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How to Invest in Penny Stocks for Beginners (Updated for 2018!)


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37 Thoughts to “How to Invest in Penny Stocks for Beginners (Updated for 2018!)”

  1. In Penny Stock

    Become a Six Figure Trader in 3 Months – Free Webinar Training for a Limited Time Only –

    1. In Penny Stock

      just use an electronic brokerage platform like TD Ameritrade, SureTrader, or eTrade Pro, etc, if you want to get started right away and you don’t have to worry about them tricking your or taking advantage of you since you have full control 🙂

    2. Peter Ke

      Which platform are the best? Just wondering.

  2. DatDude Rae

    Nahhh, this dude might be the next Jordan Belfort

    1. In Penny Stock

      @Raequan Smith check out more of the free videos or if you want to kickstart your trading check out i’m having a crazy discounted sale on the courses and programs if you truly want to start making money with stocks then this is the right time and opportunity to do so, or email me at

  3. Ur boi Chef

    i’ll definitely be your best student!!!

    1. In Penny Stock

      +MrADMIRAL123456789 I look forward to it, have you signed up yet?

  4. Rotarys4Ever

    What book would you recommend for a beginner?? That would explain the basics of stocks and how to start up..
    Thanks jc

    1. In Penny Stock

      +Juan Jimenez Although I can’t recommend any updated books, I definitely recommend checking out our free videos on the Youtube channel as well as checking out which will allow you to get a better understanding how to make money trading penny stocks

    2. Rafael Santos

      Give it a try reading ‘The Intelligent Investor’, Warren Buffett himself said it’s the bible of any investor.

  5. VinylNiPaeng

    Hi. im totally a ROOKIE on this. can i ask one ignorant question? at the minimum, how much money can one invest in penny stock?

  6. Kavika Muaava

    im so green to any of this , i see graphs, numbers and whole lot of a language i do not understand! tim skythes INSTAGRAM has lead me here and to looking into this stuff for the last 5 hours! really inspiring and want to give this a shot!

  7. Darth Forex Vader

    This song makes me want to cry 😉

  8. Eno Music

    i want to learn how to invest in penny stocks, but literally i know nothing about it. is there any possible way you could teach me the basics ?

  9. floydglenn

    Timothy sir. that was extremely compelling. I subbed.

    1. In Penny Stock

      thanks! check out the link in the description to learn more 🙂

  10. KingGucci

    So where is the part on how to invest?

    1. In Penny Stock

      simply check us out here: to learn more or click the link in the description / email us at

    2. jojibot

      In Penny Stock In other words, to actually learn how to invest penny stocks we have to pay you. Nice try 🙂

  11. Chris Derkovits

    I’m a high schooler looking to invest

    1. Rory Everitt

      Chris Derkovits same

  12. Financial, Business & Stocks Analysis and Reviews

    wow impressive. You are the number one trader on co-vest?

    1. In Penny Stock

      Yessir, Tim Sykes is, and he created

      Thanks for your comment! If you would like to learn even more, please check out and / or email us at at InPennyStock if you have any questions or need any help ! Let us know how we can help you 🙂

  13. Larry Larry

    I cant learn nothing about this

    1. In Penny Stock

      Any way we can help you learn more about this if you’re interested?

  14. Nelson fernandez

    What it you do you swing them?

  15. Desmond J

    where can i go
    is forrex the same?

  16. Tony John

    What’s the best uk platform for penny stocks ?

  17. Lonely Eyes

    can i trade from the uk using penny stock?

    1. In Penny Stock

      To get started as a beginner right away, we prepared this new updated exclusive training for How to Become a Six Figure Trader in 3 Months – Free Webinar – Check it out now here to get started trading for profit today:

      If you’re interested in learning more, please check the link in the description or email us at !

    2. chyma silk

      It makes No sense, anybody can train himself on whatsoever you want to trade on. I trade penny stock, cryptocurrency, I even day trade in the Nigerian stock exchange from here in America and you wonder why you want to pay someone for something you can train yourself on. The fact is there is No specific training…you can make money knowing what you doing and having capital too. If you have no money how you gonna make $2m???huh???

  18. Si

    can you help me
    .iam in uk ….lost slot …….really need help iv never done this before can you help me ….regards si

  19. ZR1Terror

    So far I’ve made $2.36 in a few days with about $89 invested.

    1. In Penny Stock

      We all have to start somewhere! Keep the momentum going, increase your savings, and learn more to increase your profits too!

  20. mariannes youtube

    Nov. 22, 2018

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