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The Best Day Trading Pattern by Tom Willard


One of the TOP patterns I make use of for day trading revenues! This pattern thinks about numerous various technical facets of candle holder graphes as well as technological evaluation that are rather straightforward, and also any individual can find out. Please price the video clip and also talk about it!

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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32 Thoughts to “The Best Day Trading Pattern by Tom Willard”

  1. Marc

    This is excellent Tommy.

    I will look for it now in my day trading.


  2. jayzee

    Hi what time frame and what platform do you use? Thnks

    1. Tom Willard

      @jayzee I use RealTick and TradeStation.  Timeframes for day trading are the 1,3,5,10 min primarily.  I observe the 15, 60, and Dailies as well.  Swing trading the focus is on Daily with consideration of the weekly and 60 min charts.

    2. jayzee

      @Tom Willard thanks i learnt a big lesson in the past 5 days before this i was getting lucky and not checking longervtime frames just 1min and i was getting right well untill 5 days ago i had a bad day and thought what am i doung wrong so i went to month day 4 hour then down to 15m ill never trade just off a 1 min again today i lost 140 but gainned 680 so 540 up just from moving up to a larger candle it gives you more perspective ie on a 1min chart it looks like its going up but if you look on 15m its actually goind down unless you scalp for seconds but im not allowed to on plus500 i dine 7 trades 5/7 correct i then went onto MT4 and ill say killed it lol on xauusd and audusd i done 5 also all up over 150 i dont understan the tpoints though ie 0.50 for gold and 1.6 for oil i thought i could deposit 500 andcwithdraw 100 profit a day but now ive been told i have to earn some tpoints or something

  3. jayzee

    Just to let you know, i found this video by typing into google (candlestick trade patterns) im in the UK this was the FIRST LINK to pop up so well done on that to

    1. Tom Willard

      @jayzee thanks brother

    2. Dwana Dyan

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  4. Sanjay Chowdary

    Thanks for the video !!!

    1. Tom Willard

      @Sanjay Chowdary you bet – check out my other more recent videos on current ideas

    2. Amee Mabrey

      @Sanjay Chowdary I have personally used ANDY LANK SYSTEM System before. A friend of mine he is also an expert trader. He suggested me Andy Lank System.

  5. Roz Liu

    Great video, is there a monthly fee for the platform that you use?

    1. Tom Willard

      @Roz Liu Yes Realtick will typically have a monthly fee – google “real tick” and you can find the brokers that support the platform. Sorry for the tardy response.

  6. Young Trading - Daytrading

    Good work buddy!

  7. Buthaina Ashqar

    thank you

    1. Kim Komando

      I personally make over 200 dollars/day trading options online. If you want to learn how I do it then simply send me an email here: toshtao@gmail. com

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  9. A Martins

    thank you Tom. Great explanation

  10. Le Conseiller


  11. Bahram Zareie

    thank you

  12. Vladimir Jean-Francois

    Great video Tom! Does this pattern work on the future’s market (ES) 15 minutes chart?

    1. Tom Willard

      In a sense yes – the key point is this – don’t expect this exact pattern to materialize – even on smaller timeframes – we its all about the major areas of support and resistance – retesting, volume clues, etc. So on a 15m chart or any timeframe this psychology works and typically the bars are less messy on the higher timeframes so that is a definite advantage – I would strongly suggest reviewing your set ups on multiple timeframes to see if they are aligned – typically the more you have aligned the better odds of the trade working out in your favor.

  13. M Math

    My favorite strategy to play. Tends to be a lot less stressful or hectic than an early morning gap and go. But to me it’s easier to enter and exit.

  14. mine79

    Dear tom , i dont know hiw can i thank you u used ur strategy from 2014 till present jan 2018 i turn my $400 trading account to more than $400000 just call options.

    Thanks again and still trading with my last call options ride for FDX 3 march 2018 calls.

    1. Tom Willard

      Congrats and keep up the great work!

    2. mine79

      Tom Willard sure sir i will

  15. mine79

    By the way i am from state of kuwait

  16. MultiRapsta

    I find this does not work well with nasdaqs at the moment. One of my rules is to never buy a red gap up daily candle. Can get destroyed way too easily

  17. RJ

    Great explanation. Sounds straight forward

  18. shyam prasad

    This is pure gold! I have been following this strategy before this video itself.. it’s important to put stop losses or even trailing stop losses to minimize losses in this pattern

    1. venu gopal

      Iam not understanding this. plz send how trade it ,

  19. Free Trader

    My favorite and only pattern that I look for every morning…

  20. Joseph Mendozza

    Thank you, in my playbook now….appreciate it, very generous

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