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How An 18 Year Old Made Over $300,000 Trading Penny Stocks | Connor Bruggemann


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Connor Bruggemann is a young dime stock trader as well as business owner. At the age of 16, he transformed $90,000 trading cent stocks as well as at the age of 18, he has actually made over $340,000. Connor is an extremely inspired business owner and also wishes to help as lots of people as feasible be able to earn money via dime supplies. This podcast discusses his tale and also tips for success.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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33 Thoughts to “How An 18 Year Old Made Over $300,000 Trading Penny Stocks | Connor Bruggemann”

  1. Lewieo

    this kid is amazing man, I’m 22 and he has taught me life and business lessons, goes to show you that age is just a number, keep going bro and great interview btw!

    1. Noirblanque

      Age is just a number in SOME cases lol xD

  2. Ninja k

    freaking amazing. how do you begin? keep going bro.

  3. Randy Gutierrez

    Very well spoken for a 18 year old, quite inspiring.

  4. Chris Florida

    He looks like Neo from the Matrix lol

    1. Dirk Vanbeveren

      Neo Junior B)

  5. KC Consciousness


    1. No4h40

      stock screener

  6. Vikas Madhwani

    thanx CORNER bro.. u really motivated and inspired me

  7. Hernan donaire

    What a successful guy, he seems so happy

  8. Guido Fawkes

    When you’re old enough to make a six figure income, enlist, and own a house, but not old enough to sit down and have a beer.

    1. RAVI TEJA Madduri

      Hеrе аre just а few оf the kеу sесrеts insidе mу INCRЕDIBLE traааding softwаre.==><<====<< Goоd strаaaаtegy>>> How An 18 Year Оld Mаde Оvеr 300 000 Тrаding Pеnnу Stоccks Cоnnor Bruggеmann

    2. Junior Garcia

      Ejey Rodriguez shut up

    3. Crammit

      Guido Fawkes. The government thinks it’s your mommy.

  9. Brian James

    great interview; Connor you’re awesome!

  10. Andrew Corbett

    First you have to throw your savings into one penny stock and hit the jackpot before all this happens…This kid is extremely lucky. I cannot believe he just jumped in like that and hit huge bank…I’m jealous because I know if I did that I would get burned.

  11. Born 2 Be Winners

    Thank you for the inspiration Connor and God bless you on your success

  12. Ryan Del Signore

    Respect bro, I love the content! Awesome interview!

    1. Jasmine Hodges

      Let me show you a sneaky way to load up shares of super cheap sub-penny stocks before they make “shooting star” breakouts of up to +1,000% or more! Go here ==>

  13. Llew Gibson

    Just stumbled across your channel mate, really love the content. Subbed straight away, We should connect!

  14. Triana Kern

    im so unbelievably proud of him. i really want to start stocks, just need to know how to use them

  15. Sith'ari Azithoth

    *Long story short: start working at 14 and then invest that money…*

  16. Anas Mubashar

    Im about to be 15 but when Im 16 im wanting to Invest a ton. I wanna become a billionare and show the world that we must be caring towards everyone.

    1. matthew crane

      Are you planning on making america great again once you become a billionaire?

  17. Don Situations

    Salute to this young dude.

  18. gemixnew gmail com

    you guys are doing a great job here. great video i love it. trading is awesome!!!

    1. gemixnew gmail com

      @chaser 81 the best!

    2. Nina Jeanne Rose

      @gemixnew gmail com how do i reach her

    3. gemixnew gmail com

      @Nina Jeanne Rose feliciasherbert

    4. gemixnew gmail com

    5. Caroline DD

      @gemixnew gmail com hope she replies ?

  19. Артем Заянчковский

    Really good video, thank you, guys. I watched this in one breath, Connor is a guy, who inspire himself by trading and i see fire of potencial in his eyes. Thank you again!)

  20. Dennis Madison

    I like seeing people do great and come up in life, keep doing what you doing bro

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