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How To Build A Stock Scanner To Find The Best Penny Stocks | TD Ameritrade TOS


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31 Thoughts to “How To Build A Stock Scanner To Find The Best Penny Stocks | TD Ameritrade TOS”

  1. LGeneza

    thank you so much for repeating this video ricky. πŸ‘Œ

  2. Michael Henriquez

    wow you saw my comment πŸ˜… cool! Thanks for taking the time to do this! My success thanks you!

  3. Hoang Nguyen

    This is one of the best video that I have watched so far. Thanks for all videos, Ricky.

  4. SoCal Joe

    You are awesome! Awesome video. Frankly, I’ve subscribed your channel.

  5. Julio

    “You are not permissioned for study filters.” can someone tell my why this pops up when i try to add a study filter?

    1. Nick Volz

      I have Same problem

    2. Sean Apple

      I tested it in thinkorswim’s Live Trading mode and it works. It might be a limitation of Paper Trading mode.

    3. Francis Lambert

      I am thinking the same as Sean Apple, I believe that it needs to be live.

    4. Radiologic Physicist

      Sean is correct. I recently called TD Ameritrade and they confirmed. You need a live account beforehand. You can then use those functions while paper trading.

  6. Pablo Dee

    Ricky, the scanning suggestion, which you mentioned to be most important in this video – i.e. “price change”, under “add study filter” – is not able to be accessed via paper trading on TD. It has been suggested by ClayTrader that the transition from paper to real should be as fluid “as possible”. This seems correct. Is there a way to scan for this overnight gap-up/momentum with the paper trading system in TDA? If not, can you make a video about what kind of scanning would be best for beginners on TD with paper trading? Thanks man! P.S. Since this preliminary stage of paper trading is absolutely essential before moving on to real money, a video about this would be most helpful. Thanks again. Pablo

    1. harry Grinnell

      Collins dowsing

    2. TheKlyde234

      Pablo Dee bruh just use the regular platform to scan, then trade on the paper 1

    3. Logan

      @TheKlyde234 This. Lol. Scan 30 minutes before open. Make notes then switch to paper to execute your trades… it’s kinda hard to do this intra day, but just do it pre market and look for news to correspond with gaps.

  7. Pete Sims

    Thanks for the videos, but slow down a little my brother! Thank you for your work and showing us though!

  8. Francis Lambert

    Thank you Ricky. I liked it. It is good when I can understand something so powerful. Peace πŸ™‚

  9. Sylar Villian

    You’re doing a great service I’ve learned a lot from your videos, keep up the good work.

  10. BasiChics Vision

    hello thank you for your great videos they are really helping me learn alot. I have a question about your scan . hwo do you get the bar charts to show next to your volume and study filters. I do not have them on mine.what do i select to have them show up on mines

  11. Joseph Leone

    I can’t get my TOS scanner to show study. The most important part. Any idea what I have to do?

  12. chassmp3

    Awesome tip! I had not thought of setting up the scanner like that.

  13. Rick J

    Thanks for the Video Rick. Very Appreciated. I am using ToS paper right now, trying to figure this’d all out before I risk in RL. Unfortunately in Paper you can not use Study Filter. Oh well. Have a great day trading

  14. David K

    Fantastic tricks from the master on a great scan!

  15. Pinta77 Productions

    Great video! I was looking for something just like this

  16. Michael Franks

    You sound like a smart person but you talk too fast so for me I can’t follow you.

    1. Anastasia

      HTML5 Video Speed Control Chrome extension. πŸ™‚

    2. Laura Butler

      Yes way too fast to try to set up a scanner as you talk.

    3. randall keefauver

      Yep too fast for me too

    4. CreativiTimothy

      Then slow the vid down. Get an extension

  17. Josselin Ramos

    I enjoyed this video a lot more than others in the past because you slowed down and was more calm. Sometimes you speak so fast 😳

  18. Mike Evans

    slow down you are like on fast forward mode ! i’m from the South ! lol

  19. kadrian scribner

    This was the sickest intro!!!!

  20. Alma Aventurera

    Excelente amigo πŸ‘

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