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Penny stock millionaire trader Tim Sykes comes back on tastytrade


Tim Sykes comes back on tastytrade to clarify trading, career development, as well as more of his cent supply pump as well as disposes. Tim Sykes came to be the # 1 ranked trader out of 60,000+ on Covestor as well as he takes time to discuss his tale.

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Finally an economic network for investors, built by investors. Organized by Tom Sosnoff as well as Tony Battista tastytrade is a real financial connect with 8 hrs of real-time programs 5 days a week throughout market hours. Listen and also learn just how to trade choices efficiently as well as take advantage of your financial investments!

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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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37 Thoughts to “Penny stock millionaire trader Tim Sykes comes back on tastytrade”

  1. truluck

    Anyone who front loads and then has 2000 “students” piling in right after is going to cash out a winner.

  2. pilgrim985

    The interviewer never finishes a sentence, he always stopped in the middle and starts saying something completely different. It was frustrating trying to listen to him. 

    1. Wilson Kayden

      I noticed this too. He BARELY finishes a single sentence before beginning the next.

    2. outthe boxkenya

      Its called ADD

    3. macdaddybop

      @outthe boxkenya its the coke

    4. P4P KING

      i know!!! which is why i wont subscribe

  3. neo69121

    seems like he has some form of ADD

  4. Kris Roku

    if it doesnt work,, why is tim a millionaire doing it..

    1. Jay Johnson Jr

      @Daniel McDow lol! So where can I go where “most” will be able to make 4 million?

    2. Dylon Garrett

      @Kris Eidson I agree. Also this guy is trying to argue that there is almost a 0% percent chance of having more than a 50% percent track record. What he doesn’t understand is that as long as the profits exceeds the losses then it doesn’t matter. For example, out of 10 trades i made 4 trades worked out equaling a total of $3720 in profit and the other 6 trades were trades that didnt work out and I cut my losses quickly totaling $560 in losses. In the end my profit is $3160 even though I only won 40% of the time.

    3. CPU FANS Page

      Because he makes money selling his program…not trading…

    4. Hayden Harris

      Kris Roku
      He’s not he’s just pretending so he can promote and sell his courses.

  5. Brett Robbins

    07:39 The moment Sykes (whom I’m a big fan of, from an entertainment standpoint) went astray: rather than getting so defensive he should have laughed, sat back, and talked about his Miami mansion and “Lambo.”

  6. Matthew Lambert

    One hell of an interview! Thanks for this. I recently started trading and was apart of Tims chatroom and the pennystock avenue was what got me into the game. I’m more of a meticulous person and after studying my butt off I realized that TA couldn’t get around manipulation and I found myself constantly chasing Seeking Alpha news and Tweets so I dropped pennystocks and am now looking toward options. But I do want to say Tim is awesome and probably the most transparent, hard working guy and I have much respect for him! Penny stocks just aren’t for me. In my honest opinion even though TA can help you most of these stocks are low float and when you’re sitting on 10,000 shares and it spikes the wrong way you have to have plently of cushion to absorb that and I don’t have that kind of money starting out, and I’m sure many others don’t have it as well. 

  7. yashnu

    Every exceptional Man is an outlier.

  8. Og maco Sheesh

    Uhg i HATE when people tell me i cant do something

  9. Oshane Campbell

    This was 2012 and now Tim has around 5 multi-millionaire students and many making 6&5 figures a year … This is not for everyone because not everyone is willing to learn and follow the rules.

  10. David Foster

    Tim is a amazing trader! It works for him. Penny stocks will not make people a millionaire. Options are the way to go.

    1. holy_cerberus

      lol which is what i’m personally learning right now, about how to trade.

  11. keith wisdom

    regardless; he has gotten many folks into trading. and that’s good for america

    1. Trumble Research

      keith wisdom so is war. Whoops just slipped your mind

  12. Dirk Vanbeveren

    2016-2017 Still successful. Just sayin

    1. Young Ebitda

      many sheep out here.. just sayin

  13. Baz Trading

    As much as I don’t like Sykes I would have never been into trading if it wasn’t for him and his marketing team.

    1. Zach the fisherman C

      Hey are you still trading? I’m very interested but with all the online scams now days, it’s hard to separate reality from fake.

    2. Gurpreet Singh

      Same here!

  14. Gregory Santana

    This video is 4 years old. Would like to see TastyTrade do a re-invite to Tim Sykes to review from Sept 2012 to January 2017.

    1. Marko

      Gregory Santana Too !!!

    2. Marko

      Gregory Santana But dont think they have the balls

  15. Hector Zepeda

    the interview guy acts like he knows everything and perfectly

  16. BigSeksi07

    This is hilarious. He has so much doubt in Tim, yet Tim ends up succeeding. He practically worshiped Karen the “Super Trader” who ended up being a total fraud. Typical…

    1. Yazan Alhawamdeh

      BigSeksi07 Karen’s strategy is completely legal, and frankly, the most efficient strategy know in the trading world. The fraud is involved in what she told her clients, and what she actually did.

  17. Goku

    *Anyone interested I have several DVD’s of Sykes, Dux, Grittani Investors live*

  18. Ez L

    I love how Tim Sykes is still proving them wrong to this day, and teaching people how to trade how he does with success

  19. Al bay

    i was a fan of tasty trade for years.after watching this video tastytrade lost all credibility.

  20. Daniel TP

    Tim handled himself, I love Tom as well but I think Tom is being a bit pessimistic on this one, but both very smart guys

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