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The all-time finest day trading as well as gaming setup is finally below! this is not your each day mobile trading station or pc gaming terminal. The is the top of the line Video gaming computer/laptop and also Day Trading laptop computer.

But that's not all its for … This is also the best arrangement for video developers, YouTubers, photographers, business owners, as well as video clip editors!

So what's consisted of below?

► 2018 Core i9 MacBook Pro ideal video clip editing and enhancing computer system
► 2018 Razer Blade Mercury White 15 ideal pc gaming computer system laptop computer
► HP Envy 27" IPS 4k screen
► Logitech g900 computer mouse finest gaming mouse
► Magic Trackpad 2
► Apple Wireless Keyboard
► Scarlet 18×8
► Roost Laptop computer stand ideal laptop stand
► Heil PR40 Microphone

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  1. Arte Venezolano

    Ya lo dijo anto activo manaoooo

  2. Donald Trump

    For this setup we need money.
    For money we need to trade.
    For trading we need the setup.

  3. Chris Hernandez

    Can you do an Apartment Tour of that exact place where you’re at in this video? I love the set up..

  4. Douglas Kyrius

    Oh man, i’m just thinking about how i’ll make money to buy a laptop (like macbook) and then start programming my ideas…

  5. Grant Peeples

    So the two giant 48” monitors were overkill? 😂

  6. Brian Banks

    When you are using the external monitor for trading, are you scaling the 4K resolution to something less?

  7. Akshay Saji

    How much do i need to invest to get started in a good way

  8. samantha farmer

    Use Parallels “windows” on your MacBook Pro i9 with the new 640 video card …… no need for

  9. samantha farmer

    Use Parallels “windows” on your MacBook Pro i9 with the new 640 video card …… no need for razor

  10. samantha farmer

    Use Parallels “windows” on your MacBook Pro i9 with the new 640 video card …… no need for razor

    1. LtheYAK

      razer blows it away for gaming, id ditch the MacBook as its an overpriced pos.

  11. Noah Hefner

    “Im one of the first people to have this thing.” 🤣

    1. John Scavo

      Literally me as I watch on my razor blade pro 17 that doubles his specs

  12. Franz Galahad

    You could have done all this with a single PC, no need for the laptops especially the MacBook.

    1. Franz Galahad

      @ptr diesel My point is he could have had 3 or 4 monitors with a single powerful PC without the laptops crowding his desk. I have 4 monitors on a single PC and definitely looks way neater than that setup. Also, “BEST DAY TRADING & GAMING SETUP?” C’mon! He obviously hasn’t seen channels like randomfrankfp, Unbox Therapy to name a few to claim his setup as “BEST”.

    2. Elijah Mumford

      …THK/s-…for that …is WHAT …i wanted to …HEAR…

    3. Victor De smet

      @Franz Galahad well he also travels all the time.. are you really going to travel 3 years with 4 monitors and a desktop pc? also you don’t need a powerful pc. you just need a good pc and 2 screens are already enough to trade with. 4 looks cool but thats about it. and yes he calls it the “best day trading & gaming setup”.. thats how you get views here on youtube buddy? don’t be so bitter dude. this is the world we live in now. its all about the best and greatest even if it isn’t the best and greatest.

    4. Eduardo Guardado

      I agree. But you’ve got to keep in mind that this set up is travel friendly. Light baggage and portable

    5. László Hajnal

      97% of people that quit trading too soon as employed by the 3% that never gave up in it. i have no clue who said that, but it’s a dope
      quote. i want you to take a moment and ask yourself right, what is one thing in my trading life right now, that am considering quitting not because it is not working, not because it is not the right thing, but because it is hard. let me know in comments below. Following the trend can be key but the best way to trade is the highs and lows of the day. 95% of breakouts are false and it’s to induce retail traders to go with the trend so that they can hit the traders buy or sell stops to gain liquidity to move the market in the opposite direction. I got this trading knowledge from *LUKASZ WILHELM*.

  13. Eggplant

    I have one question.

    Surely you’ll get screen burn if you look at those charts all the time, what do you do to avoid that?

  14. Sethcha Koy

    I like how you make time to play a video game 🎮 haha 😆

  15. Alpha_NY

    This Laptop works fine running Speed Trader & Trade – ideas & Tc2000, including the external monitor?

  16. Jaroslaw Rybinski

    I love that set up! I have quick question: how do you TRAVEL with that? Could you make a short video or show how you pack those all together for airplanes;)

  17. Cut Throat Trader

    Ahh I live in the same building 4911 and I banked 350k off qcom this week ..Beat that bubba

  18. stephen m

    Thanks for this video Cameron, hadn’t heard of Roost prior, have just ordered the stand. Cheers

  19. Cameron Fous

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