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Teaching My Friend How To Trade Penny Stocks In 30 Mins | Robinhood Trader


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42 Thoughts to “Teaching My Friend How To Trade Penny Stocks In 30 Mins | Robinhood Trader”

  1. chad shipman

    Your videos are very informative and I appreciate you helping a new trader!!

    1. Aamir Basir

      chad shipman

      How did that turn out for you

  2. Paul Duke

    I don’t know how much Harley knows his life is going to change..lucky to have Ricky mentoring you!

    1. The Broken Native

      Ricky Gutierrez is there anyway I could get help. I have about $2000 to invest n my credit is bad. PLEASE

    2. Amanda Sue

      You do not need good credit to start trading. It just sometimes takes a few days longer to verify your account.

    3. Rey Velazquez

      Amanda Sue yeah depends also the ammount of accounts being made (traffic) at the time

    4. Man Gee

      Harley like….waht?

    5. Garrett Stewart

      I’d like to see an update and see if he has made money or lost it

  3. Mauri Felix

    Hey Ricky, I love how you have think or swim settings. I can’t mimic the same views. Please make a video of how your settings are set. And the wife said to speak slower. Lol.

    1. Ricky Gutierrez

      +Mauri Felix I do have one. Search it up on YouTube with TOS set up Ricky gutierrez

  4. Shelley Ascherl

    Being very new to this, like your friend, I love this idea! I cant’ wait to see what’s next. Thank you!

  5. Dody Hesseltine

    I believe this is probably one of the better videos that you have made. It really helps having Harley and having him ask questions. It did clear up a few things for me.

  6. kevin cc

    Damn i need better friends

    1. Eternally Conscious

      You chose the people that surround you and in fact you create the entire existence which is your life. Blame is for the weak.

    2. lawrence wilson

      Kevin Mccombs sane here

    3. Crue Knight

      A lot of smart people aka nerds love to teach, but they stop or get disappointed when “normal” people run away once they go full nerd. People need to tolerate their smart friends and take as much info as they can. The more you quiet down and listen, the more you can better your chances of having friends like this or gain an incredible amount of knowledge.

    4. Steven Galbraith

      Ill be your freind, how much can you lend me buddy 😁

    5. SuperBrendan

      Let them come to you.

      Start with yourself.

  7. Robert Payne

    Man wish I would have watched this video before I screwed myself on my first trade. I have a better understanding and know what I did wrong. Thank you for the video keep up the good work. One day we all will be Millionaires

    1. steph vasquez

      Robert Payne how you doing now?

    2. George Cristian

      A rich man can be broke but never poor. 😊

  8. Salvador Martinez

    When I heard the phone buzzing I thought my laptop was going to explote!!!:)

  9. Lesly You

    Dude when you’re talking to beginners you need to slow downnnnnnnnnnnn

    1. siestam44

      Patryk W Thank you! Sauced is my speed apparently!

    2. John Foster

      @Reid Warbington yep

    3. John Foster

      @Dr. Sticky Thumbs yep I agree

    4. Saj Grey

      does anyone know where or how i can get into stock trading… im a complete noob

    5. Rebecca Trace

      @Reid Warbington Why not ? those who who are hungry for it will watch till the end dude…

  10. Jpapa 88

    1.Identity a margin of profit
    2.Wait for the validation of the support
    3. Cross above 20day ema
    4. Formulate a plan
    5. Manage risk
    6. Trading quality stocks
    Below 40 rsi above ema

    1. Alex Cancado

      and good volume

    2. Goat Gotti

      HFT has that covered (plus 100 more studies).

  11. rmp5s

    Resistance, support, EMA, VWOP…the stock world has a lingo all its own. N00bs like myself have no clue what to make of all this. Got a video explaining this stuff?

    1. OOMA 1

      Look up any of the terms you’re curious about and his name he explains all in separate videos

  12. David Moore

    3:17 if you want to skip all the intro crap

  13. Brandon Downhour

    This is definitely not a video for beginners. He starts off spitting trading lingo without explaining what it means. Valley, ralley, validate the support, rsi, efx, oversold, etc… his friend stated he had zero knowledge in stocks but then they would have conversations like remember I told you about ema? Remember when I told you about rsi? So that means he already had knowledge of stock previous to this video.

  14. Hayangako Yatakiko

    Dude you lost me after all the intro lol I’m sure I’m going to watch this video 3 times and take notes with a shot of espresso to level with you! Thanks 🤙🏽

  15. Shine Pro Mobile Detailing

    Hey man, you’re great! I appreciate what you do with these videos. I’ve learned a lot. Thanks!

  16. Sebastian Meza

    So it automatically cuts losses when you set your “stop loss”. Is there a way to set it to automatically sell where you set it at?

  17. John Contreras

    Just getting started with Robinhood, I would like an update with the Robinhood app if possible.

  18. Marcus383

    I opened up my account on my birthday when I turned 18 bought a stock 10 seconds later

  19. Joey Wilkerson

    I signed up yesterday on robinhood, I was upset at 1st, made a “hold” investment bcus I didn’t see the stop loss or price input so it threw me in a little above where I wanted. Thanks to this video i found it and I can do what I initially set out to do, thanks guys and good luck!

  20. Hudson Trevisan

    I’m just getting started.. I need help🤓

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