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28 Thoughts to “How to Buy Penny Stocks”

  1. siegfried herrmann

    Hey, who’s the smokin hot hottie with the glasses?

  2. nic190

    PHOT was 9 cent in this video went up to 60cent . wish I seen this vid a year ago

  3. Geefe Alba

    Is there a free tutorial?

  4. Bernard Williams

    “Q” if a business is going down in stock would it be good to invest money on a business that is fall then bail out then invest on some thing Else.

  5. Alien Priest Production

    cool video, learned new

  6. Aaron Hoye

    How long do you typically hold on to these stocks when they meet all the financial test?

  7. oyon dey

    friend your video is mind blowing and eye opening to say the least!

  8. jason albert

    this is really helpful

  9. Partisan Black

    The problem with stocks that are below one cent is that they either stall or perform a reverse split then die.

    1. Crizzly tv

      +Put 'em in da RED oh really it sound like you have some knowledge in the trading business if i can get some tips from you i will appreciated!!

    2. Partisan Black

      @crizzly16 Main tip:
      It’s not the price of the stock you should be concerned with. Its about buying enough stock at the right time so that the when there is a gain, it doesn’t have to move far to make a profit.

      If you have $1,000.00 and you bought 10 shares at a price of $100.00, it will most likely take forever (if ever) to double the price.

      If you have $1,000.00 and you bought 100,000 shares at a price of $0.01, at half a cent, you just made $500.00. But you also have to keep in mind that it can also go the other way. 

      The above example shows that you want a lot of shares in a company at a price you can afford. Its a very bare bones example, but to lower the risk of losing your money, it would be best to watch the market to see how it operates. And stay away from tricks on the internet. There is no secret to making a lot of money. Just learn the game, build a strategy and adjust when necessary.

    3. Crizzly tv

      +Put 'em in da RED thanks for the reply and your valuable tips i truly a predicated, any other tips.

    4. Partisan Black

      @Crizzly 16 Dont expect to get rich any time soon. Pay attention to politics, such as legalizing marijuana. 

    5. Crizzly tv

      +Put 'em in da RED okay sounds good i dont really know you but i will trust you i got not reason why i shouldn’t trust you lol. well thank you so much for your time have an awesome day.!!!

  10. OneHitWonder

    You don’t need a damn software. Scam

    1. Jami Murphy

      how to doit then im really trying to learn to trade.

    2. Financial, Business & Stocks Analysis and Reviews

      Learn from other traders, read books

    3. 柴草

      Yale I’m pretty sure it’s just like using a calculator instead of your brain

  11. Hedi Benmbarek

    What’s the name of the software?

    1. jamoy grant


  12. Ricardo AM

    damn she got insta?

  13. Kartsah TheMan


  14. Robrrt Pitcock

    This actually mad me money I used this last year and made a six figure income

  15. the_pablo 07

    I only clicked this video just to see that girl 🙂

    1. Robert Lopez

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  16. Will

    Is this software still working and active? Does it work with windows 10? It doesnt say on the website.


    Very Educational vid

  18. Steve Antti

    there is only one problem, YOU CANNOT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING1

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