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How To Trade Penny Stocks Tutorial ($100 PROFIT/DAY) W/Proof


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This video clip describes exactly how to buy/sell dime stocks with earnings at minimal threat. Typically I make $70-110 each day and this tutorial will reveal an extensive procedure just how you can make money yourself while doing swing trading/penny stock trading. Some excellent advice is do marketing research as well as invest right into firms that are fairly trusted. Examine the background, charts, patterns, news as well as balance sheets! For even more videos make sure to register for my network!


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1) Question: I truly still don't recognize what.
you suggest by "marketing supplies"?

Solution: Marketing a stock is when you.
market a share that you directly own, of a company.
to another person. Simply put, transfer.
possession to an additional individual.

2) Inquiry: What are you spending.
your money right into?

Solution: Energy stocks & Financial institutions.

3) Concern: That buys supplies?

Response: Any individual that has access to the marketplace.
can get stocks, most likely unsubstantiated but.
there are a lot of individuals that trade daily.

4) Concern: Where do you purchase stocks?

Solution: Either broker or bank.

5) Inquiry: Exactly how do I sell supplies?

Response: Very same broker as you.
purchase supplies with.

6) Inquiry: Why do people purchase supplies?

Answer: Return investments & profits.
or hold possession in a business.

7) Inquiry: The number of supplies are.
there per company?

Solution: Volume of stocks depends on.
the company. A lot more information on yahoo finance.

8) Concern: Buying Marijuana firms.
is an excellent concept?

Response: Depend upon the country and.
its law/regulations. May be too late.

9) Inquiry: What happens if a.
business goes bankrupt?

Response: Public companies often go.
bankrupt, often shareholders can get.
some cash from fluid properties. Yet the.
stock ends up being 0 or 1 cent.

10) Question: How fast can you market a stock?

Solution: Basically right away, depends.
on what people are asking for it.

11) Question: How much cash do you believe.
one ought to have before you begin.
buying the stock exchange?

Answer: Start with $1,000.

12) Question: Lets state I acquire a stock via.
Coca Soda pop as well as its worth increases, as well as I pick sell.
Why would any individual acquire my stock?

Answer: Individuals share very same interests,.
if company is doing excellent, people spend.

13) Concern: Where would certainly i find the charts for.
the stocks i would certainly wish to purchase?

Response: Yahoo money, Google financing or more.

14) Inquiry: What Happens If you do not have a lot.
of cash to attach?

Answer: Don't take finances, save up.

15) Question: Can you advise me a broker agent.
firm, what should i use?

Answer: I make use of a bank to trade supplies.

16) Question: Can you get all international stocks …
my bank, can not obtain some supplies …?

Answer: Numerous situations, there are a great deal.
of restrictions. Ask your broker.

17) Question: Is amazon an excellent stock?

Answer: Secure however may not deserve.
of purchasing future.

18) Concern: Yearly spending vs Regular monthly investing?

Response: I favor regular monthly investing.

19) Inquiry: What is a securities market.
and also what is the foreign exchange market?

Solution: Securities market: trading shares,.
Forex is trading currency.

20) Concern: Great suggestion to invest in.
apple now?

Answer: It's a safe firm,.
but there are various other companies.
to take into consideration.

21) Question: I live in Russia, can i get.
supply from America like you individuals?

Answer: If your broker allows you,.
inspect your federal government laws.

22) Question: Can a supply divide?

Solution: Supplies can split, if.
cost is expensive, companies may.
consider it.

23) Question: Does it matter what.
trading platform you utilize?

Solution: Ref to my previous vid.
for details.

24) Inquiry: Do you obtain charged an amount.
every time you trade?

Answer: More than likely you will.
be charged. Different methods they.
can take cash out of your.

25) Question: Can you suggest a good.
trading simulator to find out on before.
doing actual trading?

Solution: Connect in the summary.
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Stocks that pay rewards.
Ideal stocks to purchase.
Ideal stocks for dividends.
The majority of paid dividend stocks.
What is a reward in stock market?
cannabis stocks.
dime supplies for novices.

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    That was a good information u have shared, waiting for more videos (keep continuing)

    1. AEV Finance

      Thank you for the support! Will start producing more content as soon as I get my new computer!

  2. matthoward23

    I mostly  trade penny stocks as low as a few pennies a share… mostly destroyed biotechs …   certain penny stocks hit a year low, that’s when I buy in.  I’m a CPA so I know financials, SEC filings and fundamental ratios .. which is key.. up $22k this year on penny swing trades.. should have been double that.

    1. Nanny State NoNo's

      You pretty much need 25k just to day trade. 3 trades in 5 days gets your account locked for 90 days. Whether robinhood or td.

    2. Carl Hammill

      @Nanny State NoNo’s why would they care if your day trading. Its not illegal.

    3. Alexis Urquidi

      @matthoward23 Can you teach me your ways?

    4. matthoward23

      @Alexis Urquidi you trade penny stocks based on current news, or news coming soon, like FDA trial updates etc. U usually daytrade penny stocks because most need financing and stock dilution will usually sink the price. If news hits on a stock during the day and it goes up, you must understand how powerful the news is and also whether the co is in need of immediate cash . If the news is weak and they need cash, avoid it. simple as that. i can’t teach you for days about balance sheets and market news events.

  3. Chris Scents

    U got a new subscriber!!

