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28 Thoughts to “Sara Underwood In A Bubble Bath Explains Penny Stocks”

    1. Marco

      Timothy Sykes no I guess I have to watch it lol

  1. MrAnthonyPasquale

    Lol. good bathtub chat. now back to my studies.

  2. Matthew Anderson

    Ha! At the end I was expecting: “got it? Now f@&$ off!” I guess “go study” works to.

  3. Jay Views

    Tim always finding new ways to promote them penny stocks I like it

  4. James Taylor

    The Big Short- Margot Robbie Nice reference

    1. Robert Spencer

      I knew I recognized that scene. Still awesome. LOL

    2. h hefner

      How much did you pay her for this?

    3. Anzelle Whitsett

      Timothy Sykes great video. Loved that movie!

    4. Shawn

      the million dollar question! hahaha

  5. Justin Brock

    hahaha tim you are a marketing genius

    1. keokio7

      nothing genius about selling sex.. its the oldest trick in the book. There’s a reason why Satan went to Eve first to eat the fruit

    2. Justin Brock

      i was referring to how he recreated the scene from the movie and also how he incorporated to market one of his favorite patterns the pump and dump

  6. L. Jermaine Russell

    lol crazy. I just saw the big short yesterday. this scene is hilarious! thanks for the laughs

    1. Coffee Dynamite

      L. Jermaine Russell The final words are pure genius. Wouldn’t have made a lot of sense to tell future students to f$ck off though haha…

  7. Neilas Urbo

    LOOOL Tim you’re a genius!!! Love it!!

  8. Ross Harrowing

    Now that is the kind of marketing I can appreciate!

  9. marc garcia

    Damn πŸ˜‚great teaching strategy I love it

  10. Vincent Beau Brouwer

    hahah awesome way of attracting new students!

  11. Adam Fischer

    Nice reference to my favorite movie Tim ! : The Big Short
    Thanks for the laugh !

  12. bwv1044

    Why do you seem so angry Tim?? Did she said NO? πŸ™‚

  13. mike kyzar

    this chick in the bubble bath made my stock rise 100%

  14. Classic Snooker DVD's

    I’m seeing an upward trend on my Candlestick

  15. joe garcia

    love this vid lmao

  16. S L

    Lmaooo effin great promo πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

  17. Goober Mcgoobs

    Got to hand it tim on this one, dude can advertise. Damn sure got my attention.

  18. Jimmy lu

    Timothy Sykes is like an acquired taste. At first you’re not so sure but eventually you’re hooked.

  19. Rob Krimm

    Tim, how on earth does this video only have 250K views, LOL!

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