ohhh myyy.

    nice video btw very informative .


    I needed this info

  19. Eireial Creations

    Love your videos, thanks so much. 🙂

  20. Steve Antonio

    I remember when my friends laughed at me concerning bitcoin, now I laugh back at them back making four figures weekly ☺️

    1. Lorenzo Alessandro

      Trading Bitcoin and forex with the aid of Thomas trading services has changed the understanding and knowledge I had previously about it which was loosing and loosing, now I make over $8,000 Evey month on long term trades on bitcoin and forex trading

    2. Justin Durden

      @Jerold Stokes Thanks man I will contact him as soon as possible for aid…

    3. Esteban Salinas

      Steve Antonio coinbase pro

    4. Esteban Salinas

      Susan Martinez coinbase pro

    5. odosa iyamuosa

      Steve Antonio can I have signals Steve?

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