Penny Stocks 

Offical: $1,000 To $20,000 Penny Stock Challenge | Robinhood Margin Account


Dime Stock Challenege will offically start Monday April 17th 2017

Thank you a lot for the support, I would love to invite anyone with any type of concerns to message me as i would enjoy to be a component of your success.

If you have any ideas for future videos such as Day Trading, Investing, Realestate, Cars And Truck Sales, Robinhood, or fun day-to-day vlogs. Please let me understand.

For those who have an interest in Trading Penny Stock or Spending, I motivate you to join my team free of charge: Techbud Solutions


I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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52 Thoughts to “Offical: $1,000 To $20,000 Penny Stock Challenge | Robinhood Margin Account”

  1. Joridan Sele

    This is easily one of the most helpful and informational videos you’ve posted. I’m so excited to grow our accounts in this journey to 20K!

    1. Karaskent

      Soo.. how it went?

    2. Johnny

      Karaskent let’s just say he will never reply because he can no longer afford internet…

    3. Karaskent

      Ah, that’s inspiring 😀

    4. William Chen

      Joridan Sele e

  2. alex hernandez

    You should make a separate chat for this it would be extremely helpful!

  3. EazieWeezie

    I found this video to actually be vey informative. One thing I would like to see, are the progress updates on the RH app or what ever platform you use.

  4. Stephen Behnke

    I’m personally doing a swing trading challenge where my average daily gains are at least one percent.

    Over the course of the year (255 trading days roughly):
    1000(1.01^255) = $12645.92

    1. Stephen Behnke

      Fluctuation When you’re holding a stock it can jump 4 percent one day and pull back a percent, etc.
      my average gains I would like to see 1 percent a day.
      I don’t see how you fail to understand but oh well.

    2. xXminijoshiXx

      Fluctuation Judging on the way you responded. I come to the conclusion that you must be new to this channel. You’re not wanted in this friendly community.

    3. Stephen Behnke

      Fluctuation Yet you watch his videos.

    4. Azn quinq

      @Stephen Behnke Did you make it?

  5. EvanWreknMarsh #MMAPGX

    man, what ur taxes look like

  6. Katressa Williams

    I can’t wait for this to start 😆😆😆 I’m so excited

    1. Crypto king

      Hey beautiful

  7. Monday Gaming

    I got lucky with VRAY and FUEL when they were on the rise with $0.5 growth in minutes. sometimes $2 a day growth. with only $150 invested I made 50

    1. A Mr. Q

      RPGMaster imagine 15000…5000

    2. SebassW

      $15,000,000,000,000,000…. 5,000,000,000,000,000

  8. Daniel khan

    you got so long finger, ET finger man.

    1. alex george

      Daniel khan leave💀

    2. CQC

      Daniel khan stop smoking so much weed

    3. Gary Williams

      Daniel khan longer than our networths combined

  9. aaron flores

    I’m so new to this, I don’t even know where to begin

    1. Nicodemus Robles

      But $MU Calls, +200% return

    2. CPU

      I am too late to the scene, but as far as i know majority of trading platforms require you to have a minimum of 100 usd deposited into the account to begin trading, 100 usd is pretty small amount and may be lying in your account! Or better choice is to do a part time job for a week or so, you could easily make it.

  10. Hookers n' Cocaine

    You are honestly the most punctual person on youtube. I have learned so much from you already.

  11. vwazp

    Just so you newbies know, turning 1k to 20k is very difficult.

    1. thebuttermaster04

      @Ben once I save up my money I’m gonna get 1,000 dollars and see how fast I can make it 20,000

    2. Jdeckles

      Primigy TM how?

    3. Jdeckles

      thebuttermaster04 update?

  12. Brandon Guzman

    Finally put $1k and started investing about 2 days ago and now I keep up with the market and watch the news I also wake up at 8 am every weekday

    1. Derek Figueiredo

      Brandon Guzman I’m curious as well to how it went 6 months later

    2. grounded4life069

      How goes it after 6 months? I’m just starting to research this before jumping in. Planning on paper trading it’s the consensus I’ve read across the board to get acquainted to the systems/markets.

    3. Thecrazeecow

      Hahaha lucky you, I have to wake up at 4:30 because I’m from Nome Alaska

    4. Brandon Gonyea

      Brandon Guzman What website do you use?

    5. Jugg Man

      How did it go?

  13. Skorch951

    Easy sub. You’re awesome dude, professional and great advice.

  14. Kurt Zelikman

    Hard work is missing from the quote on the wall

    1. Rahul thukaram

      brother…if you love what you do…it is never hardwork…it becomes an obsession❤

  15. Manuel Pedroza

    Make a video on car sales?! I love cars and your most valuable tip to me was to just save!! Imma save 80% of my 4.5k monthly income for a year and then use that money to invest

  16. Matthew Beebe

    I’m excited to give this a try I sent the FB request to join the group, even tho i’m a super newb with this stuff

  17. Samuel Moats

    1. Always have a plan
    2. Minimize loss
    3. Promote growth

    These simple attributes have turned my life completely around. I am now a successful trader.

    1. Chase Ramos

      how much have you made

  18. Jan Fazio

    You are amazing! Just the amount of information I have learned in a few weeks have helped me so much! Thank you Ricky! So happy to be a part of this community

  19. Basquiat

    I’m finally understand how to make real money my goal now is $250 a day as I have conquered making at least 100-150 daily

  20. Chase Ramos

    Up 10% this week!! So far so good, thanks to you!

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