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tastytrade interview: Penny stock millionaire Tim Sykes turned 12k into 2 million


Tim Sykes comes on tastytrade to discuss exactly how he turned his $12,415 Bar Mitzvah gift cash right into about 2 million from 1999-2002. Tim Sykes came to be the # 1 placed investor out of 60,000+ on Covestor and he requires time to describe his story.

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22 Thoughts to “tastytrade interview: Penny stock millionaire Tim Sykes turned 12k into 2 million”

  1. knokcs

    where is wall street warriors season 3?

  2. lopytube

    @TheNecropolis20 damn.
    I didnt realize how I
    Thanks for the navigation,I will check out what is recommended.
    Someone told me about pennystock has too many violatilties.
    How close to gambling would you say it is?

    Also it seems like alot of brokages want you to stay contracted for longer than 3 months

  3. Mel Griffin

    Currently, Got my eye on (SAPX) and (AAMRQ), looking for these to go to zero. I like the fraction of a penny buys.

  4. Deaa Nurhervina

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  5. Shelby Sheeley

    BBDA has made me a lot of money! πŸ™‚ GO BBDA

  6. minde povke

    all of them are bankrupt πŸ˜€

  7. Mody Abo Dia

    Nice video. Have you discovered Profit Master Graduates? (google it). It’s freakin awesome.

  8. Leggo My Ego

    Didn’t know there was a session 3 of wall street warriors. Can’t find it.

  9. Alek Sinanoski

    “WARNING its free money” lol, that part killed me

  10. agoutom

    Hello there! Have you considered Palicox Amazing Penny Stocks (just google it)? I have heard many interesting testimonials about it and my co-worker got amazing results using it.


    Thank you for your update

  12. Zapper Zapped

    omg… 30 year old kid can make millions and wtf am i doing here!!!

  13. Bob Law

    What a piece of controlled crap. Try to disagree with any comment, no chance.
    You can only give a thumb up to the comments that are favorable to Tim Sykes

  14. JWEF

    Grupo niche canta tito gomes

  15. Carrie Lonsdale

    He may be rich but he’s a fat doughboy, no thanks

  16. Real One

    He’s a scam artist

    1. Stayler17

      The only scam artist that has millionaires under his belt and also dozens of people with 6 digit figures. And that’s just gonna grow over the years.

  17. Anthony Diaz

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ “His lawyers spelled the word egregious wrong” Yeah, I wouldn’t take a C&D that spelled poorly seriously either. 😏

  18. Sojourner-wondering

    Amd was a penny stock that didnt fail just saying

  19. Cary Clan

    It’s hard to be successful with penny stocks. It’s harder to do it with Think or Swim.

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