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20 Thoughts to “How I Find & Buy Big Penny Stock Runners”

  1. Keith Shallcross

    Nice video on how to identify stock info in Yahoo Finance, also chart patterns as well.

  2. 3Daddicted

    רפואה שלימה

  3. nZn321

    which brooker you recommend to use?

  4. Marshall Bessey

    timothy where do you get your charts, and do you use a bloomberg terminal?

  5. Manuel D

    Tim, one of your students here, I personally find incredible how you give all this free information to people without asking for a thing back, I hope people realize how crucial all these notions are in order to make steady gains in the pennystock market. Your truly are a good man, cya in Vegas.

  6. Robin Raidon Pettersson

    Great video! I rly wanna go to your conference but not allowed to take vacation from my daytime work. I will go one year tho even if its not this year!

  7. Pierre Stocks

    Hey Tim, I’ve been studying the stock market and following you for almost a year now and I Believe I’m almost ready to start trading.  The only problem is I still have one year of High school left. So I was just wondering if you had tips for somebody in my position.

  8. Roland Parks

    Great video.  Get well soon!!

  9. How-to Tutorials

    No audio??

  10. HalomasterA69

    Amazing video, so glad that I can say that im apart of the chatroom. Intense!

  11. Jsvlad js

    Tim, at what point can i start trading? as you said about that Jason Yarborough. I will be trading scared and conservative. 
    1. Finish American hedge fund
    2. finish all the dvds?

    thanks Jason V.
    (PS Go jumbos! I enjoyed my time at Tufts!)

    PS ALso what is the software used for following the stock market? And where do i download it? thanks

  12. mritubevids

    Who thinks that Timothy Sykes is a scam? I personally don’t but many of my friends say that whatever Timothy is saying is pretty much bullshit and that if I was to learn from him, I wouldn’t make any money but actually lose money.

  13. Richard Lewis

    Does it even matter how much Stockholder Equity is in the company or can these pumps run for awhile right now?


    another video lesson down

  15. Don Tuttle

    I really really want to start doing penny stocks, im very strapped for cash. I have no internet except my phone. Can i do this with my s6 +?


    Another video lesson down

  17. braxton 1

    So when a low cap Company reports good earnings in addition to a large number of shorts those shorts covering and buying, plus the existing new good earnings means a hyper increase in stock price?

  18. D B

    The only indicator I found useful is vwap and s/r support and resistance. Everything else clutters ya screen

  19. 777dingo

    great video but please leave out the bad language, thanks

  20. Justin White

    Thank you for taking all your time away from making money all day and helping us learning from you, truly grateful!

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