    1. Catalin Daub

      Great video content! Forgive me for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you ever tried – Rozardner Broker Teaching Reality (probably on Google)? It is a good exclusive product for turning one thousand into two thousand five hundred dollars in a day minus the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my friend at last got astronomical results with it.

    2. Georgios Antonopoulos

      Nice Video! Excuse me for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you tried – Rozardner Broker Teaching Reality (google it)? It is a great exclusive guide for turning one thousand into two thousand five hundred dollars in a day minus the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my m8 after a lifetime of fighting got great success with it.

  4. FamGt

    Hey man,i just stumbled upon your vid and i wonder,what should i invest in. im still a teenager but i already know some abou forex,stock and bonds. i wanna ask you whats your opinion about forex and stock or should i try start about penny stock.My mentor is my uncle,i can hes pretty good about money cos he is an the best account ive known.

    1. AEV Finance

      In regards to forex it’s very complicated and you have to be really up to date with everything so unless you have time I would say keep forex as an option for future, for mean time you can learn about it while you’re in school. I would say start off with regular long term investing and then move forward to penny stocks.

      I can share a bit of my long term portfolio but in no way is this a suggestion to invest into these companies.
      NETFLIX, Alphabet (google), Nvidia, RBC, MCD.


    2. Karrar Almimar

      I watch Ricky Gutierrez on youtube. He saved my life. Was trying to do dropshipping, lost a bunch of money and then I stumbled on that guy, making a good 10% a week. He knows stocks and teaches you step by step for free, you can buy his course too. Hella recommend him. Im 16 btw.

  5. Jaime Munoz

    5% returns with ~2k of money is a decent amount of money.. especially if it’s an indirect source of income. You got yourself a new subscriber (:

    1. AEV Finance

      Thanks Jamie, hope you got to learn something from this video.


    2. Pradip Kandel

      @AEV Finance I just subscribed. I don’t know if u have more videos on this.please make a youtube channel where you go live everyday while you buy stocks so that we learn the strategy more strongly

    3. Kevin

      Eh, I’m too much of a wimp to put 2k in nowadays…

    4. Faulk Smash

      AEV Finance *Jaime haha

    5. Carl Hammill

      Start with $500

  6. Alaadin Ben

    Thank you, very informative. Can you make a similar video on selling the stock? Please

  7. japp rivera

    This is one of tbe most simple and straight forward “tutorials” I’ve seen. I guess, some of the doubts many of us have will have to answered the old fashion way… Trial and error! Anyway, Thanks for sharing knowledge!!

  8. Ta ha

    i’m new in the field and i wanna know is there any other way to gain from stocks except that u can 1 buy low and sell high and 2 dividends, because i hear a lot of people wanna buy when the stock goes up like u did with CTC stock…appreciate your answer…and thanks for this great content

  9. SK Suppressor

    “Too much work and if you have a life” misread title thought it said day trading, good video though

  10. Technorat61

    This is probably the most helpful and informative video about trading I’ve ever seen. Goes to show you how people are out to scam you with their “courses” and “simple strategies”. Thanks a lot!

  11. SedaleM

    Are there any more of these since last year? I really like this and it was very helpful. Specifically I would love to see you do this live one morning.

  12. Damsel Dasha ASMR

    This video has been more helpful than a literally the past 7 hours of other trading videos that I have watched, thank you so much I am so grateful that you made this!!!

    1. Ted B

      You need to get a software/Algo that scans and automate your trades. That’s the only way it works. I depend on one and helps me alot. I make a living off it as it earns me a good income.

    2. Damsel Dasha ASMR

      @Ted B what software ? What’s it called?

    3. Ted B

      @Damsel Dasha ASMR send me a text on Telegram. I’ll explain more on it. My ID is: Ted45

  13. Hayangako Yatakiko

    👍🏽. Thanks man really help full! Not trading yet just doing a lot of research for now studying before I go in. Got me as your follower!

  14. Ran Marsh

    This really helped me get into the trading world and understand it better, thank you for the video.

  15. AndrewLinja

    Trends = Speculation
    Speculation = Gambling
    Gambling isn’t “Investing”
    Your strategy only works for a healthy/growing market.

    1. 1

      finally someone with a brain cell.

  16. SeannySaint

    I LOVE this video, this is a perfect way for a teenager to make a large amount of money pretty quick, you will learn as you go, plus this really does work once you learn

  17. Hayden Major

    What platform do you use to trade penny stocks?

  18. Ivan

    I took the risk and invested in penny stocks. Made double from what I started. 🙌🏽

    1. Carl Hammill

      which broker allows day trading under 25K that doesn’t get your account locked?

  19. Michael Greene

    How to Trade Penny Stocks Tutorial:

    Step #1: Don’t trade penny stocks 🤦🏻‍♂️

  20. sylvester word

    Never did think I’ll get the chance again buy I have to thank Mr Bilal for his assistance and skillful efforts to pulling good profits off our recent trades

    1. Stason Herman

      Consistency is key to great greatness
      I would HV lost hope in online trade when I was still battling to earn in binary
      Now my investment in forex is twice what I would HV gotten

    2. Bueze Simple

      I just finished trading on a demo account with Mr Benjamin
      Am about to open a real account In binary and deposit 2500 and buy low stock
      Am i good to make this investment?

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      Bilals strategy earns me 2000 on a good day trading IQ options
      90% working software
      More successful trades in IQ options 2019

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      Trade with bilal Benjamin and get paid weekly

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      I appreciate the love!

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